Friday, August 12, 2016

Covers Redux!

Time for another installment of Covers Redux! Let's see what this installment brings us:
First up, here's Fantastic Four #92 and the reprint in Marvel's Greatest Comics #74. As you can see, the image got flipped for the reprint, although the text naturally remained unflipped, just repositioned. I'm not sure why the poster got rotated, nor why the border of it was altered at all. Note that the background, complete with scraps of paper, have both been altered from the original, too.
Next, it's Tales of Suspense #86 and the reprint from Marvel Double Feature #3. Note that this appears to be at least a partial redrawing... Cap's head is different, speed lines and impact lines were added, too. I suspect the reprinted cover was an uncorrected version that was all that could be found at the time, with the original cover having "corrections" made.

When Sgt. Fury #37 got reprinted in #107, it got an all-new Gil Kane cover!

Likewise, Amazing Spider-Man #51 got a new cover for the reprint in Marvel Tales #36!

At first glance, X-Men #40's reprint in #88 looks like it's the same, but look closer... the Frankenstein Monster's head has at least been partly redrawn to bear an even closer resemblance to the Universal monster. The entire cover's been shifted up slightly, too.

Next, here's Avengers #73 with the reprint in Marvel Super Action #34. The entire image has been reduced and shifted down, with the blurb moving, too. I don't believe anything was redrawn, however.

Here's an unusual situation.. Marvel Super-Heroes #27 reprinted the Hulk story from Tales to Astonish #68, as well as Daredevil #7. In both cases, all-new art was prepared, obviously done by Kirby.

Here's another oddball one... Amazing Spider-Man #123, when reprinted in Marvel Tales #100, seems to have used the cover format that I believe was from Amazing Spider-Man #100, but with Marvel Tales covers in the background, which also meant doing all-new blurbs at the bottom.

And the last one this time around features Fantastic Four #39 and the reprint from Marvel's Greatest Comics #31. Other than the blurbs being changed, I don't see any real changes. Doom looks a little different, but that may be due to coloring changes.

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  1. "When Sgt. Fury #37 got reprinted in #107, it got an all-new Gil Kane cover!"

    The original cover was Gil Kane, too!


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