Monday, February 01, 2016

State of the Blog and Busy at Home

So last week, I promised to fill you in a bit more about what happened that caused this blog to go on an unscheduled hiatus for most of last week... and here is that post!

Some of this information may be new to you, some I may have already mentioned before, so bear with me if I repeat myself.

Longtime readers of this blog will no doubt recall that my wife Jessi and I are licensed foster parents, and that both of our children, Tristan and Desi, were adopted through the foster care system. Since we adopted Desi, we've had a number of other kids staying with us, some for as short as a week, and others for much longer. For example, we had a sibling pair that were with us for a little over a year that we realized we couldn't really handle with our own two kids, although we loved them both. Fortunately, my brother Jeff and his wife, Kristi, had fallen in love with those two, and when it was determined that they were going to be legally free, my brother and his wife rushed to get licensed themselves so that they could take them, and those two kids are now my newest niece and nephew, Kassidy and Steve.

Normally, we limit ourselves to taking on kids who are younger than Desi, who's eight, but last October, we got a call asking if we would be willing to take a teenager, who's 15. Well, under normal circumstances, we would just say no, but there was a twist on this: He had just been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes just before the school year started. Tristan had been diagnosed with the same thing a year before, so we were pretty well educated on what needs to be done for a diabetic child, and apparently we are the only foster family in our county with experience there. So, we made an exception, and now this boy (whom I'll call "A", because we have to maintain confidentiality, you understand) has been with us since then.

For the most part, adding A to our household hasn't been too challenging an experience, other than of course all the stuff that comes with a teenager. It took us a while to convince him to change schools to one that's in our school district (he wanted to stay in the school his friends were in, but honestly that school is below average in every measurable way, while our local high school is above average, and besides, his friends were kind of a bad influence on him), but that was finally accomplished. We've still got some issues with him from time to time, but we've discovered that a cell phone is a good carrot to dangle in front of him.

Just before Christmas, we had another sibling pair placed with us on an emergency basis. After our experience fostering Steve and Kassidy, we knew we couldn't take both of those girls (who were eight months and a year and a half) on a permanent basis, and so we only had them for a few weeks. That brought a lot of challenges, suddenly having five kids in the house, because Jessi's car can only accommodate four people total, so if all the kids were needed to be brought somewhere, we had to take my van.

Fortunately, other placements were found for them, but then about a week and a half ago, we got a call that there was a little girl due to be born any day, whose mother had failed a drug test or two. We've never had a newborn in our house before, so that's been a whole bunch of other complications! We've had this girl, V, in our house since a week ago Saturday (she had been born the day before). She's not all that difficult to handle, except for the fact that she has been refusing to sleep in her crib! We've managed to get her to sleep in there for about half an hour at the most, so the rest of the time, either Jessi or I (or one of the kids if they're feeling helpful, plus a neighbor who volunteered to help) have to hold V in order to keep her asleep.

Other things that have been contributing to keeping me away from my computer have been a recent bout of dental work I've needed to get done (never fun), some work issues, and probably three dozen other things that aren't springing to mind right now.

So, what does this all mean to Random Acts of Geekery? Well, I'm currently on track for the rest of this week, and I've started planning out posts through to the end of March. With luck, I'll be able to find time at the keyboard to get more posts done in advance, especially since we'll be taking a vacation starting March 31 to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon, so I'll need to get quite a ways ahead to keep things going here. Unfortunately, there's always the possibility that things might get in the way, and there may be some missed posts here and there, but with any luck, I'll be able to continue things uninterrupted here, and possibly start getting back on working as far ahead as I prefer!

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