Saturday, June 25, 2005

This 'n That Returns...

...and I've finished the latest round of transcriptions for the He-Man DVD set! Whew! Thank goodness there were only three interviews to do this time around! As nice as it is to get a little extra money, it's always nice to finish up.

Anyway... got some eBay auctions closing tonight, but I'd imagine few, if any of you readers will read this until after they close! I will be putting up new items either tonight or tomorrow night, and those will include the posters that didn't sell before, some Beatles posters, the Doc Savage and Avengers prints I've mentioned before... as well as some Godzilla mini keychains and a pair of Batman luggage tags! I'm also considering putting up a pair of turn-of-the-century George & Martha Washington bud vases, but given there are two similar items up for sale with zero bids (and the starting bid is well below what a rep from the Antique Road Show told me they were "worth" -- bearing in mind, of course, that an item is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it), I may hold off on that.

So, this afternoon, while I was finishing up transcribing, Jessi's been at a friend's garage sale... her neighborhood is having a neighborhood garage sale, and she offered to sell some of our stuff there. I'm heading over there at 4 to help pack up what doesn't sell. We may still end up having one final sale here ourselves before hauling stuff off to Goodwill.

In other news... I was doing a bit of websurfing during a break last night, and hit the Mighty Crusaders Network page, and checked out their "Who's Who" section... and imagine my surprise when I saw that a drawing I'd done of the Hangman for the late website was being used there, without a credit to me! Well, I shot off an email to Rik Offenberger, the creator of the website, and learned from him that Brad Cobb, the originator of MightyMLJ, had passed on the site to Rik, and Rik apparently wasn't completely aware of the agreement Brad and I had.

So all will be fixed by Saturday night, with my credit properly restored... plus Rik is adding a gallery of the other art I'd done for Mighty MLJ to the site! So if you're a fan of the Archie super-heroes, do yourself a favor and check it out!

Elsewhere... I saw on Mark Evanier's website, News From Me, that he's going to be working with June Foray on her long-awaited biography, and would soon be advertising for a transcriber. Even though he hasn't officially asked yet, I figured I'd toss my hat into the ring, so to speak... get my foot in the proverbial door. I've done a few transcripts for Mark in the past, so I'm hoping that'll give me an edge! Of course, as with the He-Man transcripts, I'm sure I won't be allowed to say anything about what is being transcribed... but if I get the gig, I'll let you know on this page, and if the deadline for turnaround isn't too tight, I may still be able to post here, instead of going on hiatus like I'd just done.

Also, I got the latest issue of Charlton Spotlight the other day... Michael Ambrose has done it again, with another fantastic issue, focusing on Pete Morisi, best known for signing his work as "PAM" on books like Peter Cannon... Thunderbolt and Vengeance Squad. You can order the latest issue from him at and if you're as big a Charlton fan as I am, you won't be disappointed!

I just realized I didn't say anything about last week's JLU episode, "The Clash," which featured Captain Marvel! Well, I think it rocked, and I'd love to see the same creative people do a weekly Shazam series! Tonight's episode, which will feature the Question among other characters should also be a good one. What can I say? JLU rarely disappoints!

Hmmm... I also need to get caught up on mini-comics reviews again... and I may do them tonight or tomorrow sometime.

Weight Watchers this morning was an awesome meeting... because my total weight loss is now up to 75 lbs, and Jessi's lost 50 lbs! Between us, we've lost as much weight as our next-door-neighbor weighs! We're getting closer and closer to our goal weights, and when we hit it, I'll post "before" and "after" photos. If you have extra weight you can't seem to lose, I can absolutely recommend Weight Watchers! Just follow the program and stick with it, and you'll see results! You can also write me for any tips and recipies I might have.

Finally... I'm hoping to get some more scanning done of 1970s and earlier ads from comic books, and I'll resume those posts soon, among other things!


Friday, June 24, 2005

Just a quick update...

Just thought I'd check in briefly here... I finished 2/3 of the latest transcription job last night, so I'm on schedule to finish that job on Saturday, when you should see something more from me here! Dunno what that'll be yet, though!

