Monday, October 24, 2016

Time to be Political Again (And Let's See How Many Trump Supporters Find This Post and Comment on It)

So, you readers may likely recall that about two weeks ago, I wrote a post here about Donald Trump and about why I don't want him to be elected President of the United States. I figured that you regular readers, naturally being highly intelligent and discerning, would agree with me on my views, and that seems to be a well-founded assumption on my part.

On the other hand, there were two comments left that obviously were not from regular readers of this blog, one of which I went ahead and let be published, and the other I did not.

What's amusing to me about those two responses is that there are supporters of Donald Trump who apparently go out of their way to search blog posts -- no matter how popular or unpopular the blog might be -- and defend their choice for president.

There have been three presidential debates between Trump and Clinton, and in every single one of them, Trump has come off the loser. He can't answer a simple question (instead choosing to either meander around his answer like someone bullshitting their way through an explanation for something while they try to come up with an actual answer but never getting there, or otherwise just changing the subject entirely -- he especially liked to say how he'll kick Isis' butt instead of answering). He constantly interrupted Clinton. He went to name-calling (referring to Clinton as a "nasty woman" is a new low in presidential debates). He decided in this third debate to defend his not taking any tax cuts by blaming Hilary Clinton and her husband for creating the tax loopholes he took advantage of (I'm amazed that he appears to be so ignorant of his own party's stances and record of creating tax advantages for the wealthy). He keeps trying to make claims to build himself up that are complete and utter crap ("Nobody has more respect for women than me," indeed... that's the biggest load of bullshit I've heard come out of anyone's mouth in a long time).

And the polls -- the REAL polls -- bear this out. Clinton has been gaining a bigger and bigger lead after each of the debates, although nowhere as big a lead as she really should, in my opinion. Oh, Trump supporters will claim that their guy won, and point to some polls they prefer to believe in, but those polls are designed to be biased (let's see, if you poll a bunch of Republicans, do you really believe the majority of them won't claim their party's candidate was the winner?).

So without further ado, here's the first comment I got, from someone who calls themself "TC":

Trump is a yutz. But he didn't sell secrets and technology to China, he didn't sell uranium to Russia, he didn't create ISIS, he didn't use the IRS to harass political opponents, he didn't take bribes from Iran, he didn't mishandle classified information, he didn't call about half the country "deplorable," he didn't falsely accuse anyone of racism or sexism, he didn't abandon the US diplomatic compound at Benghazi, or lie about it (and laugh while lying about it) under oath, or falsely accuse the victims' families of lying about it, he didn't laugh about defending a child molester, he didn't get fired from a government job for unethical conduct, he didn't lie about being under sniper fire, and he didn't steal furniture from the White House.  
Clinton has been for US military intervention in almost every regional conflict and civil war in the past thirty years. (Except for 9-11-2012, one of the few times when it actually would have been justified.) She is far more likely than Trump to get us into a war unnecessarily. 
Trump is like pneumonia and Clinton is like AIDS. You might be able to survive and recover from pneumonia, but not if you have AIDS. 
Now, let's see... where to begin with this? I don't know what weirdo ultra-right website this bonehead got their information from, but where do they get the idea that any of this crap was true of Hilary Clinton? Every single one of those statements in that first paragraph is uncategorically false. A simple search at shows this is all crap, but of course, Trump cultists refuse to believe any website that contradicts their belief system. Because they don't believe in facts, they believe in whatever Trump wants them to believe. They refuse to question anything. Someone creates a graphic and posts it on Facebook, that's all the proof they need. Well, then, let's see if we can start circulating this one, and see how many people believe it:

I'm guessing that the Trump supporters will deny it's true without even trying to justify how they know it's not true. Of course, the wonderful thing about making a ridiculous claim like this is that it can't be proven wrong.

