Saturday, August 06, 2005

A "Rocky" Day!

Had a bit of an interesting day after posting the last entry... Jessi took a bit of a nap on the couch, and I played some Roller Coaster Tycoon until a blip in the power restarted her PC, and I lost what I'd done so far (just as well, I'd forgotten a few things for that scenario that were necessary, so I can redo it when I play that one again).

After her nap, we had an appointment to bring KO in to the vet for a few more shots, boosters this go-round. Since PetSmart (where our vet is located) is just a few blocks away, we decided we'd walk KO and Krypto over there, instead of driving.

Upon arriving, we saw we were still quite a bit early, and so we wandered the aisles a bit, looking to see if there was any new dog merchandise we needed, and then made our way back to the Banfield Vet desk. Turned out they were able to fit us in a bit early, and we also got Krypto weighed (he's up to 43 lbs... taller than KO now, but still a few pounds less than her... I'd imagine within a week or two, he'll outweigh her, as well). It also turned out KO was due for a complete physical, so we left her there, and Jessi, Krypto and I walked home.

Oh, almost forgot... we had some jarring news at the vet. The one doctor there we both really liked transferred to the Vancouver facility, which we hadn't heard was going to happen. Fortunately, his replacement met with our immediate approval (we're still a bit irked he left without telling us, though).

Checking the mail after we arrived revealed that the Superman watch Jessi bought for me on eBay had arrived (the seller of that watch was quite the liar... they first claimed they'd sent it on Saturday of the previous weekend, and then claimed it was mailed on Monday... it was actually sent on Thursday. I hate sellers who lie about when they ship stuff! They'd also sent it with Delivery Confirmation, but never gave her the number it was shipped under -- probably because it would've proven out the lie).

The watch was very nice, and I'm wearing it now... the face of it is a close-up of Superman's chest as he's pulled the shirt open, so the Shield fills most of the face. It didn't come in any kind of box, other than the Priority Mail box it was shipped in, but it works fine.

Anyway... after that, Jessi, Krypto and I figured we'd head over to a friend's house, who had some curtains made for us that were ready to be picked up. En route there, we stopped at Olympic Cards & Comics, because Gabi, the owner, just loves Krypto, and hadn't seen him in a few weeks (of course he's allowed in the shop... he is Krypto, after all!). He got lots of attention from Gabi, and then we were off again.

Turned out that friend of Jessi's wasn't home, but as we made our way back home, the vet called to let us know we could pick up KO. So we did, and when we got home, the dogs started barking as we were getting them out of the car, and we heard some rustling in the big tree in our front yard, and then heard a plaintive screeching. Well, wouldn't you know it, but the dogs had somehow startled a baby squirrel (its eyes weren't even open yet), which fell from the tree. Now, Jessi and I are both animal lovers, and we couldn't just leave the baby squirrel there on the ground (there are several cats in the neighborhood), and as soon as Jessi picked it up, it stopped wailing.

We spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out what to do with it... including taking it with us to PetSmart to find out what the vet recommended! At one point, we were going to get some formula to feed it and nurse it to health until it could be out on its own again... seems that the local (local being a relative term) PAWS group wouldn't be able to take it, because they had their squirrel quota, and no other group was even close that could take it from us.

Now, it is illegal for people to keep wild animals, naturally... but we didn't want to let it loose to be killed... and the closest place we could take it was in Tacoma, which would've meant a several hours-long round-trip... and there was no guarantee it wouldn't be euthanized right away anyway.

We were concerned about its health, since it was acting hungry... I finally put some water on the towel we had it on (it was inside a plastic storage bin to keep it safe from our dogs), and it sucked the water from that. Since we decided not to buy the formula, and it didn't seem the momma squirrel was going to come down and get her baby, we had to figure out a way to get it up to where the nest was in the tree. Our neighbors, Ned and Jane, were out and about, and we knew they'd be of assistance, so we had to wait on them. In the meantime, I came up with a sort of "formula" that we could give the squirrel. It probably wasn't the best concoction -- about a quarter-cup of water, maybe a tablespoon of fat-free milk, and a tablespoon of Egg Beater -- but it seemed to help it get some strength back.

Ned and Jane made it home at about eight o'clock, and Ned volunteered to climb the tree (something neither Jessi or I are skilled in) to put the squirrel back in the nest... which was about 25-30 feet from the ground. He couldn't reach the nest himself, but he had brought over a small basket that he wedged in just below the nest, and the baby squirrel (which I'd named "Rocky" -- and I'm sure you know the reference) was placed in that.

After all that... I'm just going to assume that Rocky's momma took him back, and that he's fine, and the next time I see him will be when he's stealing seeds from the bird feeder!

The rest of the evening was uneventful, spent watching "Law and Order: Special Victims Unit" on USA... Jessi went to bed at 11, and I stayed up a bit longer to read (I'm currently reading "Father of Frankenstein," by Christopher Bram, a fictionalized account of the last days of James Whale, director of the classics Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein... this book was the basis for the movie "Gods and Monsters," which I haven't seen, but still want to) and to post this!


This 'n That

So, once again, it's been a few days between postings, so I guess it's time to play catch-up!

