Monday, May 02, 2016

Covers Redux!


OK, we're back to new content, and I'm actually getting a smidgen ahead finally! Not that far, but some, anyway!

So here's how we play "Covers Redux": I post two Marvel Comics covers, one of which is from the original printing of a story, and the second from the reprint in one of Marvel's many reprint books of the 70s. Then, I list all the details that I can spot that were changed from the original cover, and in the comments, you add whatever you spot that I missed!

I don't usually count recoloring (other than to mention if I prefer one or the other), but do point out new or moved captions, word balloons, and the like, as well as art changes.

First up is Sgt. Fury #61 and the reprint from issue #157. Other than recoloring, it looks like the reprinted cover is slightly enlarged, making for some cropping on the sides and bottom. Some details have been lost when the stat was made, obviously.

More changes were made between the original Fantastic Four #73 cover and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #55. Obviously, the blurb has been completely changed. Also note that Daredevil's figure was reduced, as was Thor and Spider-Man. Thor and Spidey have been moved to the right, and all three have speed lines added. Looks like the FF'ers got reduced a little bit, too, and so the Torch's fire blast had to have some new art added. The FF'ers got some motion lines added around Reed and Ben, too!

Wow, this is weird... when Tales to Astonish #101 got reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes #55, the Hulk got a new head drawn on him! Looks like the rest of the cover was reduced, to boot. My best guess as to why Greenskin got a new noggin was so that he'd look more like he was currently being drawn. New blurbs were added near the title of the book, and the original blurb was enlarged!

The original cover for Amazing Spider-Man #35 was apparently not good enough (?!?!?) when it was reprinted in Marvel Tales #28, probably because you can't see Spidey's face on the cover. Marvel used to be more experimental back in the 60s with their covers.

Can anyone see any real changes made when X-Men #39 was reprinted in #87, the then the skyline being filled in completely black? It loses a lot of effectiveness there, in my eyes.

Here's another issue of Amazing Spider-Man (#53, to be exact) whose cover wasn't good enough for reprinting in Marvel Tales (#38, in this case). Again, I'm guessing it's because Spidey wasn't facing the reader at all. They could've done a new Spidey figure, but it's probably just as well that they went for an all-new cover... the original would've never worked for the boxed-in cover format Marvel was using at the time!

Finally, we have Avengers #43 and the reprint in Marvel Triple Action #35. Note that the floating heads were entirely eliminated, and the image shifted down and to the right (The MTA logo ate a lot of space). They went a bit overboard with new blurbs, in my opinion.

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