Looking like another busy weekend here... after work tonight, I'll be typing away at the last part of the current transcript (which is an hour long, so I figure I'll do half tonight and the other half tomorrow, but we'll see how I feel later tonight... I may do more than half).

Saturday morning, of course, is Weight Watchers meeting time, and we'll see if I've lost at least another 3 lbs this week, which would bring my total loss to 75 lbs! After the meeting, it's off to the dog walk, and I think perhaps a stop at the vet after that... Krypto and KO each have a rash on their bellies and chests, and Krypto's seems to be getting worse, no matter what we do, so I'll be looking for more ideas there.

Back home, it'll be breakfast time, and then back to work to finish the transcription job! And after that... well, that is the only "open time" I have this weekend... so I may work on getting some more ebay auctions up (or it'll be Sunday night -- Beatles posters and the Doc Savage and Alex Ross Avengers print will be going up, for sure, and maybe some Godzilla keychains).

Sunday is the really busy day... take the dogs for a walk, back home, give them each a bath, have breakfast, get showers ourselves, then it's off to get KO and Krypto's portraits taken, then rush back here to drop the dogs off, and then off to Puyallup for a surprise 40th birthday for my brother-in-law Bob (I'll say it'll be a surprise, since his birthday was a few weeks ago, and all my family had already given him our presents!). I'm not sure how long we'll be there for sure, but I'm sure we'll be fairly tired when we get back. Still, if I don't have new auctions up on Saturday night, they'll be going up on Sunday.

Sheesh... no matter what, I try and try to have a nice relaxing weekend, and things always come up!


Tuesday, June 21, 2005

This Just In...

Received another tape today to be transcribed for the He-Man DVD release... so I'll likely be posting very little over the next couple of days!


Monday, June 20, 2005

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

This is a book I've mentioned a few times here and there... if you're a trivia/factoid nut like I am, I'm sure you'll get a kick out of it!

Anyway... here's a link you can use to order it, and I'll receive a small commission on sales... it's through the Johnson Smith Company!

I'll try to keep these kind of posts to a minimum, I promise...


Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

We've flushed out the most unique item ever! This intriguing trivia book is perfect reading for the other "library"--chock full of pop culture, forgotten history, anecdotes, and cheeky humor! The readings are sectioned into Quickies, Regular-Length Articles, and an Extended Sitting Section to help you make the most of your down time! Hardcover; 777 pages.

What If... the Johnson Smith Company were still running ads in comics?

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
OK, down to the end of the stuff I'd scanned this weekend, so it's time for what I hope you'll find a very special ad!

This is a modern-day version of the classic Johnson-Smith ads... and all the stuff you see here is actual merchandise they sell today!

Now, I'd imagine that you might see an item here that you'd be interested in buying... but if you can wait a bit longer, I'm getting signed up to be an affiliate with Johnson Smith, so that by clicking a link from this blog, you'll be able to purchase stuff from them, and I can earn a small commission from the sale.

In the meantime, I hope you get as much a kick out of this modern-day mock-up as I had putting it together!

I started off with an actual vintage ad, and tried to find modern equivalents of those items, and plugged those in, using pictures from the JS website.

Once I had those slots filled on the layout, I then found other merchandise JS offers that was similar to that seen in other ads!

All the copy is from JS' website... although sometimes edited for space!

Believe it or not, I created this ad mostly in PhotoShop... and when I had it all done but the coupon, I realized I should've done it in PageMaker and then exported an EPS file, and rasterized it! But I just did that for the coupon.


Update: OK, things are all set now... as you can see by the banner link!

Things You Never Knew Existed Online Catalog

Sunday, June 19, 2005

Marvel August 1972 Ad #16

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
OK, remember my mini-rant a few posts back, concerning the Hot Wheels and Mego cars?

Well, this Corgi ad kind of proves my point... looking at this ad, remembering when I originally saw it... I wanted the Supermobile, the Metropolis Police Car, and the two Daily Planet vehicles (chopper and truck).

