Friday, July 29, 2005


Omac Project #3: Things get stepped up a bit here... and yeah, I'm sure you've heard as much as I have that one should read the "Sacrifice" storyline to get the full story of this miniseries, but I'm not buying Wonder Woman these days, so I'll just have to hope that #4 will fill in what happened there... if not, it's just lazy writing, right?

Marvel Adventures Flip Magazine #2: This is the budget version of MA Spider-Man and MA Fantastic Four, and at $3.99, it's a great bargain, and good reading, to boot!

Adventures of Superman #642: Well, this is part 3 of "Sacrifice," and apparently I missed the first two parts, where Superman beats the crap out of Batman, thinking he was fighting Ruin or someone... I'll be glad when things get back to "normal" on this title... because I think this whole storyline could've easily been done in just one or two issues.

Hawkman #42: This title keeps me guessing... I have no idea what's going to happen next, and I can hardly wait to find out!

Defenders #1: Giffen. DeMatteis. Maguire. If you like what they've done with JLA in the past, you'll love this. Not recommended for people who take their comics characters way too seriously.

Manhattan Guardian #3: Well... this is probably the weakest issue of this miniseries, but that's all relative... as the weakest issue of any Morrison book is usually better than a strong issue of most other writers' books. Next issue promises to answer a lot of questions!

All-Star Batman and Robin, The Boy Wonder #1: Frankly, this comic was a disappointment. I was hoping for some good old-fashioned, old-school comics reading, some done in one stories, and so forth... and it's redoing Robin's origin, changing it along the way, and padding it out bigtime!

New Warriors #2: I dig this book... it's fun! The New Warriors deal with a zoo that's been taken over by the Red Ghost's Super Apes!

Rann-Thanagar War #3: A rather quiet issue as new alliances are forged... I had much higher hopes for this miniseries, but I feel like I'm being let down, to be honest.

New Thunderblts #10: Questions are answered, new ones are raised... and all of a sudden, at the end, we're into House of M... and things were looking up...

JLA #116: Batman vs. the JLA vs. the Secret Society of Super-Villains... this storyline is better than I was expecting, although I'm not as thrilled with it as some other reviewers have been.

Teen Titans #26: It's a focus on Superboy issue, as he deals with the ramifications of the Titans/Outsiders crossover... and learns something about himself he never knew. A good issue.

Incredible Hulk #84: It's Peter David writing the Hulk... even with it being a House of M story, it's still great.

Day of Vengeance #4: One of the best of the "countdown" miniseries issues yet, IMHO, as things are going the good guys' way, but things suddenly flip on 'em...

Marvel Knights 4 #20: Not a lot of action in this issue, but definitely a lot to think about... a good issue, and it'll be interesting to see if there are any ramifications of this in the future.


Thursday, July 28, 2005

Thursday morning...

So, as I'm typing, it's Thursday morning, 9:43 a.m. I still haven't had a cigarette since Saturday night at about 5 p.m.

In theory, after three days, your body doesn't crave the tobacco any more... at least, that's what I've been told... it's supposed to be all psychological from that point onward. I'm not sure I buy that, because I definitely have the craving... but I'm trying to hang in there.

Of course, this makes any situation that would normally make me feel a bit tense even worse, right? There's still a week to go until payday, and I realize that I spent too much money shopping that last day in Seaside, plus spent too much at the grocery store upon returning... which is why I decided to throw that PayPal donation link you'll see when you scroll down a ways. Tonight I may also throw a few things up on eBay, with buy it now options, too, just to try to get some cash in. So being short on funds makes it all the more stressful (especially when I should've paid the fershlugginer cell phone bill already).

So anyway... I realize I haven't done mini-reviews from last week yet, and I'll try to get to that tonight. Of course, I don't know if anyone actually uses them, or finds them interesting... but I'll throw 'em out anyway! After that, it'll be more of the same here... posts of comic book ads, interrupted occasionally by whining about quitting smoking, and possibly whining about gaining weight back this week... but so it goes...


Marvel November 1967 Ad #2!

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Here's a bunch of really cool stuff that Marvel used to sell in house ads... why can't we have this kind of stuff offered nowadays, eh?


