Sunday, November 01, 2015

Covers Redux!


Time for another round of "Covers Redux," in which I compare the cover of an original Marvel comic with the cover of the reprint, and look for changes that were made! You can play along at home, too, and look for anything that I didn't catch!

We lead off this installment with Captain America #8 and the reprint in Marvel Super Action #8! At first, this appears to be a simple flopping of the art, as well as a reduction, but there's more to it than that... according to the Grand Comics Database, alterations were done by John Romita, and you can see that there's been additional studio lights added on what's now the left side, and it appears a new foot has been entirely drawn on the clone of Steve Rogers (or was it a robot)? Also additional shattered glass is added to the right side. Of course, the blurb has been altered as well as being retitled!

It's flop and reduce time again for Sgt. Fury #52 and the reprint in issue #147! By the way, did I ever mention that for a while, I thought Blazing Battle Action was another Marvel reprint title, like Marvel's Greatest Comics and so forth? Note that when the cover was flopped that both blurbs were shifted in position, while the Nazi commandant has ben moved as well and partially redrawn.

Next, we have Fantastic Four #12 and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics. Note that the images is slightly larger on the reprint this time, or at least taller. The stat used for this reprint resulted in some heavier lines, especially on the Hulk's arm hair. Note that the balloons were completely redrawn, with the Hulk's thought bubble rendered more traditionally.

Up next is kind of a special case... Amazing Spider-Man #33 was reprinted in Marvel Tales #26, but since Thor and the Torch were also cover-featured, apparently the original cover couldn't be cropped to fit quite right. This time, the Spider-Man panel was newly drawn by Marie Severin, who apparently also did the Thor and Torch figures. Hmm... I wonder how it would've looked to have the original Spidey cover inserted into the space?

Here's an unusual situation... Captain Savage #11 was reprinted in Sgt. Fury #160, presumably because it was a crossover with Fury, and this time, an all-new cover was drawn, a rarity at this point in the Marvel reprint books.

We'll wrap up this installment with Avengers #20 and the reprint in Marvel Triple Action #14. I don't se any significant changes done here, other than moving the title blurb and adding a new blurb as well as some word balloons, plus some speed lines around Cap's falling form.

Leave any changes you spot in the comments, won't you?

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