Thursday, October 20, 2016

Covers Redux!

Time once again for Covers Redux! As you may recall, in this feature we look at an original Marvel Comic as well as the issue of the reprint title that reprinted that same issue, looking for changes made in the reprinted cover!
This one, Sgt. Fury #34 and the reprint in #101, are obviously two completely different covers! I've got to say, the new cover was pretty good!

Here's another pair where the reprint title used a new cover... Amazing Spider-Man #49 and the reprint in Marvel Tales #35!

Well, finally a cover that used the original art! It's Sub-Mariner #10 and Tales to Astonish (2nd series) #10! As you can see, the reprint had to shrink the original cover down, probably needing to add some art on the sides in the process. I can't tell for certain, but the blurb appears to have been slightly moved, or maybe the image was rotated a little bit.

When Amazing Spider-Man #113 was reprinted in Marvel Tales #92, there was such a cut-and-paste job done on it, I'm amazed they didn't just do an all-new cover! The whole thing was reduced, then the clipping was altered significantly, with the picture being shrunk a bit more, and new text pasted around it. I think that Spidey's mask was completely redrawn, now that I look at it closer, so the only thing used from the original was the picture from the clipping!

Next, it's Fantastic Four #115 and Marvel's Greatest Comics #95. As you can see, the original art was flopped, making it necessary to relocate some word balloons. Plus, the blurb got lowered and put in a box. Fortunately, someone remembered to un-flop the 4's on the team's uniforms! I suspect there was some reductio in the art and new art added, as well... especially on the upper right-hand side, that's new machinery not present in the original.

We wrap up this installment with Tales to Astonish #69 and Marvel Super-Heroes #32! As you can see, it's just the Hulk tale from TTA that was reprinted here. I know that eventually there was a crossover between the Hulk and Namor stories, but I'm not sure how they worked out the timing for them to fit in the same issue of MSH!

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  1. Incredible Hulk Special #3 reprinted the Hulk stories from TtA 70-74 and Incredible Hulk Special #4 ran the Hulk tales from TtA 75-77.
    Marvel Super-Heroes #33 had both the Hulk and Sub-Mariner tales from TtA #78 and the two strips remained synchronized for the remainder of the run, so Marvel Super-Heroes #39 had both parts of the crossover from TtA #84!


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