Marvel November 1967 Ad #1!

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Here's an ad that should bring back some memories, eh? Too bad the only two shows from this line-up that are out on DVD or video are Spider-Man and George of the Jungle (at least, the only two out legally)...

Anyway... the Fantastic Four animated series here, the first one ever done, was actually pretty good, IMHO... yeah, the adaptations sometimes took a bizarre turn, but for the most part, they were pretty straightforward retellings of some of the original comics stories... even if Galactus got shrunk bigtime when he appeared!

The Spidey series... well, like I said, that's out on DVD, and has been out for a while... so if you're interested in it (like I am), you probably already have the DVD set (which I do), even if you haven't watched 'em all.

Never been a fan of the Casper cartoons, so I'll just skip over that... Journey to the Center of the Earth I remember enjoying, but I don't recall any details (although I think I saw an ep or two available on Comcast On Demand, but I didn't watch 'em).

King Kong, the animated series, had a very limited video release a number of years back, and it was pretty bad... I think both this and the Jounry to the Center of the Earth were Rankin-Bass productions.

George of the Jungle, of course, was and remains to this day a classic cartoon!

And finally, the Beatles cartoon... pretty much just a series of animated music videos, with some brief comedy bits before and after each song (which the Beatles didn't do the voices for... in fact, it's bizarre watching these, because the voices they came up with for the Beatles are pretty far off -- heck, I could do their voices more accurately!). Still, I'd love to see these all available on DVD some day.


Marvel August 1976 Ad #3!

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Mighty Marvel Mirrors... some of the coolest merchandise ever, IMHO.

Last I heard, Harlan Ellison was looking to replace his Captain America mirror (well, that was a few years back he mentioned that). I think I've maybe seen these three or four times in the last 25+ years, myself...


Not that I'm expecting anything, but...

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Marvel August 1976 Ad #2!

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Yep, it's super-hero mood rings... only in the 1970s.


Marvel August 1976 Ad #1

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Here's an interesting ad for model rocketry... as you can see, there was an attempt to get interest piqued in this hobby with rockets based on SF TV shows and movies... there were at least two Star Trek kits, and I think a Star Wars kit or two, as well!

What you don't see here... is that the ships were basically the nose cone of the rocket...

Anyway... this particular ad promoted the Eagle Spaceship from Space: 1999, a series that I was never fond of, although I thought the Eagle ships were very well-designed!


Marvel August 1974 Ad #2

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OK, is it just me, or should Marvel have just called this book Giant-Size Marvel Team-Up????


Marvel August 1974 Ad #1!

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So, we're in the midst of the Giant-Size era at Marvel here... with this ad for Giant Size Fantastic Four!

Now, I'm of mixed emotions regarding the Giant-Size books... some of them were a mix of new stories and reprints, some of them were all reprint... you just never knew for certain until you opened 'em up!

Let's face it... most of Marvel's line at this point had a hard enough time keeping things interesting from month to month, and with rare exception (that, IMHO, being Englehart's Avengers), there wasn't really enough originality in plots and so forth to justify an additional book on the market!

Personally, I'd rather have seen the Giant-Size line be all-reprint... and provide a nice variety of stuff, like DC's 100-Page Super-Specs... or else do a theme thing (like, say, a Giant-Size Captain America could have reprints from the 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s... same for a Giant-Size Sub-Mariner).


Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Marvel August 1972 Ad #3

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It's not often I get to post GI Joe ads... here's one of the last ones they did, during the last gasp of the 12" line... since Superheroes and Steve Austin were doing well... well... they introduced Mike Powers, the Atomic Man, and Bulletman, the Human Bullet!

Nope, so far as I know, DC didn't sue Hasbro over Bulletman, and neither did Fawcett.


Marvel May 1978 Ad #4

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Here's an item that has been repackaged over and over again... I'm pretty sure this same "spy pen" has been sold as a James Bond pen, a Man from Uncle pen, and probably a Get Smart pen, for all I know!


