Monday, April 25, 2016

Flashback: The Krypto Files!

This week is going to be "Flashback" posts, as I'd originally planned to do during my vacation.

This first one is a combination of several posts involving Krypto and his then-impending arrival. It's hard to believe that was two houses and over ten years ago!

krypto 6 weeks1
OK, now that I've done the introduction... here's my first "official" entry, announcing the impending arrival of Krypto, a white boxer puppy!  He'll be arriving on March 2.  Isn't he the cutest little superdog you've ever seen?

Back to current time. This photo was one of the ones that Krypto's breeder had posted online of him. Obviously, they weren't calling him Krypto until after I'd started the purchase process, although I forget the name they were originally using for him. I remember being concerned that his nose wasn't going to get all black, and that it'd have a tendency to get sunburnt.

This next post is from 13 days before his arrival.

krypto 8 weeks
Only 13 days until Krypto arrives!  This was the most recent photo sent by the breeder.  I've been getting very excited awaiting his arrival, and started doing some preparation -- bought and read DOG TRAINING FOR DUMMIES, and already have a few toys for him (a small squeaky soccer ball -- boxers seem to like playing with soccer balls!  My girlfriend's boxer, KO, loves 'em) and a small plus gorilla that makes noise when you squeeze it.  Because KO isn't a year old yet, she's still on puppy food, so Jessi and I won't have to start buying different dog food.  Later this morning, before heading into work, I'm hoping I can find a dog collar that looks similar enough to his comic-book counterpart's!  It'll be an exciting time, and I'll likely be posting new pics of Krypto as he does all-too-cute things!

This post was from a week or so later.

krypto 9 weeks
Well, as I write this, it's still Tuesday... but the breeder sent a new picture of Krypto to us today that I had to share... after doing a bit of retouching on it, natch!  The "collar" in this picture is entirely created in Photoshop, but the tag is from a scan of the real name tag I've got for him!

If any of you reading this comes across a yellow dog collar that looks like the classic Krypto collar in your area, please let me know at with the price, and what you'd like for shipping, okay?  I've got one collar for him already, which has a double-row of studs, but he won't be able to wear that until he's much bigger... and I need a puppy-sized collar for now!

Back to the present again. I never got Krypto a collar that matched his comics counterpart, although of course about six months after he passed I found one that was pretty much exactly what I had been looking for. Originally I got him a red collar to start with, and tended to go with red or blue ones except when he was wearing his cape. The earliest collars did have his S-shield tag, though!

Oddly enough, I didn't post a bunch of pictures right away when he arrived! Looking back, his arrival kind of coincided with my initial working with Andy Mangels on the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe DVD special features, so I was probably struggling to post much of anything!

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