Monday, December 08, 2014

Feedback Requested!

Once again, it's that time when I ask you, my readers, about your thoughts concerning the Random Acts of Geekery. It's pretty simple: Just leave a comment, and let me know what features you read, what features you don't read, if there are any features that have been discontinued or put on hold you'd like to see returned, and any other comments in general that you'd like to leave.

Just as a reminder, here's the features I currently run:
Cool Stuff - Geeky toys, movie posters, and the like, all photos saved from past eBay auctions
Monster Stuff - Same as above, but with a monster/horror theme to them
Children's Book Theater - Scans of children's books of the past with licensed characters, usually superheroes or cartoons, sometimes including coloring and activity books
Monster Magazines - Complete scans of vintage monster/horror magazines
Comic Reading Library - Complete scans of vintage comic books believed to be in the public domain
Fandom Library - Complete scans of old magazines, fanzines and other publications of the past I believe may be of interest to you
Kirby Kovers - A gallery of comics covers by Jack "King" Kirby. When I run out of covers for this, it will be replaced by "Kane Kovers," with covers by Gil Kane
Covers Redux - Where I compare the original Marvel Comics cover with the book it was reprinted in
Julie Newmar Gallery - Photos of the gorgeous Julie Newmar, assuming I can still track down ones I haven't posted before
Sci-Fi Magazine Cover Gallery - Galleries of vintage sci-fi magazine covers, from what I've been selling on eBay (another feature that may run its course before too much longer)
Comic Book Ads - Vintage ads from comic books, currently focused on ads from Golden Age Fawcett titles, usually grouped by category
Ape of the Geek - Simians from TV, movies, cartoons and comics
Geek TV - A brief article about a geeky TV show, usually of the past, going over the cast members, writers, directors and so forth, looking for links with other shows
Puzzle Time - Pages from Marvel Fun & Games Magazine or other puzzle books
Geek Memories - My memoirs of my geeky history
My Characters - Essays on superheroes and supervillains I've created that I don't have an outlet for
Government Comics -  Scans of old comic books commissioned by government groups to provide information about a subject
Essays on Comics Characters - Where I go on a bit about the history of various comics characters, what I like about them, and how I feel they should be portrayed these days
Book and Record - Videos from YouTube created from old Book and Record sets, with audio
My Favorite Movies - Where I write about my favorite movies and why I like them

I think that covers the current crop. Some of the features I've discontinued or put on hold have been:

The Monkees - Episode by episode review of the classic series, with information on where the guests might've otherwise been seen in
The Beatles Animated Series - Episode by episode review of the cartoon series, pointing out where lyrics were presented wrong on-screen
The Fleischer Popeyes - Summaries of the classic Fleischer Popeye cartoons
The Indexible Hulk - A chronological review of the Incredible Hulk in the comics, with commentary
The Way of the Geek - Interviews with fellow geek bloggers (discontinued when I stopped getting responses from potential interviewees)
10 of a Kind - A list of 10 things in common, usually things I like
Trivia Time - A group of 10 related trivia questions drawn from my own knowledge
Comics They Never Made - Mocked up comics covers for licensed properties that never had their own comics in the USA.

There are probably others I've forgotten over time!


  1. Hi Jon,

    I "brush over" your Acts-Of-Geekery every day and must admit I enjoy it immensely.

    I'm not sure I follow everything (language), but somethings I find the posting immensely funny and interesting..

    The puzzles are fun, plus all the monster stuff, and covers!!! - like these a lot.

    My favourite of all though is the comic book ads. I love simply these!!!



  2. Keep on keeping on! Love the stuff! I would change nothing here. The only thing I would add is if you would comment on some of the blogs content in your bloglist. I have never seen you visit my page. Would love a few comments. Thanks so much!

  3. I have to admit the Cool Stuff is my particular favorite, since we're pretty much the same age and your selections always remind me of things I'd forgotten about after all these years. But as I've probably said before, your readers only want to see you posting whatever it is you feel like posting at any given moment.


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