Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Covers Redux!

Once again, it's time for "Covers Redux," in which I compare and contrast the covers of an original Marvel comic with the cover of the book that reprinted that same story! If you see changes I missed, please let me know, eh?

First up, here's Fantastic Four #24 and Marvel Collectors' Item Classics #18. Most obvious to me is that the right arm of the Infant Terrible has been cut and pasted so that it's more straight up. This meant needing to add a few more cosmic background details. The whole image was shifted up slightly, and the Torch's fire trail has been redrawn to be narrower. Of course, all of the blurbs are completely changed out, and the top portion of the art has been reworked.

When Sgt. Fury #1 got reprinted in issue #167 (probably not the first time it was reprinted), which turned out to be the last of Fury's book, you can see that the blurbs were reworked a bit. The entire image has been shifted down slightly, probably to accommodate the logo plus the Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends blurb on the top. This is one of the rare instances where a reprinted cover has better coloring than the original, I think.

When Avengers #37 was reprinted in Marvel Triple Action #29, it got an all-new cover... and what makes it very unusual is that this time, it's a Kirby cover replacing a Gil Kane cover! Most of the time, the reverse was the case. Obviously this new cover was done while Kirby was back at Marvel in the 1970s.

Another new cover was done when Amazing Spider-Man #82 was reprinted in Marvel Tales #63. I like both covers, but I do think I prefer the larger figures on the reprint.

Lots of cropping and reworking was necessary when X-Men #4 was reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes #23! Since the Angel was too close to the bottom of the original image, he was cut and pasted to fit better. Note that Quicksilver's costume was colored to match his then-current coloring at the time the book was reprinted, as well as the Scarlet Witch's costume being green on the original cover!

Not too many changes made when Amazing Spider-Man #143 was reprinted in Marvel Tales #120. It was shifted down and to the right slightly, possibly tilted a bit as well, in order to fit the logo on the reprint book. Note that the blurbs are relocated.

Fantastic Four #76's cover was better than the new one for the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #58, wasn't it? The new cover isn't bad, really... one could take it as a "one second later" look at the same scene.

Anyone see anything significantly different between the covers of Sgt. Fury #29 and the reprint in #131? I don't!

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