I didn't want the Superman van. No siree!

Also, isn't it amusing, if not ironic, that there were two ads for Superman merchandise in this Marvel comic book?


Marvel August 1972 Ad #15

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Here's a full-page house ad for Captain America, under the then-new team for Roger McKenzie and Don Perlin.

And, um... that's not a Don Perlin Cap drawing accompanying it, is it? Looks more like Kirby inked by Romita to me!


Marvel August 1972 Ad #14

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Wow, until I was doing the scanning of this page, I don't remember ever seeing any ads for this book!

However... I should also say that I used to own a copy of this book, and it was great... Wish I still had it!


Marvel August 1972 Ad #13

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Isn't it great that they aren't selling live animals through comics pages anymore?


Marvel August 1972 Ad #12

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Here's all the stamp ads from that one page... someone must've been making money off of these!


Marvel August 1972 Ad #11

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Two different kinds of ads here... first, there the old "poems set to music" ripoff... and then two lesser-known ads for bodybuilding!


Marvel August 1972 Ad #10!

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Here's another bunch of ads from a multi-ad page... with all of 'em clumped together by type... in this case, all the ads for comics lists!


Marvel August 1972 Ad #9

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Bizarrely enough... this ad for Kryptonite Rocks seems to have only run in Marvel Comics!

But what's more bizarre... the fact that this was advertised in Marvel mags, or that the copy writer actually used the word "Kryptonastic"?


Marvel August 1972 Ad #8

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Here's a subscription ad!


Marvel August 1972 Ad #7

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
I always dug this Fred Hembeck-drawn Marvel house ad... which is why I'm sharing it!


Marvel August 1972 Ad #6!

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Yeah, now, this was the ad on the very next page from the Heroes World ad, and Mego popped for this one themselves.

Now, I thought the original Micronauts toys were very cool (not that I ever had any of them)... but these were just ugly, and I think pretty much spelled the end of that line.


Marvel August 1972 Ad #5

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Ah, another Heroes World ad!

Let's start with the Mego Superhero... well, they call 'em "Dolls" in this ad, but we all know they're Action Figures, dammit!

I don't care how good the sculpts are these days (although, IMHO, DC Direct stuff is better done than Toy Biz' Marvel stuff these days), these are still my all-time favorite action figure line... and I include Mego's Mad Monsters and Planet of the Apes line in that grouping!

They are, and remain, cool and goofy at the same time!

Below that is a promo for Mattel's Super Hot Wheels... which are amost the goofiest idea on the page... except that we've been seeing very similar stuff these days! Heck, earlier today I was at Fred Meyer, checking to see if the new JLU figures were in, and I saw a Wolverine Jet... as in, a die-cast jet with Wolverine logo and art on it. Huh?????

IMHO, the only vehicle toys based on comics characters that should ever be made are vehicles from the comics themselves... be it Batmobile (and as many of you know, I do have the latest Corgi stuff) or Avengers Quinjet (something that nobody's done yet) or Fantasti-Car (which we've seen one done in the 90s, but I'm still hoping for a flying bathtub some day)... it should appear in the comics!

And that brings us to the next item... vehicles for the Mego Spidey and Captain America!

OK, yes, there was the Spider-Mobile in the comics... but it looked nothing like this (I seem to recall there was a Spider-Mobile toy produced that looked like the one from the comics). But was ther a Captain Americar? Hell, no!

If you're going to do a vehicle for Cap, it should be a motorcycle!

That brings us to what I consider the goofiest item on this page... the Spidey and Hulk yo-yos by Duncan, the leader in yo-yo manufacturing!


Marvel August 1979 Ad #4!

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Always fun--for me--when I spot an ad like this, that shows me an early look at something that later became familiar...

Like this ad for instance, for the Buyers Guide, which later became the Comics Buyers' Guide!


Marvel August 1979 Ad #3

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Here's a bunch more ads from the very same page advertising back issues for sale, as well as comic bags... and I guess this is what I was thinking of in my previous post (below).

