Thursday, September 25, 2014

This 'N That Time!

Time once again for a random assortment of items relating to my life that aren't really worth a full post about!

ITEM! So, believe it or not, but last Friday marked my one-year anniversary at my current job at one of the major retailers. This makes it the longest job I've held since I got laid off from my newspaper job... which kind of sucks in a few ways. I've had interviews for other jobs in the past year that didn't turn out (the last one was for a 911 operator position, something I really had a huge interest in, and I thought I would've done very well with), and I keep hoping that something better will come my way soon... but it hasn't been looking that way. This should really depress the hell out of me, but I'm finding myself a lot less depressed than I should probably be. I suppose that I'm just aware that it's good to have any job these days!

ITEM! Just wanted to say "Thanks!" to all my readers who've clicked on the various ads that pop up in this here blog thing... especially since I just received a payment from Google for those clicks! Certainly these payments aren't coming as often as they were when I had a multitude of blogs actively running, but you know, every little bit helps!

ITEM!  Speaking of every little bit helps, eBay's been pretty good to me lately. As I've mentioned before, I've had a large number of items listed over the past few months, and there have been some weeks where the sales have been amazing! What's amazed me most of all has been the sales on batches of VHS tapes... I've been offering these in groups of six or eight or more, with starting bids based on 50 cents a tape, and some of them have been going for much more than I expected! I still have some VHS lots for sale now, as well as DVDs, vintage sci-fi pulps, comics, fanzines, RPG items, anime and manga books, and all sorts of other stuff, so if you haven't checked out my listings lately, please do so!

ITEM! It's been a pretty rough few months since Krypto died, and I wasn't sure that I'd be ready to get another dog for some time... but I've been finding myself wanting another dog in my life again. I'd planned on getting another boxer, but the price for boxer puppies has skyrocketed since I got Krypto! These days, prices from local breeders for boxer puppies goes anywhere from $800 to $1700 and more... so I don't know if I'll be going the puppy route. I may have to start checking in with the local Humane Society to see if they get any boxers. In the meantime, our cats and remaining dog are doing fine.

ITEM! Next month, the Knutsons return to Disneyland and Southern California... and there'll be twice as many of us this time! Not only are Jessi, Tristan, Desi and I going, but also my brother Jeff, his wife Kristi, and their adopted children Steve and Kassidy are also going! This is something we'd been planning for some time, ever since Jeff and Kristi decided they wanted to adopt Steve and Kassidy (who had originally been placed with us as foster kids), and now it's finally happening! We will be flying down this time (we drove last time), and are spending three days at Disneyland, and one day at Legoland, which none of us have been to before. Having four adults and four kids should make for a manageable situation, and when the girls want to spend hours with the Disney Princesses, Jeff and I can take the boys to stuff the girls aren't interested in (not that there's anything wrong with hanging out with the Disney Princesses... in fact, most of the young ladies portraying them are quite easy on the eyes, but that's not what I want to spend most of my time there doing). I've already reminded Jessi a few times that the very first ride we're going on at Disneyland will be the Haunted Mansion, as we didn't go the first time we went (it was open only the first day we were there, and then closed for the "Nightmare Before Christmas" conversion, which will be the version running when we're there next month). I'll be sure to share some photos and maybe some videos here after the trip.

ITEM! I still haven't gotten as far ahead with blog postings as I used to be... eBay and the kids being off from school ate a lot of time over the summer, which is how my lead time got shorter and shorter... but I'm getting back on track now, and am already working on posts for October. Unfortunately, I don't see that I'll be participating in this year's Countdown to Halloween blog event for the first time in many years... and I still have nothing in the works for a Christmas Comics series in December, so that may skip a year as well.

ITEM! My family and I will be attending the Emerald City Comicon next year... although it will be Friday only. Given my typical work schedule, Friday seemed to make the most sense out of the three days of the convention, and we weren't going to let tickets sell out on us a second year in a row! I'll be posting more about that as the convention gets closer.

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