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November, 2015 Issue!



It's always an odd thing for me to write these when I'm working so far ahead of schedule (a habit I started way back with this blog, it's getting out of that habit that's caused hiatuses in the past), and the subject matter of what I'm writing about is still months away! As I'm writing this, it's July 9th, and there's still the rest of the month to get to before the first issue of the new Random Acts of Geekery debuts, and yet here I am, working on the November issue... an issue that happens to coincide with my birthday!

This year, on November 9, I turn 53 years old. You'd think by now I'd be accustomed to my age, but it still blows my mind when I really think about it. Have I really been on this planet for 53 years? Some days I certainly don't feel like I could possibly be that old, especially when I look in the mirror (I don't mean to sound immodest, but I do look at least 10 years younger... I count my geekery as keeping my youthful appearance)... and then other days (usually work days), I definitely feel my age, especially when my co-workers make some kind of reference that reminds me that I'm twice as old or older than the vast majority of my co-workers (it would be funny if, between when I wrote this and as you're reading this, I manage to find a different job where I'm working with people closer to my own age... well, maybe it's funny to me).

Getting older has its advantages, of course... you're more experienced at life in general, and you tend to have knowledge and wisdom gained from those experiences, as well. Someone my age may see what appears to be the obvious answer to a problem that would stump someone in their early 20s, just because they don't have any experiences to relate to the situation. It's a common thing where I work that things occur to me that are obvious, and when I point them out or suggest them, I see sometimes initial confusion before comprehension dawns, and the reaction is usually disbelief that I could come up with what (to them) seems like an amazing idea... and yet, to me, it just seems obvious!

Of course, there are issues with getting older, as well... I find that at comic book conventions, I don't have quite the endurance and flexibility I used to have (especially when I'm trying to go through bargain boxes of older comics, most of which tend to be on the floor). Not only that, but my tastes are so different from the prime demographic most publishers and manufacturers are interested in that I can rarely find anything current in the areas I'm a geek about that I can really enjoy!

Let's take comics, for example. I can't remember the last new comic book I bought for sure, at least a monthly “floppy,” although I'm pretty sure it was during DC's Countdown to Final Crisis, if not part of Final Crisis itself. I just found myself feeling like these weren't the characters I remembered, and I dropped the habit. I have bought a few trade paperbacks reprinting relatively recent books (such as the first volume of Batman '66, as well as the first two volumes of Love & Capes, which I really need to get the rest of), and I think those reflect my personal sensibilities more than most of the other comics out there.

Obviously, I'm not the target market for DC and Marvel's comics any more. Oddly enough, even though Marvel's movies are integrations of original Marvel versions of characters combined with elements of the Ultimate line, I can actually enjoy those more than the comics... and I feel much the same way about DC's TV shows (their movies leave me cold, on the other hand).

But that's okay, because another advantage of age is that I have the wealth of everything that I've enjoyed all my life still being available to me in one form or another! I can get trade paperback collections of the comics I read in my youth, and in some cases there's even online options to read them in electronic form (legally, even!). I can share my thoughts about what the things I enjoy here, and read what others have to say. I can even “collect” the toys of my youth by searching eBay auctions and just collecting photos of them (which take up a lot less space, naturally, and also don't cost me any money). The advanced technology available to us now lets me make friends all over the world who are interested in the same things I like!

I know that for the rest of my life, I'll shake my head and mutter, “stupid kids” at things I see around me (and know that the “kids” will encompass a wider age range as I get older), and hope that some of the popular stupid becomes unpopular quickly (let's face it, every generation has its popular stupid that they later look back on and regret themselves... I'm sure we all have photos of ourselves wearing clothes that we wish could be removed from our personal continuities, right?). I'll keep waiting for DC to bring back my Superman, my Batman, my Justice League... and for Marvel to bring back my Avengers, Fantastic Four... Paramount to bring back my Star Trek... and so on and so on, knowing full well they won't (or probably won't), but I still have the stuff I liked to go back to and read or watch again and again!

So happy birthday to me, and happy growing older every day to everyone!


Next Month: It's the annual Christmas celebration here, with extra goodies for you, including selections from the Christmas Comics Library, an extra Cool Stuff post, and more of the usual geekery you've come to expect!


Puzzle Time – Match wits with Fun and Games Magazine's puzzles! 