Marvel May 1978 Ad #3

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Here's a Marvel House ad that shows just how pervasive the whole idea of collectible comics was becoming already... with those "collector packs"... assuming the Star Wars issues in these were reprints, I'd guess that the Peter Parker issues were the only ones that really became collectible... And since I just picked up a relatively recent Overstreet last week, let's see, looking at the #1 issues only, at mint condition:

Black Panther #1 -- $25 (better than I expected)

Eternals #1 -- $18 (unless it was the 30 cent variant, in which case it's $27)

Godzilla #1 -- $20 (35 cent variant $35)

Howard the Duck #1 -- $22

Human Fly #1 -- $8

Logan's Run #1 -- $10

Ms. Marvel #1 -- $12

Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #1 -- $50

Red Sonja #1 -- $12

Star Wars #1 -- $50 (35 cent variation $750)... reprint $4

2001 #1 -- $12

Anybody reading this ever actually pay anything close to those prices for these books?


Marvel May 1978 Ad #2!

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Yep, it's the late 70s, so you knew that there had to be at least one ad for Star Wars stuff, eh?

I had wanted to join this fan club, but I never did... not sure why. I suspect that many of those who did, and kept up their memberships, certainly never regretted it!


Marvel May 1978 Ad #1!

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Ah, Pizzazz... Marvel's entry into the magazine for kids market that had been dominated by Dynomite, or whatever Scholastic's magazine was called.

Geez, how long did this thing last? A year, tops? I know Marvel did their best to shill it in house ads (didn't I already post one of them prior to this)... but it just didn't seem to go anywhere. Heck, if it weren't for the one issue with a Chris Reeve Superman photo cover (and the balloon in which he said it's the greatest honor of his career to appear on the cover of a Marvel publication -- said cover can be seen somewhere on Fred Hembeck's page, which I know you bookmarked from the links I provided while I was on vacation, right? But if you didn't, keep scrolling down, and you'll find it), the mag would only be a very minor footnote in Marvel's publishing history, eh?


Marvel May 1974 Ad #3!

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And here's an ad for what appears to be the first appearance of Iron Fist... which I'd post for no other reason than the great Gil Kane art, but it does make for a nice pairing with the ad below, doesn't it?


Marvel May 1974 Ad #2!

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Marvel was really getting into the whole martial arts thing with the May 1974 cover-dated books, eh? Here's a house ad for Deadly Hands of Kung Fu, and of course, you probably saw the Iron Fist ad posted above (which I'll be posting next)... not that I have much to say about those...

Marvel May 1974 Ad #1!

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OK, now that I've told you about my malady that kept me from posting (see below), it's time to get some more entertaining content here!

So... anyone remember these things? Of course, the 1970s were an explosion of comic book character merchandise, and it seemed like just about anything imaginable would be produced... and if the manufacturers could borrow ideas from other hobbies, they would... hence, these medallions, which someone must've figured would crossover with the coin collecting market (around this same time, or maybe even a bit later, there were super-hero stamps produced, too... different from the Marvel Value Stamps).

These three coin/medallions don't show up all that often, it seems... as I write this, there are three of the Spider-Man coins up for sale on eBay for about $10 each, but none of the Hulk or Conan ones that I can find.


Sunday Night Scare

So, my regular readers (both of you!) may have been wondering why I haven't posted anything here since Sunday night... well... therein lies a story.

You see, all day Sunday, when the urge to smoke hit, I would chew on a piece of nicotine gum... and on at least two of those occasions, without thinking about it, I swallowed the gum, instead of disposing of it. That may have been a mistake.

Because late Sunday night, about 11:15 pm or so, I developed this intense pain in my abdomen that went all the way to my back. I thought it had something to do with swallowing that nasty gum, but after making an offering to the porcelain gods (if you get my meaning), I still wasn't feeling any better.... and Pepto-Bismol and antacids didn't do any good, either.

It was so intense there was no way I could sleep at all, and finally, at about 1:45 am or so, I woke Jessi up to take me to the emergency room. Now, some of you may be aware of this, but I absolutely *hate* going to the doctor or to the hospital... and I have ever since I lost my wife, Barbara, several years ago. It's almost been a full-blown phobia... which should tell you how bad that pain was.

The worst thing about going to the emergency room is... unless you're bleeding all over the place, or your life is in imminent danger, you're going to have to wait and wait and wait. I don't know what else was going on at St. Pete's Sunday night, but it felt like forever before I was even examined, much less got something to relieve the pain and nausea (which, frankly, put me out like a light).

