Monday, January 18, 2016

Kirby Kovers!


Welcome to Monday, and another edition of Kirby Kovers!
Our first cover this time is Kid Colt, Outlaw #121. Kirby had a very distinctive way of drawing cowboy hats, especially the front view, as you can see on Rawhide Kid here. think any other artist could get away with the shortcut!

Next, it's My Date, although I don't know the issue number. As I'm sure you're well aware, Kirby and Joe Simon created the genre of romance comics, although this one clearly has some comedic elements to it!

Next, it's Tales to Astonish #37, and I have to admit, the pose the Protector is in looks rather familiar... I wonder how many other examples of this or a similar pose I could find if I took the time to look?

Here we have Journey into Mystery #74, with not one, but two examples of Kirby monsters!

Avengers #30 is a nice example of Kirby's floating heads motif. The Wasp's head looks like it was redrawn a little bit, though.

Here's Thor #250, from when Kirby returned to Marvel in the 70s. He would do covers for several books, but without his art on the interiors, which always felt like a letdown to me.

Next, we have Captain America #212, which Kirby not only drew but wrote as well! His Cap tales were definitely different from what readers had been accustomed to, but have gained a greater appreciation in later years.

And we jump back in time quite a ways to Star Spangled Comics #11, featuring the Guardian and the Newsboy Legion. I always thought Kirby and Simon really must've enjoyed these stories, given that there was not only a kid gang, but also an acrobatic character with a shield!

We started this installment with a western, may as well end that way! Here's Wyatt Earp #22. and you'll note that all the cowboys on this cover have differently styled hats as well as clothes! 

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