Saturday, August 01, 2015

August, 2015 Issue

Editorial: We're Back!

Well, after way too long a break, Random Acts of Geekery has returned, and with an all-new format! As you might have guessed from the above "cover," I've decided to bring back RAOG as a monthly magazine of sorts, with all the features you've come to know and love (maybe not all of them in each issue, but they'll be here!). You can read this in one of two ways: Either you can scroll down and click "previous entry" (or whatever Blogger puts down at the end of each post) to go to the next article, or you can click on the Table of Contents entry for any article that catches your fancy, and a new window will open up with that article in it.

I'm hoping this new format will let me keep Random Acts of Geekery going on without a break! Some issues will possibly be longer than others, and some issues will likely have themes (if I'd started things up last month, I'd probably have done some kind of patriotic theme, and there'll likely be a horror theme for the October issue, and a Christmas theme in December).

As I posted in that previous post back in the middle of January, there've been a lot of things occupying my time, but in the back of my mind, I've always been thinking about this blog, and how I could return and still fit in with my schedule. I'm continuing to sell on eBay (you can check out the Random Stuff of Geekery store through the link on the side, or look at the listings closing soonest just above that), supplementing my income that way. So far as my son Tristan's diabetes and treatment thereof, I think we've managed to get a handle on that, even if we aren't getting very far with training our dog, Radar, to be a diabetic awareness dog yet (he's got to get basic dog training down first). Aside from that, my family is doing well as a whole, although things could always be better, naturally!

I'd like to personally welcome back all my readers who've patiently awaited the return of Random Acts of Geekery to the internet, as well as to welcome any new readers who've come across this blogazine! I think this first issue has a number of fun features, although I realize it's a big comics-heavy this time around (nothing wrong with that, right?).


Table of Contents

Collectible Spotlight A photo gallery of my Krypto the Superdog collection!

Puzzle Time More puzzles from Marvel Fun and Games Magazine

Cover Redux A comparison of Marvel comics and the covers of the reprints, highlighting differences between them

Comic Reading Library A smattering of tales from the golden age of comics!

Cool Stuff Batman, Beatles and more collectibles!

Government Comics A government-sponsored comic from the past

Fandom Library

Comic Book Ads

Geek TV The Land of the Giants

Kirby Kovers A collection of Jack Kirby's covers from various comics publishers

Deanna Lund Gallery With Land of the Giants featured on this month's Geek TV, I thought I'd share some images of the beautiful actress who co-starred in this genre classic!

Monster Stuff Collectibles and a few articles from old monster mags

Comics They Never Made Opening the door to an alternate reality where licensed books were published we never saw in our own!

Puzzle Time Answers to this month's puzzles!

The Fleischer Popeyes A review of a classic black and white Popeye short, "The Dance Contest"!

Essays on Comics Characters The Fantastic Four!

Ape of the Geek - Chim Chim Get the scoop on Spritle's pet chimpanzee!


  1. Best of luck on the relaunch.

  2. Welcome back, Jon! Good to hear from you again.


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