They did take some blood, and did some tests to see if there might be a problem with my gall bladder or pancreas (which are still suspected to be possible causes), but nothing came up requiring immediate surgery or other care, so about 5 am, I was released, and we came home.

Needless to say, I didn't make it to work on Monday. In fact, I think I might have only been awake about 3-4 hours after we got back from the hospital, altogether! I'd wake up, and usually about 15 minutes later, I would fall asleep again.

I did make it back to work yesterday (Tuesday), after doing a follow-up with my own doctor, who has ordered an ultrasound, just to be certain there's no other problems. I still felt in a bit of a fog all day yesterday, and to a slightly lesser extent today. To be honest, if I didn't love my job so much, I would've used this foggy feeling as an excuse to take another sick day!

So, that's why I hadn't posted anything else until now... sheesh! Wotta way to wrap up a vacation, eh?


Sunday, July 24, 2005

Gold Key June 1973 Ad #9!

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Last post for Sunday night here... but there'll be more Monday morning, I'd imagine!

Anyway.. another set of plastic soldiers... at least, I think they were plastic! Yeah, they're plastic, all right... although so far as the size goes... well, all it says that each is "on its own base up to 4" long!"

Note that doesn't say anything about the size of the soldiers themselves... but maybe I'm just feeling grumpy tonight.


Gold Key June 1973 Ad #8!

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Just a bunch of interesting patches here!


Gold Key June 1973 Ad #7!

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Somehow, I don't think all of these t-shirts are Roach designs... certainly some are, but the licensed character stuff? No way...

I wish I had better images of some of these t-shirt designs... especially the super-hero ones, because they look like they're cool, and I always wanted the Hulk one... but I thought the full-size versions probably looked way, way cooler than these postage-stamp sized thumbnails!


Gold Key June 1973 Ad #6!

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OK, back to the comics ads!

Interesting how things have changed in 30+ years... back in the 70s, you could buy books telling you how to get free stuff... while today, there's websites galore to do the same thing... and the books for sale are for "free money"!

Well, at least this particular ad doesn't have someone changing their gender in mid-ad, eh?


Random Thoughts From The Edge...

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OK... so I came back from vacation, first blog entry was pretty light and happy, right?

Well... things are getting a bit dark... you see, before we went on vacation, Jessi and I decided we'd quit smoking after our vacation was over. Saturday night at about 5 pm was the last cigarette I've had, and as I write this, it's 9:43 pm Sunday night.

To try to make it through Saturday night, we'd bought some nicotine gum... mint flavored, Safeway brand.

It tastes... well... terrible. While chewing a piece, my mouth feels like I've just smoked an entire pack of Camel unfiltered cigarettes, all at once (I'm accustomed to smoking menthol lights).

Shortly after getting up today, I put on a patch, but even then, I needed a few pieces of the gum to make it through the day.

Stressed? Well, I'm not sure stressed is the right word. Definitely on edge... and even a bit disassociated from reality... thinking how good a smoke would feel, yet trying to resist the urge.

I'm not sure if it's because of using the patch or the gum, or if it's a result of some mild sunburn, but my back and chest have been getting very itchy... and my brain is foggy (hence the disassociation). I know from talking to others who've used the patch that I should definitely take it off before going to bed (it can cause some pretty freaked-out dreams... and my dreams get freaky enough as it is).

Monday, I'm back to work again... and I am *really* hoping it'll be a low-stress day. But just to be safe, I'll be letting everyone I work with know how long it's been since my last cigarette, and that I'm feeling a bit on edge.

Supposedly, in about three days the worst urges are supposed to pass. We'll see. I can't really say I'm feeling that great about it so far.

Yeah, I know that smoking is very unhealthy, and that quitting now will help extend my life, and so on and blah blah blah blah...

But damn... I would love to light one up right now.

I really hope that the fruit and pudding (fat-free, naturally) and Weight Watchers low-point candy bars help me deal with the urges over this week...

So, if my posts over the next five days or so are a bit harder-edged than usual... well, now you know the reason why that is!