Tuesday, September 01, 2015

Silly Cover!

From time to time, instead of "Comics They Never Made," I'll be presenting a silly cover! Silly covers used to be a regular feature in the early days of Amazing Heroes, and was one I enjoyed checking out each issue. This one has been floating around in the back of my mind for years and years, and I figured it was finally time I created it!
In hindsight, this seems like an obvious mash-up... one I'm surprised I've not come across before!

In creating this silly cover, I knew I'd make Lion-O into Dynamo, because both were the central figures of their respective teams. I hadn't really thought about which Thundercats would be turned into which THUNDER Agent after that, although I knew Wily Kitt and Wily Catt would be members of the THUNDER Squad. I'd considered making Cheetara into the Iron Maiden, but then recalled that in one of the revivals of THUNDER Agents, they introduced a new Menthor who was a female. The other Thundercats got chosen for their respective makeovers largely based on what their original costume or colors were! It worked out more easily than I thought... Snarf even had the same colors on his fur as UNDERSEA Agent!

I have one more silly cover in mind that's been percolating for years that I'll probably present in a few months (this one took quite a bit of time, given all the work needed... I started with Marvel's Star Comics' Thundercats, and had to basically redraw it all in Photoshop to get the costume changes made, but the next one will just require me to swap out one character for another). In the meantime, I'd like to throw this recurring feature open to you, my readers! If there's a silly cover you'd like to create and submit to me, feel free! Try to keep things PG, if you can, because this here's a family blog (more or less), and provide it in jpg format, large enough to feature here in decent detail. You don't have to draw it all yourself... if you can Photoshop things enough to base it on existing covers, go ahead! Maybe you could put together the Legion of Substitute Super-Pets, where the existing Super-Pets are replaced with other Super-Pets (there's lots of super dogs in other media and comics, not so much for cats, monkeys, horses, and especially amoebas, but don't let that stop you). Email your submissions for Silly Covers (or heck, even Comics They Never Made!) to me at waffyjon at comcast dot net!

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