Thursday, September 08, 2016

Covers Redux!

Time for another edition of Covers Redux! Let's see if you can spot any changes in these covers when they were reprinted that I miss!
First up, here's Sgt. Fury #59 and the reprint in #155. As you can see, the cover was shifted down slightly, and the blurb was moved to make room for the UPC. It also appears to have been reduced a tiny bit and maybe some art added on the left. Note in the upper right corner that the explosion has been eliminated, and one of the paratroopers has had his chute finished in the revised art. But what's really interesting is that Fury and another Howler (Dino?) don't have parachutes attached to their harnesses anymore! The straps go up and disappear behind the logo on the reprint, and don't extend beyond that!

Next, Silver Surfer #8 and Fantasy Masterpieces (2nd series) #8. The cover's been reduced slightly, and the dot pattern has been removed. An all-new blurb was created and put in a different position, too.

Next, Amazing Spider-Man #70 and Marvel Tales #53. Obviously, the new cover dress design necessitated some changes, so the image was shifted down and cropped on top... and then someone decided to add some word balloons/bursts and a new blurb!

Here's Incredible Hulk #108 and the reprint from Marvel Super-Heroes #62. It looks like some changes were made to the art on the left side, and of course a new set of blurbs were added. The original cover looked so much better! Also note that the golden helmet (colored grey in the reprint) has been relocated! That's an odd decision to make. Note all that Juck's hand is in a different position. Actually, nick seems to have been moved slightly (he's now over the Hulk's hand), and I think the other guy was moved, too.

Amazing Spider-Man #133 and Marvel Tales #110... Slightly cropped on one side, but other than that, I don't see any changes.

Brand-new cover when Sgt. Fury #49 was reprinted in issue #144.

Likewise, when Fantastic Four #52 was reprinted in Marvel's Greatest Comics #39, an all-new cover (looks like by Gil Kane, although the inking is a bit off in places) was created!

A much better-inked Gil Kane cover was produced when X-mEn #32 was reprinted in issue #80... The new cover's better than the original, too, in my opinion!

Last one for this post, here's Incredible Hulk #113 and the reprint in Marvel Super-Heroes #87... an all-new cover was drawn by Herb Trimpe (I think the original was by Marie Severin). Same basic cover design, but I think this time, the new cover is a definite improvement on the original!


  1. The Marvel's Greatest Comics #39 cover is penciled by Jim Starlin and inked by Joe Sinnott.
    They also did the new MGC cover two issues (#41) later featuring Prester John and The Human Torch.

    The Incredible Hulk #113 cover is penciled by Herb Trimpe and inked by Dan Adkins.

  2. Interesting gallery. The Sgt.Fury reprint cover for #144 is reprinted from issue #50 with some substantial recoloring. Love that original blue and yellow cover.

    Rip Off


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