Monday, October 06, 2014

Ape of the Geek: Ape--X!

Species: Mutated gorilla

First Appearance: Squadron Supreme Volume 1, #5

Other Appearances: Ape-X was featured in The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Volume 2, #12

Merchandising: None

Biography: Ape-X was originally Xina, an ordinary Earth gorilla, until she was mutated in an attempt to enhance her intelligence. When her trainer was killed, she turned to crime and eventually joined the Institute of Evil, taking on the name Ape-X. Later, when the Squadron Supreme defeated the Institute, she underwent the behavior-modification process developed by Tom Thumb, and was thereafter admitted into the Squadron as a full member, working with Tom and continuing his work after he passed away. Part of the process of the b-mod treatment was that she would not betray any Squadron member, and when she learned that Squadron member Moonglow was a traitor to the team, the conflict between her duty not to betray a member and her duty to report the actions caused her to have a psychotic withdrawal from reality. 

Powers: Ape-X has advanced intelligence, equivalent to human genius level. She has great mechanical aptitude. Since her lower torso and legs are amputated, she gets around in a mechanical wheelchair, which is equipped with various offensive and defensive capabilities.

Miscellaneous: Ape-X appears to be based on Gorilla Grodd, as all the Squadron Supreme members are based on DC's Justice League of America members or their villains, but I think there's also a hint of Monsieur Mallah there, too. A later Ape-X appeared in Marvel Apes #1, but this version was a small monkey that becomes a large gorilla when he puts on a magic Mexican wrestling mask.

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