Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sci-Fi Pulp Cover Gallery!

Time for another gallery of vintage sci-fi covers!
The first one this time around is from Other Worlds Science Stories, May 1951. As you can see, there's a giant orange frog carrying a blonde naked woman in a tube... nothing unusual about that, is there? Note the Silver Age Atom's namesake wrote the story the cover is based on.

The cover of Science Fiction Quarterly February 1958 is kind of amusing... a poor alien's car has broken down, and the best the humans who come across him can do is offer the guy a stick of gum?

Amazing Stories April 1949's cover seems to be a take on Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, eh?

Planet Stories January 1952's cover has a much more demurely-dressed female than you'd expect from this title! One has to question why she's using her ray gun as a bludgeon instead of as a ray gun, though!

Amazing Stories December 1936's cover seems to think that future military forces will be in jumpsuits, but with standard military decor of the day on them!

Astounding Science Fiction August, 1951 features a kid who is probably very powerful, not unlike Bill Mumy's Twilight Zone character.

Astounding Science Fiction's July 1948 cover is pretty tame... their covers never seemed to go for the bug-eyed monster and damsel approach.

Now, that's more like it... Fantastic Adventures February 1943 not only features a babe, but also a gorilla! I wonder if they saw sales increases with gorilla covers like DC did in the Silver Age?

Here's another Astounding cover, this one from February 1948... I'm not sure who this naked guy is supposed to be... an Atomic God? Get rid of his hair and color him blue, he could be Dr. Manhattan!

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