Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Geek TV: Flash Season Wrap-Up!

As noted, as I get caught up with the season finales of the various Geek TV shows I'm watching, I'm posting about them. Spoilers will be coming!
The Flash is probably my favorite of the DC TV shows, which would probably not surprise anyone who's read this blog. Unlike the DC movies, it's not always dark and gloomy, but instead has bright spots as well as humor. Plus, there are old DC continuity references in pretty much every single episode!

This season has been full of multiple reality stuff, what with the opening of portals between Earth 1 and Earth 2 (not that this Earth 2 is the one we're used to thinking of). This season's villain, Zoom, kept us guessing the entire season -- what was his end goal? Why does he need to absorb speedsters' speed? How will Barry finally defeat him?

While I like Barry a lot, I have to say that I think my favorite character has been Cisco Ramone, aka Vibe. Let's face it, he's sort of our Mary Sue for this season, being a major geek and naming all the villains as they've appeared (well, almost all of them). He is us! Well, us if we had the ability to deal with super-science on a daily basis, anyway. I love how they've taken a new approach to the Vibe powers and made him a pretty formidable character!

Kaitlin Snow is another favorite of mine, although that may be partly because I've got a thing for attractive women who are also smart (we'll revisit that topic again when I'm caught up on Agents of SHIELD). It was fun seeing her Earth 2 doppelgänger as Killer Frost, too.

But let's talk about the biggest part of this season's closer, or at least the three big parts. Yes, Barry defeated Zoom, and we pretty much all expected that. But did we expect that we'd find out that Zoom was not really Jay Garrick? Well, that wasn't that huge a surprise. I'd already figured out that the Man in the Iron Mask was really Jay earlier in the season, although I'd assumed that this was the real Earth 2 Jay, instead of the Jay from Earth 3! What was a pleasant surprise was having original TV Flash John Wesley Shipp playing him, which was something a lot of Flash fans had been hoping for since the series began.

This season has also given us a few promises that haven't paid off yet. We've seen the introduction of Wally West, who became Kid Flash in the comics. And we've also seen his being hit with a wave of energy from the particle accelerator (just as Jessie Wells, Harrison Wells of Earth 2's daughter, already nicknamed "Jessie Quick," was), but he hasn't shown any sign of powers yet. Both of those speedsters are likely to be coming at some point, I expect! In the comics, Wally gets his powers when the exact same accident happens to him that happened to Barry, but this hasn't quite happened yet... both got hit with a wave, but Wally didn't get the lightning and chemicals (I'm guessing the chemicals may not have been the exact catalyst for his speed powers, but the lightning does). We've seen that the Speed Force is a sentient being of sorts, and appears to pick and choose (to an extent) who gets the speed powers, so maybe there's something going on with this... perhaps Barry needs to be the catalyst (my guess is that if Barry were to carry Wally at super speed, this might be the catalyst to activate his powers... I think that Jessie may have already got them from when Barry revived her from the coma... although both may need a "gestation period" similar to Barry, who had his while he was in a coma).

One of the biggest bombs was having Zoom kill Henry Allen right in front of Barry, causing him to lose both of his parents to speedsters, and then Barry deciding to travel back in time and change the past in order to save his mother. Word has already come out that John Wesley Shipp will be back as Henry Allen next season (and possibly as Jay Garrick as well), so apparently this change in history will result in both Barry's parents being alive.

But there are always consequences of changing the past, as Barry has been told over and over by Harrison Wells (both Earth 1 and Earth 2 versions). Plus, we have to assume that there's some time travel rules in common between The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, especially that time wants to happen a certain way. We will have to see what happens!

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