Saturday, August 01, 2015

Covers Redux!

For those of you new to RAOG, in "Covers Redux," I compare two covers of Marvel Comics; the original comic book's cover, plus the cover of the comic that issue was reprinted in. I compare the two, looking for changes that were made for the reprint. You're welcome to include anything I miss in the comments!

First up, let's look at Daredevil #22 and the reprint in Marvel Adventure #1. Obviously, the reprint has been reduced from the original, which probably meant adding some extra art to the sides and bottom. Aside from adding the blurb and removing some buttons, I don't see any other changes.

When Silver Surfer #14 was reprinted in Fantasy Masterpieces #14, the image was flopped, and a different blurb was used. Plus it was reduced slightly, with more art added on the bottom.

Next, Incredible Hulk 3120 and Marvel Super-Heroes #73. Looks like the image was reduced slightly and shifted down.

A similar situation happens here with Sgt. Fury #38 and the reprint in #109. Reduced and this time shifted down. An explosion was added, and some speed lines in the coloring.

When Amazing Spider-Man #52 was reprinted in Marvel Tales #37, they went with a whole new cover! I think the original was better, myself.

Next, Fantastic Four #79 and Marvel's Greatest Comics #61. Not only was the coloring better on the original, the whole framing was better. The reprint filled a lot of background in with black, and added an "opening" around the people in the background. Looks like it was reduced slightly, too.

Next, Incredible Hulk #116 and Marvel Super-Heroes #70... brand-new cover, but using the same design! I don't understand why they'd do that, except to make the Hulk look more like he was looking in his regular book at the time.

Only some slight re-arranging of balloons and blurbs when Marvel Tales #94 reprinted Amazing Spider-Man #115, unless you can spot something else!

When Avengers #68 was reprinted in Marvel Super Action #29, the image was shrunk slightly, but that's all I can see that's different!

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