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Geek TV: Watching Dragon Ball Z, Continued!


Continuing with my writings about Dragon Ball Z... when last we left our heroes, Goku and his friends were badly injured or dead! When Piccolo was killed, so was Kami, whose life force was connected with Piccolo's, and so the Earth Dragon Balls disappeared, so there's no way to wish the dead back to life again... or is there?

As revealed in the previous saga (although I didn't explain all this before), Piccolo and Kami are from the planet Namek, which has its own Dragon Balls. When Vegeta left Earth to heal up, his plan was to get the Namekian Dragon Balls to make his own wish (the same wish he intended to use the Earth Dragon Balls for, eternal life) once he was back to speed. Meanwhile, Goku and Gohan are in the hospital recovering from their injuries (since there's no Senzu Beans available for instant recovery yet). Bulma's plan to get to Namek is to use the remaining Saiyan space pod (the one Nappa used) to get to Namek, but when she tries to use the remote control that Vegeta left on Earth to bring it to them, she accidentally self-destructs it!

Fortunately, Mr. Popo arrives on his flying carpet (he kind of looks like a genie, although normal human size and with jet-black skin and white lips) and tells Bulma that he thinks he knows of another space ship. He takes Bulma there, and it turns out to be the ship that Kami and Piccolo used to get to Earth. Although it's a bit worse for the wear, she gets it to Capsule Corp so she and her dad can get it fixed up.

In the meantime, Gohan and Krillin recover from their injuries, although Goku still has a ways to go (and Chi-Chi refuses to let him out of bed). Off in space, Vegeta arrives at the planet Frieza 79 and is put into a special medical healing pod to recover. While he heals, he's not aware that his boss, Frieza, has already started off to Namek to get the Dragon Balls to wish for immortality for himself! He learns this after his recovery (and gaining a new power level, as Saiyans only get more powerful when they're defeated if they aren't killed). Vegeta heads to Namek himself.

Back on Earth, Krillin and Gohan decide to join Bulma in the voyage to Namek, since Goku's not up to it yet. Their plan is to use the Namekian Dragon Balls to bring their friends back to life (which will bring Kami back to life as well, restoring the Earth Dragon Balls in the process). Frieza and his men are already there when they arrive, and they start collecting Dragon Balls themselves! Each Dragon Ball on Namek is guarded by one Elder in each village, and the Namekian warriors are no match for Frieza's men, who quickly gather up four of the Dragon Balls. Upon arriving, Vegeta gets one of the Dragon Balls himself, hiding it in a lake.

Back on Earth, Goku finishes recovering thanks to a delivery of Senzu Beans courtesy of Yajirobe, and goes to Capsule Corp, where Bulma's father, Dr. Brief, has taken the old pod that Goku came to Earth in and used it to build an all-new spaceship, complete with gravity chamber that will allow Goku to train at up to 100 times Earth gravity as he uses it to travel to Namek.

Back on Namek, Gohan and Krillin search for the remaining Dragon Balls, and watch in horror as Frieza's men, Zarbon and Dodoria, slaughter a Namekian village except for one child, Dende, and the village elder, Moon. Moon manages to destroy the scouters, realizing that's how Frieza's men are finding the Namekians, before he's killed himself.

Gohan can no longer stand by when Dende is about to be killed, and goes into action, saving Dende and fleeing to the cave they've been hiding in (their spaceship was damaged before). Meanwhile, Vegeta encounters Dodoria and battles him, in the process learning that Planet Vegeta hadn't been destroyed by an asteroid as he'd been led to believe, but rather Frieza had destroyed it, fearing that the Saiyan race would eventually become powerful enough to be a threat. Vegeta kills Dodoria.

Later, Dende tells Krillin, Gohan and Bulma about the Great Elder, who has the last Dragon Ball, and Krillin decides to take Dende there while Gohan stays with Bulma. While they're gone, Bulma's Dragon Radar detects the Dragon Ball Vegeta left in the pond, and Gohan goes after it.

Oh, and while all this is happening, Goku's training in multiple times Earth gravity on the ship, and his dead friends have arrived at King Kai's planet, having made it down Snake Way in better time than Goku made it, and begin training with King Kai.

Vegeta encounters Zarbon, and the two battle. Although Vegeta believes he's powerful enough to defeat Zarbon, he's not aware that his foe has another, more powerful form, which defeats Vegeta. Zarbon changes back and brings Vegeta to Frieza's ship, so that after being healed, Vegeta can reveal where the Dragon Ball is that he's got hidden away. However, when Vegeta heals, he blasts a hole through the side of the ship and throws the Dragon Balls Frieza had collected away, and then escapes himself after disabling Frieza's ship. Frieda sends Zarbon after Vegeta, and also orders the fabled Ginzu Force to be dispatched to Namek.

Meanwhile, Krillin and Dende arrive at the Great Elder Guru's home, and Guru gives Krillin the last Dragon Ball, and also awakens Krillin's potential, bringing up his power level. When Krillin discovers Guru can do the same for Gohan, he promises to bring Gohan back.

Krillin's greater power level is easily sensed by Vegeta (he learned how to sense power levels without a scouter thanks to his adventures on Earth), and Krillin leads him right to Bulma. Before Vegeta can do anything else, however, Dodoria arrives, and the two of them battle. Vegeta's new power level is too much for Dodoria this time, and Dodoria is killed. Vegeta gets the Dragon Ball from Krillin and leaves, believing he has all seven Dragon Balls now. He encounters Gohan on his way back, unaware that Gohan has the Dragon Ball he'd hidden earlier, and decides to leave him (although he gets in a sucker punch before leaving).

Discovering that the last Dragon Ball isn't where he left it, he realizes Gohan must've had it, and goes back to where he left Krillin and Bulma, who are long gone. Leaving Bulma behind again, Krillin takes Gohan to Guru to get his powers unlocked, but Vegeta finds them at Guru's house! Fortunately (so to speak) for our heroes, the Ginyu Force arrives on Namek at that time, which Vegeta senses, and he decides that an alliance with Krillin and Gohan is in order, otherwise none of them can defeat the Ginyu Force. They also learn that the Namkeian Dragon Balls can grant three wishes! Krillin insists that Gohan be given immortality (which Vegeta doesn't really agree to), and they bring all the Dragon Balls together...

...and that's as far as I've gotten in this show... partway through episode 62! That's a lot of stuff happening, but considering that this is over 20 hours, it's really decompressed storytelling!

Tomorrow, having gotten through what I've watched so far, a few thoughts on some of the characters and everything else!

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