Thursday, July 07, 2016

Sci-Fi Pulp Cover Gallery!

I know I just did one of these last week, but the next cover in the gallery was one I didn't want to wait to share with you!
This is the cover to Imagination, May 1955. The only element about it that's sci-fi in the least is the robot, otherwise it could've been the cover to any magazine aimed at men! I've got to say, the artist on this one did a fantastic job on the leggy woman!
For a while, Galaxy did a series of novels sold on the newsstands, and here's the sixth one. I've got to admit, this is not the most impressive cover I've ever seen!

If: World's of Science Fiction October 1956's issue shows you can't go wrong with a half-naked blue woman (who looks suspiciously like Betty Page) on the cover! Just how many astronauts in these books went on missions carrying a fur coat for just such occasions, though?

Amazing Stories September 1945 continues the theme of underdressed women on this cover... I mean, this chick's wearing a snake and nothing else!

Startling Stories March 1947 gets back to human women showing cleavage and legs on this cover. What's with that ray gun, though? It looks like a telephone pole!

Science Fiction Quarterly's November 1956 issue is entirely missing a woman to get the reader's attention!

Astounding's June 1950 issue cover-features Space Liberace!

And finally, here's Startling Stories June 1952, and we're back to having an attractive woman on the cover!

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