Friday, July 08, 2016

Covers Redux!

And we wrap up this week with an edition of "Covers Redux!" Here's how we play the game: I present two covers, the original Marvel comic cover, and the cover of the Marvel book that reprinted the same issue. I tell you what differences I spot on it, and if I miss any, you post them in the comments! Coloring variations don't count, although I may mention which I prefer. Let's begin!

First up, here's Amazing Spider-Man #66 and the reprint from Marvel Tales #49. The most obvious change here is that there's been a background added to the cover, but also note that the image has been moved down and slightly to the left! Now, Spidey gets his whole arm on the cover, but Mystery loses part of his (although some of that's cropping of the image from the Grand Comics Database, which this series of posts would be impossible without).

At first glance, there's no big changes to see on the cover of Tales to Astonish #87 when it was reprinted in Marvel Super-Heroes #42. Obviously, the image has been shifted down, and the blurb has been moved, but a closer look reveals that the speed lines have been completely redone, plus the Leader's android's leg has been moved. A more subtle change is on the buildings themselves... The larger building in the background seems to have been relettered slightly to read better, but look at the building below Greenskin's head... the original had a promo for Marvel's cartoons that were on TV back in the day, while the reprint promotes FOOM!

Next, here's Sgt. Fury #25 and the reprint in #127. There's rarely changes made on these covers, and this one is no exception... aside from shifting it down a little bit, and some slight recoloring, it's pretty much the same!

Next, we've got Tales of Suspense #80 and the reprint in Marvel Double Feature #4. Lots of messing around was done here, and I kind of wonder if it was just completely redrawn, as even the Cap figure has changes made to it! The GCD says that John Romita did changes to the original Kirby/Heck cover, but it looks to me like the Red Skull was almost completely redrawn except for the head and one hand, and Cap's head is different. All of the energy swirls have been altered, too. It would've made more sense to just have Romita do a few cover to fit the larger logo than to spend time reworking the Kirby one!

Next, it's Amazing Spider-Man #68 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #51. Amazing how much coloring can make a cover look different, eh? Aside from the blurb being put in a burst and the image slightly shifted, I don't see any changes at all.

Finally, here's Fantastic Four #98 and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #79. As you can see, the entire image has been flipped, with the word balloons being moved accordingly as well as the blurbs. It's kind of odd, though, because it could've been left the same, just reducing the "Doomsday on the Moon" blurb and replacing the "Thrills and Drama" blurb with the UPC code!

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