Thursday, October 01, 2015

Comics They Never Made!


Our first item in this installment of "Comics They Never Made" is In Search Of..., which was a syndicated TV show that was hosted by Leonard Nimoy in the 1970s. Each episode focused on one subject, some Fortean thing like UFOs, Bigfoot, the Bermuda Triangle, and so forth. I wish the series was available to watch now, because I only have vague memories of it. I would imagine that if Gold Key really did this comic book, they'd pick UFOs so they could reprint some of their old UFO and flying saucer stories from the 1960s, and just add a drawing of Nimoy in there as needed.

Holmes & Yoyo was, as I recall, a fun series... and one of many TV shows that featured a human cop with a robot partner. I think Future Cop was the first, and it was revisited in later years in RoboCop, and on TV again with a one-season show about a cop with a female robot partner (I can't recall the name). I think that Harlan Ellison sued the producers of this show (as he did with Future Cop), because he felt the concept was stolen from a story of his.

Only two covers this time around, because I kind of went off-track in my production of these, but there should be more in next month's issue!

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  1. Hi Jon,
    You're thinking of 1993's "Mann and Machine", starring David Butler and Yancy Butler. Believe it or not, TV tried it again in 2013 with "Almost Human".


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