Sunday, April 10, 2005

Back to Normal... least for the time being, anyway!

I finished the last of the He-Man transcripts on Saturday (some great stuff in there, even if some of it won't be on the DVD, but I did promise not to post anything I did, so I won't say any more about that), and pretty much took Saturday night and all day Sunday to rest up and recover from it.

Actually, Friday's work (I had about 10 minutes of one left to do on Friday night) took me an incredibly long time to do... I'd caught this infernal stomach flu bug from hell, which lasted only about 12 hours, but it was the most physically painful 12 hours of my life... and Pepto-Bismol did nothing to help it during its peak!

Anyway... so I'll be back to posting fairly regularlly during the week here, but there will be an interruption over the following weekend, because my girlfriend Jessi and I will be moving in together! It'll be great... I'll be out of an apartment, and into a house, where I'll have my own office (Jessi will have one, too), plus we have a fenced backyard for Krypto and KO! Anyone who's reading this from the Olympia area, let me know... one of these days after we've got things settled down, we'll have a great housewarming party!