Thursday, October 01, 2015

Covers Redux!


It's time once again for "Covers Redux," where I compare the cover of a Marvel comic book as well as the cover of the reprint, looking for changes that were made! If you see something I missed, please include it in the comments!

First up, we have Daredevil #22 and the reprint in Marvel Adventure #1. Note that the reprint is slightly smaller and shifted up, with blurbs added. Obviously, some new art had to be added to make up for this, if the original didn't have as much of a bleed as was needed. This is most evident on the bottom of the cover.

Next up, it's The Incredible Hulk #120 and the reprint in Marvel Super-Heores #73. This time, it's shifted down slightly as well as being reduced. I'm guessing this was done just so that the tank wouldn't cover up as much of the logo in the reprint.

Next, it's Sgt. Fury #38 and the reprint in #109. Speed lines have been added, and the image is shifted down. Also an explosion was added above one of the planes.

Now, we have Amazing Spider-Man #52 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #37. Note that an all-new cover has been done here!

Next, it's Fantastic Four #79 and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #61! The whole image is shifted down here, and the background has been changed to more of a solid black, with a doorway created around the people in the background, as well as an unnecessary blurb added. I think it was reduced as well, with some extensions done to the art.

The Incredible Hulk #116 and Marvel Super-Heroes #70... same cover concept, but completely redrawn... I'm guessing so the Hulk looked like he did in the current comics.

When Amazing Spider-Man #116 was reprinted in Marvel Tales #94, the art was reduced, the blurb relocated slightly, and all-new webs had to be drawn on the top. Aunt May's word balloons were shifted around as well.

Other than shifting the art down and shrinking it slightly, I don't see any major differences between Avengers #68 and Marvel Super Action #29... do you?

That's all for this month!

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