Sunday, November 01, 2015

Ape of the Geek: Dr. Arthur Nagan, AKA Gorilla-Man


1522031-nagan1Species: Surgically altered gorilla with the head of a human. 

First Appearance: Mystery Tales #21 (September 1954), reprinted in Weird Wonder Tales #7.

Other Appearances: Nagan returned in Defenders #21, 31-33, 35, Defenders Annual #1, Power Man/Iron Fist #68, Marvel Age Annual #1, Sensational She-Hulk V2 #1-3, and other comics.

Merchandising: To the best of my knowledge, no toys have been made of Dr. Arthur Nagan.

Biography: Dr. Arthur Nagan was a former surgeon who would transplant organs from gorillas into humans. Somehow, the gorillas took revenge by transplanting his head onto a gorilla's body. Nagano later joined the Headmen and fought the Defenders multiple times. Later, the Headmen's goals shifted to giving their member Chondu a new body, which led them into conflict with the She-Hulk, Spider-Man the Human Torch, and others. He also has ties to A.I.M., the Circus of Cirme, and the Lethal Legion.

Powers: Dr. Nagan's body, being that of a gorilla, possesses all the strength and agility of a normal gorilla. Despite his gorilla body, Nagan still retains his former surgical skills.

Miscellaneous: Dr. Arthur Nagan was created by artist Bob Powell and un unknown writer, and was brought back into comics by Steve Gerber. He is one of three characters at Marvel to be known by the name "Gorilla-Man," although he's not best known for this alias.

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