So, which would you guys prefer? A single ad from a multiple item page, or groups like this?


Marvel August 1972 Ad #2!

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
OK, next bunch of ad posts are going to be coming from one of those pages of smaller ads... and I'm trying something different this time, posting them individually in enlarged size.

Later on (from a different mag), I'll be doing something a bit different... and if anyone has a preference for one way over another, I'll count on you to let me know!

Anyway... here's one of Robert Bell's ads... and they appeared all over the place! Anyone know what happened to him?


Marvel August 1979 Ad #1!

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Here's an inside front cover ad, which appropriately enough, I scanned from an issue of Marvel's Battlestar Galactica comic, for t-shirts based on the same series!

I have to admit, there was a lot of effort made to merchandise this show... just as I have to admit I never bought any of the merchandise (although I wanted models of all the ships).


Marvel July 1972 Ad #2

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Here's the classic Charles Atlas ad, which appeared in a few variations over the years!


Marvel July 1972 Ad #1!

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Going back in time, relatively speaking, for this next batch of ads!

Here's a typical bodybuilding ad... yep, you've seen a thousand of these... and there's another one a-coming!


Marvel April 1979 Ad #3!

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
OK, I'm sure this seemed like a really, really good idea at one time... get the marvel readers to sell subscriptions so they could earn points for prizes, just like the greetng card companies did.

I'm guessing -- this is just a guess, mind you -- that subscription sales were down, and that this was the best idea they could come up with.

Now, maybe this is just way too obvious... but did they never consider trying to sell subscriptions through Publisher's Clearing House? Or even through whatever companies help with fundraising stuff for schools?


Marvel April 1979 Ad #2!

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
One of the things that I get the biggest kick out of when reading 1970s era comic books is checking out all the cool superhero merchandise that was advertised therein...

I mean, just check this stuff out... isn't it all (or almost all) stuff we'd like to have today?

But a few notes first... this ad was created by students at the Kubert School, as were most ads by Superhero Merchandise/Heroes World.

OK, enough notes!

Let's start at the upper left corner, with Superhero Chalk Boards! What?!? I don't know who had the idea to do thees... they featured the Hulk or Spidey, and came with chalk and a wipe-off sponge. Weird, eh?

Below it is something that's a bit more interesting... the Marvel Figurine Painting Kit! Now, if they'd only combined this with the Chip Away toy line (that was a line of "sculpting" kits... the special chisel would chip away at the stuff you don't want, leaving the harder statue within the block untouched, and included paints), they might've had something! Like the chalk boards, you could get Spidey or the Hulk (described in this ad as a "ginchy duo" -- sheese, who was writing the ad copy, Velma Dinkley?).

Moving to the right... it's Hang-Ups of Superman, Wonder Woman, Hulk, Batman or Spider-Man! These were jointed cardboard cut-outs, kind of like what you see in the stores around Halloween, which you can pose on the wall... there's kind of a rivet at the joints.

Anyway... check out the size of the kid in this picture... and then note that the fine print says that they're 2 1/2 feet tall! Well, okay, later on it says there's a "super size" 5 foot variety, which is available of all the characters except... the Hulk! Maybe that's why they didn't have licensor-provided Hulk art for this ad? Who knows?

Moving to the upper right... it's Mighty Marvel Stickers, in an assortment of 18! They mention that Spidey, Hulk, Captain America, and Daredevil are among the characters featured, but the art also shows Conan the Barbarian. A DC set was available, too. Both sets of stickers had different sizes.

Below that, it's a superhero pen set, retractable pens featuring Spider-Man (listed without the hyphen here), Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and the Hulk! Wish I could get some of these today... it'd stop pens from disappearing at my desk at work (as if anyone else would admit to bringing superhero pens to work but me!).

