Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Foreign Comic Book Covers!


Time for another gallery of foreign comic book covers! Let's see if I've got some cool ones this time around:

While this issue of Titans is relatively new (reprinting an 80s issue of Dazzler, among other comics I'm sure), I do like the painted cover here. The issue next to it, it took me a few minutes to realize it was Star Wars! If it weren't for the lightsaber, I would've never figured it out!

Some of these covers are cooler than the US versions, aren't they? I especially like the painted Dazzler cover with Galactus!

What's interesting to me about some of these is how they're straight up painted versions of the original US covers... that Ditko Machine Man cover even has the original line art in part of it!

And no, I don't know who those mystery heroes are.

Given how many covers she got, Dazzler must've been popular in France!

As you can see The New Mutants was added to the lineup around this time! It must've replaced Dazzler, as the covers alternate between TNM and Star Wars for a few issues, then Star Wars completely took over until issue #86, when West Coast Avengers started, and the painted covers became rarer and rarer, until it was just reprinted US covers!

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