Thursday, October 01, 2015

My Characters: The Daemon!

You know, sometimes I forget that not everyone reading this blog has necessarily read every post I've ever done, and sometimes I need to introduce things! This feature, "My Characters," is where I write about characters I've created for comic books that never got published (which would be all of them). I had long planned to publish them myself, from the time I first started creating these characters all the way back in 1979 or so, but obviously, it doesn't look like it'll ever happen (unless I win the lottery or something). Instead of keeping all them to myself, I figured I'd start sharing them here, just so someone can get some enjoyment out of my creations! And who knows, maybe somehow, the right person will see these entries and get in touch with me...

This installment focuses on a villain known as The Daemon. The Daemon isn't a supernatural demon, but is rather an alien from a faraway planet. On his world, all the people look like him (frightening as they may be to humans, they're accustomed to it). They all are very strong, have the ability to fly, and can emit energy beams from their eyes; these were adaptations for survival on their world, which is also populated by aggressive carnivores. The people of this world are generally non-aggressive, save for self-preservation, and tend to be cooperative (strength in numbers and all that). But the being who would become known as the Daemon was different... he didn't care about the others of his race. He sought power among his people, as well as control. This branded him a criminal in their society, and they first sought to imprison him, but he kept escaping his cell (the idea of executing him was too horrible to contemplate). While this race didn't have space travel or much in the way of technology, they had established some trade with other worlds; in exchange for gems from their planet, they received technology to help them survive.

One day, they had had enough, and offered one trader a vast sum of gems if only they would take the criminal away from their world forever. They didn't care where he ended up, so far as he wasn't their problem any more. This trader had cells on his ship protected by force fields for the transport of potentially hazardous animals, and agreed to the exchange.

Trying to find a place to dump his captive proved difficult, however... because he had a schedule to maintain, and looking for a planet that wouldn't be affected by unleashing this menace would take time. Finally, he decided the thing to do was to just eject his captive from the ship while in hyperdrive, and let it arrive wherever the universe saw fit (in hyperdrive, anything leaving the field while it's in operation drops back to reality, not necessarily somewhere that would've been in line from the start point to the finish).

He had no way of knowing that when this creature emerged into real space, the effect of the transition would enhance him, giving him limited ability to survive in space, as well as being able to capture "solar winds" to travel at speeds attainable only by spacecraft.

Now freed, the Daemon had only one real goal: To return to his homeworld and avenge himself upon his people. The problem was, he had no idea where his homeworld was, nor how to find this out. He began his quest by flying to the closest planet, and from there, he planned to keep traveling from world to world until he could find his way home.

Unfortunately for us, he came upon our solar system first. He wasn't detected by any satellites, having no metal and insufficient mass to be picked up. He arrived on earth to find an entire race of soft beings who fled in terror upon seeing him. He began to hunt humans for sport, bringing him to the attention of the Guardians of Justice, who after an epic struggle, managed to subdue him and have him imprisoned in the super villain prison code-named "Limbo."

While imprisoned, the newly-christened "Daemon" (called that by one of the first people who saw him and lived to tell of it) decided to be patient and learn. Being highly intelligent, it didn't take him long to learn the English language enough to communicate (although it made his throat ache, he insisted on it). His own language was comprised of vocalizations that sounded like hoots, honks, and whistles to the average human (and was pitched high enough to cause discomfort as well). The Daemon wished to know more, but Limbo offered little in the way of research materials.

He was starting to get bored, but escape from Limbo seemed impossible. The "currrsssed huu-monns" (as he pronounced it) had managed to create an energy field around his cell that prevented him from using his abilities. But this would change.

One day, Limbo's location was discovered by Death's Head, and he used this information to effect a massive prison escape of all Limbo's criminal population... so long as they first promised fealty to him. The Daemon was willing to do just about anything to escape his prison, and agreed to serve Death's Head, in whom he saw a kindred soul of sorts. Many others agreed, but none of the rest of the escapees proved to be as valuable to Death's Head as the Daemon was, and he became Death's Head's right-hand man in his further efforts to rid the earth of superheroes.

When operating with a group of villains, the Daemon will bark out orders quickly, but never fails to enter the fray himself, often leading an attack. He has a special hatred for LaserAvenger, whom he sees as much like his own people, with the Avian being a close second (due to his being a winged hero). He is ruthless and cunning, and his claws and talons alone would make him a formidable foe; adding in the energy beams from his eyes, and many heroes find they have to overcome their fears to take him on.

During a time when Death's Head appeared to be gone, the Daemon managed to keep a handful of villains operating with him as a team, but while he was an excellent tactician, the Daemon had no idea how to keep even a small army together, and would find himself operating alone before Death's Head returned.

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