Friday, April 29, 2016

Flashback: Bones and Treats!

Here's a pair of posts from Krypto's first Bones and Treats!

So, after getting all dressed up, it was time for Jessi and I to pose for some photos before we headed out with the dogs.  If you're wondering what's on the top of the photo here... Jessi was still wearing her witch hat when she took the pictures, and didn't realize the brim was getting in the way... oh, well!

So, we headed over to the Pet Spa for the first stop of Bones and Treats.  Krypto got a chance to see and be seen by some people who hadn't seen him since he was a tiny little puppy!  Everyone who saw us was complimenting me on the Superman costume, which was gratifying.

Unfortunately... I still wear glasses, so I had to leave my glasses in the car when we made our stops (for authenticity purposes, naturally).  Also unfortunately, there were no pockets in the costume, so every stop we made, I had to carry my car keys with me (Jessi didn't bring her purse along).  I'd brought my digital camera with me, but since I didn't have three hands (one for keys, one for Krypto's leash, and one for the camera), I didn't take any other photos.

Our friend Kathy and her boxer, Jaeger, met us there... Jaeger was dressed as "Count Dogula."  Paul and Brigit and their white boxer Claude (who was dressed as a chicken) also joined us in time for the costume contest!  They awarded two prizes for best costume... Claude won one of them... and a dog dressed in a Batman costume won the other one!  Sheesh... don't those people recognize how authentic Krypto's outfit was?  Well, the kids who saw him knew immediately who he was, anyway!

Our friend Alise and her dog, Roca, met up with us after the contest was over, and somehow we lost track of them after that first stop.

The second stop was PetSmart, and we took advantage of that stop to get Krypto on the scale (it claimed he was 61.5 lbs, but we've weighed him at home and he was closer to 65).  I'm pretty sure someone took our pictures there, but I will likely never see those photos.

The next stop was a two-fer... Animal Services and an espresso stand right next to that.  Last year, Animal Services was taking photos, but no such luck this year... the espresso place gave out dog toys last year, but this year they were just giving out dog biscuts.  Still good stops, though!

From there, we went on to South Bay Veterinary Clinic, where they took pictures of all the dogs... and in our case, Krypto and I together.  By this point in our tour, KO was letting us know in no uncertain terms that she did not like wearing her costume... so we ended up taking it off of her (I promised next year, I'd custom-make a costume for her that would fit and be more comfortable).

Both dogs were very excited about all this, to the point of pulling at their leashes all the time!  I don't know if you're aware of this, but boxers are freakishly strong!

Next stop was South Bay Granary, which is always a great stop for Bones & Treats... they're very generous there!  Before we left there, a woman took our picture... which means there's at least two photos out there of Krypto and I in costume that we'll likely never see!

This photo was taken by our friend Paul at PetSmart... but Petco was the next stop in the Bones & Treats tour... by this point, Krypto had pulled so much on his leash that the key ring that was connecting his collar and leash was pulled into a single thickness, as opposed to the double-thickness it started as!

Petco turned out to be a very good stop (as you'll see when I post later today about today's events... yes, that's a tease!).  We signed Krypto up for their costume contest, and got some decent goodies there, too!

Next stop from there was Old Navy... and they gave out one biscuit per dog (once we found what they were doing).  The two most exciting things that happened there were... 1) Krypto pulled the ring entirely off his collar as we were heading in, meaning I had to come up with a make-shift manner of attaching his leash, and 2) KO slipped out of her collar!  From there it was a drive-through stop at a coffee place on the way to the final destination...

...which was Mud Bay Granary, which was the location of the doggie daycare we used to take Krypto and KO to all the time!  Not a lot of exciting stuff to tell about there.

We made one final stop, which wasn't part of Bones & Treats, to Olympic Cards and comics!  Gabi was very impressed with our costumes, and she took some photos herself (which I hope she'll send me copies of!).  I also bought the new comics while we were there.

From there, it was back home, and out of costume!  It had been a very tiring day for us, and we looked forward to a restful and uneventful afternoon.


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