Friday, May 20, 2016

Kirby Kovers!


Time for another gallery of Classic Kirby Kovers!
First up, we have Fantastic Four #77. This one is one of Kirby's montage covers, but what I think really makes this work is the coloring!

Next, we have Captain America #197, from Kirby's return to Marvel! I don't know who Cap is supposed to be yelling at, it seems he'd be better off facing his attackers, eh?

Kirby didn't do many Daredevil covers... this one from issue #12 almost doesn't look like his work, thanks to the inking! Maybe he just did breakdowns here.

This is a great cover to Tales to Astonish #77, with what became an iconic Hulk pose for quite some time!

Kirby's cover to Iron Man #80, the nosepiece era... I wonder what he thought about the addition of a nose to Tony's armor?

Journey into Mystery #73 features an oddly six-legged spider monster!

Just nine issues later, another arachnid-based monster strikes!

Tales of Suspense #20 features the second appearance of the Living Colossus!

Kirby's Demon covers, like #2, were always a visual treat! Nice coloring job on this one, too!

It's all too easy to forget Kirby did some work for DC's war books in the 70s, like Our Fighting Forces #157.

Next, it's Two-Gun Kid #67. I dunno, I think the Fox would've been trickier if he had the mirror on his hat, instead of just carrying it. Anyone want to confirm that the Kid shoots it out of his hand at some point?

I believe Tales to Astonish #52 featured the first appearance of the villainous Black Knight!

While the Super Powers miniseries pretty much broke continuity into little tiny pieces, it was a lot more fun than Secret Wars!

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