Saturday, August 01, 2015

Comics They Never Made!

Here's a couple of mocked-up covers for licensed comics that never were published in our reality... but maybe they should have been!
The Adventures of Gulliver these days is probably most remembered for being included in the syndicated "Banana Splits and Friends" syndication package as it was released around 1980. I don't know if it was shown on Boomerang or not! It was one of those shows Hanna-Barbera created where they took a public domain famous book and transformed it into a Saturday morning cartoon (such as they did with Moby Dick). In this one, it's Gary Gulliver in search of his lost father and a treasure, and winding up in Lilliput.

Perhaps the Gulliver cartoon shouldn't have been made into a comic, but I think Jason of Star Command could've been a great comic book! Sadly, most of Filmation's shows never made it into comics form (I think Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids was the only one with any success). A comic book version of this show could've taken advantage of the SFX comics can do but Filmation couldn't afford! 

Ironside is a show I have vague memories of watching. I don't recall it being too adult for most comics readers, although maybe the lead character being in a wheelchair might've made it less appealing for some readers. Still, Adam-12 made it to comics, why couldn't Ironside?

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