What's really interesting about all the things that "TC" (which I believe just stands for "Total Crap") is that of course, none of those things could possibly be said about Trump -- because he has never served in any political office at all. Here's a list of 10 things that Trump has not done that Hilary has that's just as ridiculous, although it's completely true:

  1. Trump has ever had a period or suffered from PMS.
  2. Trump has never worn a dress or high heels.
  3. Trump has never slept with any President of the United States.
  4. Trump has never been married less than twice.
  5. Trump has never been the First Lady.
  6. Trump has never been Secretary of State.
  7. Trump has never used eye liner or lipstick.
  8. Trump has never spelled his last name "C-L-I-N-T-O-N"
  9. Trump has never been in a debate where someone called him "nasty" or interrupted him time and again saying "That's untrue"
  10. Trump has never had the current President of the United States endorse his candidacy.

Now, the final statement this dumbass makes, comparing the candidates to diseases, is about the most idiotic analogy I've ever heard. This person really thinks that Trump -- who has said on multiple occasions that he believes we should be using nuclear weapons -- is less likely to get us into war than Clinton? Sheesh!

Here's the much shorter, although no less idiotic, comment from a Trump supporter who calls himself "libraryguy":
I plan to vote for Trump rather than that incredibly crooked Hillary Pond scum. Boy oh boy you must have your head in the sand to ignore all the graft and lies of both Clintons. Perhaps you can move to Canada when Trump wins, eh? 
Again, here's someone who clearly doesn't read my blog but apparently was assigned by his handler to find where on the internet someone's talking negatively about Trump, and launch a response. Now, this person calls himself "libraryguy," but clearly the person has about the same ability to put together a sentence that his candidate does. "Incredibly crooked," "graft and lies" -- Now, if someone wants to post a response to this blog and back up their claims with facts from reputable sources, that's fantastic, and I'll be happy to allow that comment to stand. But I think the problem is going to be the definition of "reputable sources." 

What's really appalling about these two people -- as well as all other Trump supporters -- is that they somehow believe that a Trump presidency is going to benefit them somehow! Why they believe this, I don't know. This is a man who has not paid income taxes for 20 years or longer, has had failed business after failed business, gets caught all the time in lies and continues to deny them, who makes racist, sexist, and worse comments on a routine basis, and these people still want to believe in him and follow him. You want to know who Trump and his followers remind me of the most?

This guy:

He got into power using the exact same kind of rhetoric (I know you Trump supporters probably don't know what this means, look it up in a dictionary -- that's that big book with all the words in alphabetical order that says what they mean), and while I don't think Trump intends to be putting any group of people into concentration camps (no, this is something that the kind of people who love Trump have been claiming just about every president in the last 40 years is going to do, but has never happened) and commit mass murders of them, I think in many other ways, Trump is just as bad, and has the potential to be worse if he gets his hands on real power.

You guys want your guy to do something positive for this country? How about taking some of those millions of dollars he's not paying in income taxes and start building some businesses that aren't relying on other millionaires to spend money on them, businesses that would be something the average American would want to patronize, and actually create some jobs that would last. Or put some money into rebuilding homes and schools in depressed parts of the country (Hell, I'd bet Trump would be thrilled to be able to manage to have schools named after him because he paid to have them remodeled or rebuilt on his dime). But he has never done one single thing to benefit anyone but himself. Ever. He likes to claim he's done things, but he hasn't. 

Trump supporters, go ahead and respond to this post -- I dare you. I won't guarantee that your comments will see print here (well, unless I decide to do another post like this where I mock and ridicule you, because that's apparently how you feel this game is supposed to be played, so yes, I am bending down to your level here -- but I can get back upright as soon as I click "publish"). You don't have a right to freedom of speech on my blog, you know -- this is my blog, and I get to decide what is and isn't here. You want to bark away about your candidate and make unsubstantiated claims, by all means, start up your own blog, if you can figure out how this stuff works. I won't waste my time reading it, but I'm sure you can find some people willing to do so.

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