Cool Stuff – More Big Little Books with Dick Tracy, Donald Duck, and more! 

Geek TV – Batman: The Brave and the Bold! 

The Indexible Hulk – “Above the Earth – A Titan Rages!” from The Incredible Hulk #106! 

BeatlesCartoon – After too long a hiatus, this feature finally returns! 

Covers Redux – Let's find the differences between the original and the reprints! 

Monster Stuff – A lot of Kong Kong items, but a few from other sources as well! 

The Monkees – Finally, this feature returns with episode 17, “The Case of the Missing Monkee”! 

Comic Reading Library – A break from the horror stories from last month! 

Babe of theGeek – This month, a look at Xena's Lucy Lawless! 

Kirby Kovers – A gallery of some cool classic Kirby covers! 

Geek Memories – Toys of My Childhood!

The Fleischer Popeye Cartoons – “We Aim to Please,” in which Popeye and Olive are running a diner, and Wimpy and Bluto seek a free meal! 

Monster Scrapbook – Articles on Frankenstein, Lon Chaney Jr., Dracula Has Risen From the Grave, and the first installment of the one-shot fumetti based on The Mole People

Book and Record Set – A pair of Superman book and record sets for your enjoyment! 

Ape of the Geek – This month, Dr. Arthur Nagen of the Headmen! 

Essays on Comics Characters – Lex Luthor gets the spotlight this month! 

Collectible Spotlight – 1966 Batmobile Toys! 

Comic Book Ads – A potpourri of vintage comics ads!

Puzzle Time Answers – How did you do? 

raog2015-12Next Issue:

It's December, and that means Christmas Comics, with a special bonus "Comic Reading Library" with some classic Christmas tales! Not only that, but Ape of the Geek looks at Chewbacca, Geek TV looks at Fantastic Journey, another Beatles episode review, more Big Little Books, an essay on Dr. Doom, Geek Memories recalls Star Wars yet again, and much more!

Submission Guidelines:

Random Acts of Geekery is happy to consider any submissions for publication that are appropriate to the themes covered in this blogazine. No compensation is offered for use, but you do get to keep the copyrights to any submissions, so long as you understand that any accepted submissions will remain in the archives of Random Acts of Geekery issues.

Prior to preparing a submission, contact Jon B. Knutson at waffyjon at comcast dot net with the idea for your article or submission, just in case something similar is already in the works. Topics that can be covered are: comic books,cartoons, oldies rock and roll, monsters, science fiction, pulp magazines, toys, geeky TV shows, children's books, and so on. Interviews with people involved in any of these topics are also welcomed! Submissions are also welcome for regular features such as Puzzle Time (you can either scan puzzles from vintage items in your own collection or create your own geeky puzzles), Covers Redux (I've only been covering Marvel's superhero and Sgt. Fury books, but I know several of their western comics had reprints, usually with new covers, and I haven't covered any DC stuff at all), Geek TV (I have a list of shows I'm planning to get to eventually, but if you have a favorite that I haven't covered yet, it's more than welcomed), Ape of the Geek (again, I've got a list I'm working on, but you may have a favorite ape you want to write about I haven't gotten to yet), Comics They Never Made, and Silly Covers. I also will consider submissions for Geek Memories!

All writing should be kept PG-13. I reserve the right to make any edits that I feel are appropriate for spelling, grammar, clarity, and so forth, but I will always contact you before publication, just to make sure that any misunderstandings are cleared up. All graphics submitted should be in .jpg format, minimum resolution of 72 dpi, maximum resolution should be 300 dpi, maximum size (at set resolution) of 8.5” x 11”, minimum size (at 72 dpi) of 3” x 3” (larger is preferred).

Remember that Random Acts of Geekery is prepared several months ahead of publication, so on occasion, some submissions may not run for a while after they are accepted. However, when a submission fits into a prepared issue that hasn't been published, I will consider adding it.

Any other questions concerning submissions should be submitted to me at waffyjon at comcast dot net.

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  1. I feel exactly the same way you do about so many of these geek and pop cultural topics. So much to watch, so much to read, so little time. And I still have to find time for COPS. That is my real binge show. But I like the idea of making a contribution to this project. I spent many hours today going through all the material. I will post about this at the Cave of Cool and encourage others to appreciate the effort. This is a project I want to be a part of since I respect the final results so much. Great stuff. I will be in touch.


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