Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sci-Fi Magazine Cover Gallery!

So, I figured since I was already scanning a whole mess of Sci-Fi magazine covers from the 30s through the 60s and beyond for my eBay auctions (you have noticed the new gadget in the upper right hand corner listing my auctions that are closing next, right?), I may as well share some of these covers with you guys, especially since so many of them are so darn cool... and also, it's interesting to see things that appear to have at least partly inspired some later comic books!
Galaxy July 1953

This cover for the January 1946 issue of Astounding looks like it could be from a modern-day Vertigo book cover, doesn't it?

Dynamic Science Fiction, August 1953 -- gotta love those spaceship designs from the 1950s, eh?

Here's a simpler, more elegant spaceship from If, August 1956.

That could almost be Adam Strange on the cover of Amazing Stories, June 1945!

As you may have noticed, there seems to be three basic designs for spaceships on these covers... all basically missile-shaped, but some long and slender, some with a lot of external tanks, and then there's the stubby ones like this that are almost out of Flash Gordon! This is Galaxy September 1952.

Gotta love the nostrils on the BEM on Other Worlds March 1953!

Fairly risque cover on Other Worlds September 1956, eh?

Startling Stories July 1952

And the last one for this installment is Astounding December 1948!

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  1. Hi Jon,
    The ISFDB lists:
    Galaxy Science Fiction, July 1953 Cover: Emsh Cover art titled "A Settlement Out of Court"
    Astounding Science Fiction, Jan 1946 Cover: Timmins Cover illustration untitled
    Dynamic Science Fiction, August 1953 Cover: Alex Schomberg
    If, August 1956 Cover: Mel Hunter Cover illustration titled "Satellite Over Europe."
    Amazing Stories, June 1945 Cover: Robert Gibson Jones Cover illustrates "Thought Records of Lemuria."
    Galaxy Science Fiction, September 1952 Cover: Jack Coggins Cover art titled "Space Travel by 1960?"
    Other Worlds Science Stories, March 1953 Cover: Robert Gibson Jones
    Other Worlds Science Stories, September 1956 Cover: Paul Blaisdell
    Startling Stories, July 1952 Cover: Alex Schomburg
    Astounding Science Fiction, December 1948 Cover: Orban Cover illustration untitled

    Hope this helps!


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