Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Cover Redux Week, Day 3!


First up today, we've got Amazing Spider-Man #83 and the reprint from Marvel Tales #64! Not only are we dealing with a slightly reduced cover, it's been shifted down and to the right, with details altered on the top. This one's always struck me as odd, as Spidey's not even looking at the Schemer in either version!

I suppose when Silver Surfer #1 was reprinted in Fantasy Masterpieces (2nd series) #1, they had to not only shift it down and slightly enlarge it, as well as remove the blurb proclaiming it as all-new!

Wow, what a difference between the original cover for Tales of Suspense #82 and Marvel Double Feature #6! I don't know why they went with the shadowed effect instead of the color hold, although both versions are pretty effective. Note that the blurb has been removed and replaced with a different blurb in a different position.

Here's an example of adding word balloons that aren't needed when Sgt. Fury #21 was reprinted in #123. Looks like the whole cover was reduced and new art added on the sides, too! At least Gabe got colored correctly on the reprint!

It's ironic to me that when Avengers #63, trumpeting the new Goliath, was reprinted in Marvel Super Action #24, it had to be reduced!

Now we have Sub-Mariner #13 and the reprint from Tales to Astonish (2nd series) #13. Clearly, some detail was lost in the stat, sadly. Aside from that, the image was shifted up slightly and the blurb was completely redone, plus the blurb added for the Nighthawk solo tale (I'm guessing the original issue had a "Tales of Atlantis" feature that was too long for the different page count, and the Nighthawk feature was prepared for the shorter page count).

A few odd changes when Amazing Spider-Man #153 was reprinted in Marvel Tale #130... well, one, anyway. Instead of hitting the goal post one of the gunmen's shots is now missing! I have to say, the recoloring doesn't help. I think the image was enlarged slightly and shifted down as well.

More tomorrow!

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  1. "At least Gabe got colored correctly on the reprint!"

    The guy in the helmet (with a moustache) is Izzy Cohen!
    Gabe Jones is the only Howler to wear a knit cap.
    BTW, note that Dino Manelli (who didn't wear any distinctive headgear) is left off the reprint cover, replaced by the new word balloon in the lower right!
    The original cover's coloring is correct.


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