Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Covers Redux!


Time once again for Covers Redux, when I compare the cover of an original Marvel comic with the one for the book that reprinted it! We're looking for changes in the art such as redrawing or cutting and pasting, flopping, shrinking, additions or deletions to the text, and so forth... not so much coloring changes. Let's begin!

First off, here's Silver Surfer #10 and the reprint in Fantasy Masterpieces (2nd series) #10. Obviously, the entire art has been reduced, with new art added to the sides (mostly on the right). It's also been shifted down considerably. It seems that the Surfer's board was truncated in the back -- look at where it is in relationship to "A World He Never Made!" in both covers, and you'll see what I mean. I think the image of the Surfer may have been tilted slightly, as the front of his board is closer to the soldier in the foreground on the reprint.

When Amazing Spider-Man Annual #1 was reprinted as Amazing Spider-Man King-Size Special #6 (retaining the numbering from the annuals), an all-new cover was chosen, obviously newly drawn for this reprint. An attempt was made at getting Sandman, at least, to look a little like Ditko, but it's not quite pulled off. I'd imagine the original cover was replaced to both help hide it being a reprint, as well as to have Spidey facing the reader.

Next, it's Fantastic Four #116 and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #96. As you can see, this time the art was enlarged, mainly because of the change from the bordered trade dress in the original no longer being used. Note that the Torch has been slightly repositioned and his flame trail has been redrawn to be slightly higher this time around. I'm not sure if the darker shadows on Doom are due to the stat being darkened when it was enlarged, or if shadows were added, or if it's a byproduct of whoever scanned this cover for the Grand Comics Database, from which all these covers came.

Next we have Sgt. Fury #44 and #139. I can't see any real differences other than the new blurb on the bottom, although the soldier may have been moved a little due to the UPC code.

This next one's a bit more interesting. We've got Tales of Suspense #84, plus issue #59, along with Marvel Double Feature #1. Well, MDF reprinted TOS #84, but as you can see, the Cap figure as well as the blurb came from TOS #59, with some new art surrounding it as well as an all-new image of Shellhead.

Finally, we have Amazing Spider-Man #125 and Marvel Tales #102. I can't really see much changed here. Perhaps the image was slightly reduced (you can see more of the car's right side on the reprint). The blurb has been shifted, too.

If you see anything I missed, let me know in the contents!

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