Friday, July 11, 2014

Cover Redux!

Ack! I let time get away from me, and today's post is late... my apologies! Things have been a bit crazy between my working nights, watching my kids on my days off, a transcription gig or two, plus eBay auctions. So, without further ado...

First up, we have Amazing Spider-Man #145, and the reprint in Marvel Tales #122. As you can see, the image was flipped (an advantage with Spidey's costume being completely bilateral, as is the Scorpion's), with the blurbs relocated, plus the bottom blurb being partially relettered to accommodate the Inhumans back-up!

Next, it's Captain America #105, with the redone cover for Marvel Super Action #7... I can understand that it might've been thought Cap's face needed to be seen, so the cover was redrawn... but damn, that's an awkward position on Cap!

Next, Incredible Hulk #149 and the Marvel Super Heroes #98 reprint. As you can see, the change in cover dress made it necessary to enlarge the original image, as well as move the balloons and overlay the bottom blurb.

No huge changes when Fantastic Four #23 was reprinted in Marvel Collectors' Item Classics #17, other than adding a whole mess of extra blurbs! Well, it may have been shifted slightly to the right.

Next, Sgt. Fury #53 and the reprint in issue #148... some changes were made, but I can't figure out why! The blurb, plane and one explosion was moved down to be a bit more behind Fury, and it looks like one explosion was partially reworked below Fury's leg.

Finally, here's Amazing Spider-Man #151 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #128... the word balloons were shifted a little bit to accommodate the larger logo, but aside from that, just a few coloring changes I can see.


  1. I like the new layout! Congrats!

  2. More on that Captain America/Marvel Super Action cover at


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