Sunday, October 05, 2014

Holy Crap, It's Been A Busy Couple Of Days!

Does it ever feel to anyone else like you've finally got things all figured out, and life is starting to work out the way you wanted it to, or at least you've got a handle on the way things are... and then the universe decides to upend things on you so that you have to work your way back to "getting a handle on it"?

Happens to me at least once or twice a year, it seems.

So let me set this up for you: As you know, I've been ramping up on my eBay auctions, especially when I can take advantage of free listing periods. I had a lot of auctions ending on Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and since I was off work on Wednesday through Friday, I figured I'd have plenty of time to deal with all of those, catch up on some sleep (given that I'm still working nights), and get a few blog posts done ahead of time in anticipation of the upcoming vacation my family is going on in a few weeks.

Wednesday afternoon, my son Tristan was taken to the doctor for his annual well child exam. For some time, we'd been concerned that he wasn't putting on weight the way he should be -- especially since he's grown so much, and yet his weight is down a few pounds from a year ago. Well, finally we got the doctor to get some bloodwork done to see if there's anything we need to be concerned with. Because of some of my son's issues, it took about 45 minutes to get him to agree to let the blood be drawn (and even then, he had to be semi-restrained). Fortunately for him, my wife was the one dealing with this, as I was getting my daughter Desi ready for her Brownies meeting at the time. Finally, the blood was drawn, and I met up with Jessi to swap kids so I could treat Tristan to ice cream for finally allowing the blood draw to happen, while Jessi took Desi to the Brownies meeting.

Thursday morning, I get the kids up and ready for school, and put Desi on her bus (they're on different buses for the time being, it's a long story), and was about five minutes away from putting Tristan on his bus when Jessi called to let me know she got a call from the doctor's office, and that she was on her way home from work. It turned out that Tristan's blood sugar was through the roof, he obviously has diabetes, and we had to get him to the emergency room at Mary Bridge Children's Hospital up in Tacoma.

So while Jessi was on her way here, I was preparing a bag with whatever I thought we'd need to have, given that Tristan was going to be in the hospital for a few days. We figured we'd end up taking shifts after the initial exams and treatment, so that one of us would spend the night at the hospital with Tristan, the other home with Desi.

As it turned out, we both stayed at the hospital on Thursday night, with me in the room with Tristan, and Desi and Jessi staying in this kind of hotel the hospital provides at a discount for families of children who are being treated. By the end of today, pretty much every member of my family had come to visit Tristan in the hospital and see how he's doing (and he's doing very well, responding to treatment very nicely, and is even starting to get used to getting the insulin shots he'll have to be getting multiple times a day).

Back to Thursday: Jessi decided that she wanted Desi at the hospital with us, so my mom rode with me back home to Olympia, so that while I picked up Desi and gathered more items we needed, my mom could drive Jessi's car to the hospital so she wouldn't be stranded without transportation. I ended up sleeping in the room with Tristan, as I said (in the most uncomfortable bed imaginable, my back was killing me Friday morning).

Friday, I got up and was expecting the nurse with the diabetes unit to come in at nine to educate us on Tristan's diabetes, and what we were going to have to do about it. Turned out she didn't make it in until after 10 (which was about when I thought I'd be able to run home and take care of eBay items), and I didn't leave the hospital to run home until about noon.

Of course, this whole time my phone is going off with one alert after another about closed auctions selling, items being paid for, and so forth.

I get home, package up about 18 packages (almost all of which had multiple purchases in them), print out shipping labels, grab a shower, package up one or two more items that were paid for while I got cleaned up, loaded up the van with all the packages plus the additional items I needed to bring to the hospital, and ran to the post office.

On the way there, I get a text from my wife asking me to bring snacks -- what I didn't know is that the snacks were supposed to be just for Tristan, and I was assuming that the snacks were for all of us, plus whoever happened to be visiting at the time. So I stop at Walmart in Tacoma before arriving at the hospital with some cheese, chips, fruit and veggies, just before Tristan's dinner arrived (and just before Jessi went to get her own dinner at the hotel place). Once she got back, she was taking the evening shift (a few other friends arrived during this time to visit), and I took the perishables that weren't eaten with me, ran out to get some storage bags for some of them, and then it was my turn to stay at the hotel for the night. Also during this day, my iPad decided it didn't like the wifi at the hospital any more, so I couldn't even use it while I sat around (I'd recently bought the new Godzilla with the digital download feature, but hadn't gotten it downloaded yet -- I figured I'd be able to watch it finally, but no dice there).

Saturday was more education on how we'll have to handle Tristan's diabetes, and around three or so, I headed back for home, as I had to work Saturday night. Of course, by that time it was too late for the auction winners who paid after my Friday stop at home to get their items shipped, so that will be happening on Monday. We'll be heading back up to Tacoma on Thursday morning for a follow-up at the clinic there, and then after that all follow-ups should be in the Olympia clinic.

It's been an exhausting couple of days!

Before I close this entry, let me offer this advice to any of you who have kids: If you think something's physically wrong with your child, and the doctor wants to blow you off -- especially if you're concerned about their weight and they've developed some behavioral problems -- you need to take a stand... either convince the doctor to do additional tests (or test at all) or get a second opinion. We were concerned about Tristan's weight a year ago, and the doctor said he was fine then, and we started seeing some behavioral issues occur at that time, too. Since he started getting treatment for diabetes, Tristan's moods have swung 180 degrees, and he's already looking healthier. If we'd pushed it a year ago, who knows? We may have caught this that much sooner, and started treatment before it got as serious as it did. We're very happy that we now know what's going on, but we'll always wonder if a year ago we could've found out then. We as parents really need to advocate for our children's health, and we are the experts on our own children -- take a stand, and do what you need to for your kids!

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  1. Hi Jon,
    Good that you kept insisting someone look at Tristan's symptoms. It's sad to contemplate how long the poor guy suffered needlessly. Our society probably knows more about diabetes than almost any other disease, so it makes us wonder how it could be missed for such a long time. Anyway, I'm glad you know now.
    Best of luck,


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