Finally, at the lower left-hand corner, it's superhero patches for a buck each, with your choice of (deep metaphorical breath) Iron Man, Iron Man Logo, Shang Chi, Torch, Daredevil Logo, Invaders Logo, Thor Logo, Superman, Green Arrow, Defenders Logo, Captain America Logo, Spider-Man, Spider-Man Logo, Hulk Logo, Conan Logo, Superman S-Shield, Robin, Avengers Logo, Invisible Girl Logo, The Thing, Mr. Fantastic, Power Man, Wonder Woman, Batman, Batman Logo...

Wow, these must be some of the rarest comics memorabilia from the 1970s, 'cause I never see them anywhere!


Marvel April 1979 Ad #1!

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
It's Johnson Smith time! Are you tired of seeing these yet? Well, I hope not!

Enjoy this one... I have a special one coming up soon, which answers the question nobody but me has been asking... "WHAT IF--? The Johnson Smith Company Was Still Advertising in Comic Books?"


DC April 1978 Ad #7!

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Not much to say about this one... just thought it was kind of neat, and a nice example of the kind of model ads comics were featuring!


DC April 1978 Ad #6!

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Here's an interesting ad... at least, I find it interesting!

If you haunt enough used bookstores, you may come across some of these... the 1970s pocket-size paperback book comics reprints, as well as the puzzle books (which were a bit larger, about the same size as some of the juvenile novel series like Goosebumps).

Actually, paperback reprints like these first came out in the 1960s, when Lancer (if I recall correctly) did a number of paperbacks reprinting some Marvel comics in black and white... I remember seeing a Spider-Man or two, a Fantastic Four one (with the Silver Surfer's return), and a Daredevil one (in fact, I may have the latter two in my collection). There may have been others. There were also a vew THUNDER Agents volumes, and the infamous "High Camp Superheroes" featuring some of the Archie heroes.

In the 70s, however, the market kind of exploded... and it lasted until the early 80s, too! Not only were comics being reprinted -- and in full color, too (I used to have one with the complete Untold Legend of the Batman mini in it), but also there were paperback reprints of newspaper strips featuring Spidey and the Incredible Hulk (I think the Conan strip was also collected, too... and I know there was a Star Hawks collection or two).

But these... well... to be honest, I don't believe I ever purchased any of the DC ones. Sometimes I see them at comics shows and the like, but I haven't got a single one of 'em.

Like DC, Marvel had a few puzzle books, too... but theirs were more standard trade paperback size, if I recall correctly.


DC Comics April 1978 Ad #5

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Betcha were wondering when I'd post one of these ads, eh? Yep, it's Sea-Monkeys, or as some of us know them better, brine shrimp.

This was one of the true successes in the novelty field... and you can read all about 'em in one of the Uncle John's Bathroom Readers... although I forget which volume it is (heck, they're all good reading!).

Note that, being one of the later ads, pressure upon the company selling them caused them to show what the things actually look like! Before that, I'd imagine kids were convinced they looked just like the cartoony versions pictured here!

One final note: There was a "Sea-Monkeys" Saturday morning show, in the late 80s or early 90s!


DC April 1978 Ad #4

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Did anyone reading this subscribe to this publication? Or, perhaps, even work on it?

This was DC's third use of the Direct Currents name, as I recall... of course, the first time was with their silver age books, when they'd have a full page of text and art announcing current books.

The second one was earlier in the 70s, with a telephone number you could call and get news from (which was shut down because it was too successful, jamming up phone lines).

I know DC had a later Direct Currents newsletter that comic shops gave out... was that another version of what's advertised here?

And of course these days, the only Direct Currents you'll find is on DC's website!


DC April 1978 Ad #3

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Ah, Dollar Comics... even when they were mostly (or even all) reprint, they were still a nice bargain, and even moreso today!

With the exception of Adventure Comics' later issues, this pretty much represented the last attempt by DC to do anthology books, at least until Action Comics weekly.

Other Dollar Comics, of course, included Superman Family, Tarzan Family, Super-Team Family, and I believe G.I. Combat was a Dollar Comic for a while.

I don't even want to think about what a book like this, if produced today, would have as a cover price...


