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Cool Stuff!

This is the last Cool Stuff for July! Let's see what I have to show you. Again, let me remind you that these are not items that I own or even have for sale, it's all photos of items I saw offered for sale on eBay, and may or may not be available at this time.
We begin with this Dudley Do-Right Cartoon Color Fun box set, which does look like fun, doesn't it? Almost as good as a coloring book!

I'm not aware that any US products were put out featuring Kolchak: The Night Stalker, but of course, Argentina did have at least this top! It's always fascinating for me to see what merchandising other countries did with TV shows, cartoons, movies, and comic books that weren't done in the US. As mentioned before, I have no idea if this was an actual licensed item, or if the producer of it figured they could get away without that expense and permission.

Land of the Lost was one of those Saturday morning TV shows that I feel really lost out when it came to licensed products... aside from a coloring book and a few View-Master sets and a puzzle or two, the few products that did come out had nothing to do with the show, like this Moon Spinner toy. Obviously, this was one of those rack toys that got whatever stickers and card the manufacturer figured they could use to try to sell the same toy, often one they were producing without the licensed image before they got the license. Apparently, nobody at all ever figured out that a set of plastic toys of Marshall, Will and Holly with a few Sleestaks, Chaka, and a couple of dinosaurs would've been the logical toy to produce (I'm thinking Chemtoy's Planet of the Apes playsets would've been a good model). Heck, nobody even bothered getting the license to slap on a bag of plastic dinosaurs, which would've made way more sense to me!

We're back to Argentina toys again, with this set of plastic tokens featuring Land of the Giants. Here in the states, there was a comic book series, a View-Master, two different model kits (one featuring the cast members menaced by a giant snake, the other with their spaceship), and I believe a coloring book, plus a few Remco items that had nothing to do with the show at all. Argentina, on the other hand, apparently produced stuff like this well after the show had gone off the air!

Here's another set of Argentina Land of the Giants toys, in this case tops plus a ring. Now, I don't have any idea if these were vending machine items, or if they were some kind of prize you'd get with cereal, or even some kind of rack toy... whatever means by which they were sold, these are pretty neat!

Here's the last Argentina toy (at least, for the moment)... a Logan's Run pinball game! I'm not sure why the "TV Pinball" logo is here, as this is clearly from the movie and not the later TV show.

Back to the US-produced vintage geek items now... with this lovely Lone Ranger puzzle! Apparently this one was made after the Ranger's outfit had become formalized to what most of us picture when we think of him today, even though a number of products were made with the Ranger wearing a red shirt!

Wow, I really did a bad job of sorting between Cool Stuff and Monster Stuff photos, didn't I? Here's a lobby card and a bunch of stills for The Mad Monster. What do you guys think, should I eliminate the separate Monster Stuff posts and just integrate them into Cool Stuff?

Next up, here's the Lion Rock version of Mego's Robin Shuttle for their 8" line of figures. Actually, I'm not entirely certain Mego did a version of this in the States!

Here we've got a vintage Mighty Mouse Magic Eraseable coloring board... or perhaps there are several coloring boards in there. This is obviously one of those boards treated so that crayon can wipe off easily, unless of course the crayon is left there a long time before it's removed.

Well, it didn't take long to get to another Argentina item, did it? This time it's a Mission: Impossible pinball game!

And yet another Argentina item, this was the package for a Marvel Super-Heroes sticker pack sold there!

I'm sure that many of you, like me, saw ads for the inflatable plastic pillows offered for sale in some Silver Age Marvel comic books... here's the Captain America one, so now you know what it really looked like!

Here's one produced in the 1970s that I don't ever recall seeing any advertisements for!

This flying Captain America glider would've been part of the "Fly Avengers Fly" toys produced by Topps, many of which featured characters that didn't count flying among their abilities!

This set of Captain America Sunglasses, unlike other licensed sunglasses, could've been removed from the card and still been identifiable with the character! At least, unless the shield on the frames was just a sticker, which I can't tell for sure from the photo here.

Displayed here is a picture offered to the press to promote the Hanna-Barbera Fantastic Four cartoon in 1967... note that it doesn't actually feature art from the show, but from the comics!

This 1966 Iron Man costume is about the closest they came to accurately producing a superhero's costume, at least for Marvel characters! The legs, of course, are the wrong color, but still...

The Thor glider from the "Fly Avengers Fly" toy line!

1960s Thor costume! Again, this one came pretty close to matching up with the comics! At least the front of the body didn't just feature a drawing of Thor!

Here's a neat item, a Space Car with Astronaut! I've always been fascinated by space toys, fortunately  not enough to try to start collecting them, because they can get expensive!

Outer Limits mini-Frisbee from... you guessed it, Argentina!

Outer Limits puzzle!

Popeye coloring book from 1978!

Popeye book, wrongly labeled a Big Little Book by the seller!

Popeye Paint By Numbers set!

Popeye pencil coloring set!

Popeye Rub-A-Doodles art set!

This Popeye "A Sock For Susan's Sake" was a Big Little Book adapted from the Thimble Theater comic strip! I happened to have read the original strip recently, it's about a poor young woman named Susan who's arrested for stealing fruit when Popeye comes along and rescues her from the police (one of the many socks for Susan's sake in the storyline). Popeye takes pity on her and tries to help her out as best as he can, buying her food (which she accepts) and clothing (which she refuses, because she won't accept clothing from a man) before they have to flee the city, as they're both wanted by the police! They camp out near a lake for a time, until Popeye is arrested for fishing on the lake (against the local law) and the two of them wind up in jail (if you've ever read All in Color For a Dime, a panel from this sequence is shown in the Popeye chapter). Once they go to trial, the Judge sees things Popeye's way, and so Popeye and Susan are on their way, eventually getting to Susan's father's house, where it turns out that her family is rich, but Susan and her brother were cast out by their father... and therein lies the true mystery! I won't spoil it any more for you, in case you want to read it yourself in one of the Fantagraphics reprints (I think it's in the "Wha's a Jeep?" or "Me Little Swee'pea"volumes).

Here's a different Popeye paint by numbers set!

Popeye Push Puppets!

Popeye Rub-Offs!

And we'll wrap this up with the Popeye Stardust painting set!

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