I would've done some posting Thursday night -- most notably mini-reviews -- but I was in the midst of putting up some new eBay auctions (I've got my last copy -- I think -- of the Comic Book Artist Special Edition, some Japanese Dragonball and Dragonball Z books, Get Smart Novels, G-Force PVCs, JSA Pocket Heroes, and a few other things up... no reserves, fair shipping... search for seller Jon8229 if you want to check them out).

I almost went on to list some stuff on Yahoo Auctions, since there were a few items that never sold on eBay, and Yahoo went back to free auctions, but haven't done that yet.

Last night (Friday), I'd planned on doing at least a mini-posting, but when I got done at work, Jessi and I met up with a Weight Watchers friend of ours, and we went to our friend's parents' house so she and Jessi could swim across the lake (I used a paddle boat to keep up with them -- I'm not nearly that good a swimmer, and this way, the motorboats could avoid us more easily).

The quitting smoking thing is going okay... had a few smokes here and there bummed from co-workers, but maybe that's the way for me to go.

Had a better day at Weight Watchers today than last week... lost nearly all the weight I put on the week before! Just about 1/2 a pound away from "catching up," and I think I'm back on track with my weight loss now.

I may get the mini-reviews posted today, but it'll be tomorrow at the latest... we have a few things going on this weekend!


Wednesday, August 03, 2005

A few links for ya!

Here's a few silly links... the first one is the automatic flatterer, which you can find here. It'll take you but a few seconds to enjoy that one.

A link that you may well spend more time on is Dfilm, which is cool because you can create your own mini-animated "movies" (well, only two characters per scene... and only about eight lines of dialogue per scene... and only three scenes... but it's still fun!).


Sunday, July 31, 2005

This 'n That... what, you were expecting a clever title?

So, got a few updates to spill the beans on!

1. My girlfriend Jessi finally read my blog, at least up to Friday's posts. You see, she was looking to reward me for quitting smoking, and decided that a Superman watch would be a good idea (an excellent idea, actually, as I had been trying to find one myself... bought a cheap $10 watch at Kmart that was supposed to last me until I found a Superman one I liked, but the band broke while on vacation, so I've been watchless again). She saw a few she thought I'd like, but the local comics shop didn't have any of them in stock. Gabi (who usually has an excellent handle on my tastes, and her store, Olympic Cards & Comics, is an excellent shop) thought that perhaps I'd like the Bizarro watch she did have in stock, with a cover that looked like the Bizarro #1 badge, and ran backwards, but Jessi didn't think I'd really like that. She was trying not to give away what she was getting for me... so I suggested she contact Tony Isabella to determine which item she was debating between to get... Now, Tony, I know you read this -- please don't feel bad, but the Bizarro watch really didn't do anything for me (Jessi finally just flat-out asked me which one I wanted). Anyway, thanks to Tony telling her that from reading this blog, he could tell I think the world of Jessi (and I do), she figured she needed to finally read it to see what I said about her! I think she was very surprised to find what I had in here.

2. We saw Sky High this weekend... the Disney movie about a high school for super-heroes... and you know what? I liked it! It was a very fun movie, and in many ways, it was more fun than the Fantastic Four movie. I suspect that perhaps we may see an animated series spin-off of this movie, and if one does come out, I'll check it out!

3. We took a mini-break from eating right Saturday night... and went to Big Tom's in Olympia for burgers and fries (well, I had onion rings). I hadn't had a Big Tom burger since probably November, and damn, it was tasty! I'd best not get another one for a long time, or it'll become a weekly habit like it used to be!

4. Speaking of Weight Watchers, I put three pounds back on this last week, due to snacking more than usual due to quitting smoking. But you know what? It's okay, so long as I don't keep gaining it back. That's the great thing about Weight Watchers... you don't have to feel like you've blown it if you have a bad day or bad week!

5. Started playing Roller Coaster Tycoon again, using Jessi's PC... because she'd said I could use it for that game (there's no Mac version). However, I think she realized that may have been a mistake, and we may have to start looking into getting a cheap PC for me to use in my office.

And that's all for now!


Marvel November 1976 Ad #4

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Ah, here's an ad that got my attention, and I remembered it years and years later when I came upon a copy of this book... which I bought.

I seem to recall being somewhat disappointed in this, as there was a lot of coverage of comics strips, and not so much for comic books!

And, as this is the last of the comics ads I've scanned and uploaded to flickr, you're going to get a break from these for at least one day!


Marvel November 1976 Ad #3

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Crazy and Foom... two emblematic features of Marvel in the 1970s, eh?


Marvel November 1976 Ad #2

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More back-to-school here... plus the super-hero stamps and hang-ups and stickers!

Well, I actually picked up some of the super-hero stamps a long time back when I was buying and selling collectible toys. Never opened up the stamps to look at 'em, though (of course, if I had them now, I'd scan 'em in to the computer, as I would a bunch of other stuff I used to have, too).


Marvel November 1976 Ad #1!

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Wow, been a longer than usual wait between posts here, eh? Well, here's a back-to-school ad that seems appropriate here...

I remember when these came out, and wanting them (although I wouldn't have taken them to school!).

Long after they had come out... probably 6-7 years later or more... I did latch on to some of this stuff. I remember getting some of the notebook paper refills that came with iron-on transfers of Spider-Man (which I did, indeed, iron on to a t-shirt and wore). I also got the three-ring binder of Fantastic Four!