Monday, March 21, 2016

Foreign Comic Book Covers Week, Day 1!

Yes, I'm still doing theme weeks here at Random Acts of Geekery! We're continuing (at first, anyway) with Spidey, the French Marvel book.

This first cover is kind of interesting, given that it guest-stars Ms. Marvel (called Miss Marvel there) with the Kingpin all tied up and hanging from a Badyear Blimp, a joke I'd imagine didn't make any sense to the French comics readers!

The next issue brings Shanna the She-Devil to the cover spot with Spidey, plus an emphasis on the Fantastic Four, or Les Fantastiques as they're known in France. Des Jeux means "The Games," so I'm guessing those were adapted from Marvel Fun and Games! I have to wonder if this cover and the previous one were used to feature reprints from Spidey Super Stories.

The next issue's cover has Mr. Fantastic guest-starring with Spidey, and I think you can figure out what's going on without knowing French!

This issue's guest-star is the Hulk, although I don't know what he's called in France.

Another team-up cover with Captain America... this image looks vaguely familiar to me!

Some of these covers must refer to Marvel Team-Up reprints, as I don't recall the White Tiger appearing in Spidey Super Stories, although I'm hardly an expert on that title. Note the X-Men reprint features the team in their original uniforms and lineup!

Back when I was posting themed covers, I wish I'd known about this one when I was doing the carnival/fair theme, as most roller coaster-themed covers don't feature the heroes enjoying the ride! Well, the Thing doesn't seem to like it (funny that a test pilot would seem to get sick on this ride, but then, he doesn't fit all the way in the car, so maybe that's it).

Definitely an all-original cover here, with Spidey, the X-Men, and the FF! It's possible the art was assembled from stats, though... doesn't the Beast look a bit like George Tuska's artwork?

Those darn mutants steal the cover spot from Spidey in this issue as they demonstrate their powers. I don't think the French artists doing these covers ever really got the Thing right, did they?

This cover continues the X-Men domination, and I'd imagine this is an adaptation of the American issue of X-Men reprinted inside.

Spidey retakes the cover spot here, but Photonik is probably not familiar to most of you... he was an original character created in France, probably because the publisher wanted a French hero in the book.  "Tom Pouce" and "Et Ziegel" must've also been original characters too.

In this issue, the X-Men took the cover over again, and the original characters threaten to squeeze Spidey entirely off the cover of his self-titled comic!

Spidey's entirely missing from the cover of this issue, with its original art with the FF vs. Klaw, plus promos for the X-Men and Photonik.

And now Photonik has the cover position, with Spidey back to a head shot only!

This issue's cover seems to more or less use the original Kirby cover for the introduction of Ka-Zar. I find it interesting it's the original X-Men issues being reprinted here, given the popularity of the New X-Men by this time!

Spidey finally gets his cover spot back, even if he's sharing it with the Vision and a villain I don't recognize, possibly from a Marvel Team-Up reprint. The artist clearly didn't get how Spidey's webs were supposed to look!

Photonik takes over the cover with those other characters, I'm not sure if they were part of his story or what!

I do find these all-new covers interesting, even the Photonik ones! More tomorrow!


  1. look at the first 50 covers of strange (another french marvel publication) there are some incredible paintings

  2. White Tiger did indeed appear in SSS. A lot more of these are Spidey Super Stories than you think.


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