DC April 1978 Ad #2

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
Hard to believe it now, but through the 1970s (as well as long before), there were quite a few advertisements for BB guns and the like in comics!

One can't imagine any ad for a BB gun, much less one like this that advertises more power, in today's books, eh?


DC April 1978 Ad #1

Originally uploaded by waffyjon.
OK, now that I've posted a bunch of Charlton ads, time to look at some stuff from DC!

Here's an inside front cover ad... wow, I've really been posting a lot of ads for slot cars these days, haven't I?

The main reason I've chosen this one to share is to show just how long the slot car companies were hanging on... the whole RC car thing was not as popular as it is today, so they didn't really have that to fall back on!


This 'n That Meets The Invisible Man

So, been a few days since I did a round-up of stuff... so time to do it again!

First off... wanna tell you guys about the latest blog I've come across, which I've found to be very entertaining, and provides a lot of content... it's Dial "B" For Blog, and it's well worth your time and bookmarking! Check it out!

OK, onward... had good news at the Weight Watchers meeting Saturday morning... my total weight loss is now at 72 lbs.! Finally broke the multi-week less than a pound loss cycle, and that means I'm only 3 lbs. away from earning my next magnet (they give out magnets for every 25 lbs. lost). Jessi's hoping she'll have lost 50 lbs. by the time I hit 75, so we can both earn magnets at the same time. She's off on a 20+ mile bike ride this morning (which I would've gone along on, but that's way too far a jump for me to attempt... need to work my way up to that!), so she should do well this week.

We were supposed to go to my parents' house in Tacoma Saturday afternoon for a combination birthday/graduation/father's day party, but Jessi wasn't feeling well, and I wanted to stay home and make sure she was properly taken care of. She slept a lot of the day, and is feeling much better this morning (obviously), and apparently, she needed rest more than anything else. We may make a run up to Tacoma this afternoon, but I think we'll wait until next weekend to do so.

Krypto's puppy crate has found a new home... we had it for sale at our garage sales, but nobody bit at it for $10. Well, at the WW meeting yesterday, one of the regulars we've gotten to know a little bit, Alysse, told us she needed a small crate for her new chocolate lab puppy, Roca... we told her we had one, and she came over yesterday afternoon with Roca and Roca's brother, a black lab who hasn't been named yet (he's going to Alysse's friend on Tuesday) -- I suggested Obie, short for Obsidian, and she liked that name.

Naturally, our dogs wanted to play with the puppies, and after a brief time when they were way too excited about it, our dogs calmed down and they were able to have a nice time with the puppies.

I forgot to tape Teen Titans and Justice League Saturday night -- I'd thought I'd set up a weekly program for it, but didn't! sigh Well, I know the JLU episode is rerun Sunday night, don't know about the TT episode (it doesn't seem to repeat during the next week).

I did, however, program the weekly taping late last night, as well as set single-time tapings for TT eps running during the week I don't recall seeing before.

Just a reminder... I still have auctions of comics posters going on at ebay, which you can check out by clicking here. Most of the posters have no bids, and some close Monday night, while others close the 23rd. I was experimenting with "Buy It Now" prices on all of these, but nobody's bit at it, so I'll probably drop that when resubmitting anything that doesn't sell.

On Thursday, if plans go accordingly, I'll be putting up auctions for the Doc Savage and Alex Ross Avengers prints I mentioned a while back... I just have to find some way of being able to mail them flat, and figure out what the postage will be (it'll likely be expensive, relatively speaking, due to the odd size of the packages). What I'll probably end up doing is finding some place that sells boxes that, when flat, are larger than the size of the prints... and then plan to put the prints in large plastic bags, and then in the boxes.

Haven't seen Batman Begins yet, although I hear good things about it. Probably next weekend.

I was a scanning maniac yesterday afternoon, as you could probably tell from all the ads from Charlton Comics I posted last night... and there'll be more of those ads from comics today and for a few more days, at least... and you'll see the payoff of my little "teaser" about the Johnson Smith Company, too!

That's about all for now!