Friday, August 12, 2005

This 'N That Time!

Time for another collection of random thoughts and so on...

eBay: You know, I really can't figure out the way some people think on eBay... I had a few items close the other night, and once again, it seems that people who watch auctions typically don't bother bidding on them. I had several items close that had two or even three people watching them, but I was lucky to just get a starting bid! Sour grapes? Well, perhaps... but I'd imagine there's at least a few people out there who, like me, wonder how it is that when we sell items, we're lucky to get a single bid on them, but when we're bidding on something to buy ourselves, there's always a multitude of bids!

The Non-Smoking Thing: Well, I've got to be honest... since Jessi and I initially "quit" smoking, I haven't completely quit... I've had at least one cigarette each day for the past two weeks, and sometimes more. But I'm going to make a greater effort not to smoke again, I promise!

Recently Read: Father of Frankenstein, the fictionalized tale of the last days of James Whale, and the basis for the movie Gods and Monsters, which I really want to see some day. A very intriguing book, and strongly recommended!

Currently Reading: Fast Food Nation and Gracie, A Love Story. I've read Gracie before, which is George Burns' book about Gracie Allen... but Fast Food Nation is all new to me. Jessi had read it for one of her college classes, but this is my first time reading it. Somewhat disturbing stuff so far... although not quite as many surprises as I would've expected (maybe that's because of my own prior experiences working at McDonald's and Pizza Hut). Of the two, I'm finding FFN more interesting, but that's probably just because I hadn't read it before.

Cartoon Network: I probably watch CN more than any other cable channel... between Justice League Unlimited, Teen Titans, Dragonball Z, and the first hour or so of Adult Swim... oh, and of course, Krypto the Superdog! Unfortunately, JLU and TT (and possibly Krypto, too) are all reruns for a while... DBZ is reruns, too, but I hadn't seen many of them to begin with, so it's all new to me! On Adult Swim, most of what I'm watching there is Family Guy and Futurama (mostly all reruns, although there's new Family Guy episodes airing on Thursday nights... sometimes), as well as Robot Chicken (which I'm still waiting on new eps, or at least eps I haven't seen already). Of course, there's still Law and Order episodes on NBC, TNT and USA I haven't seen yet... although it doesn't seem there's that many, considering how many eps I've seen lately that I'd seen before. Anyway... it feels like it's going to be a long wait until there's new DC-based toons to watch!

Smallville: I've been reading spoilers and so forth at Kryptonsite, and looks like the new season (which can't start soon enough for me) should at least begin with a bang! Fortunately, I tend to forget most of the spoilers I read long before the episodes come on!

Yahoo Auctions: Yahoo apparently changed things with their auctions again, and are no longer charging anything to sell there. Now, most of you don't know this, but I used to be a regular seller at Y!A when it was first free to sell on... I'd list hundreds of comics each week starting at 50 cents each, and most of 'em sold at that price. I had regular customers, many of whom bought from me every two weeks, if not every week, and I had a pretty decent rating there. Well, when they started charging for auctions, it not only drove away the sellers, but it drove away the buyers, too... making Yahoo Auctions a virtual ghost town. I'm not sure when they switched back to making it free, but I decided to throw a few items up for sale there that hadn't sold on eBay... and so far, there's not a bid to be had. However, I'm finding myself wishing that I had some extra cash to spend, because there are bargains to be had there! Check it out for yourself, okay?

That's all for now!


Wednesday, August 10, 2005

DC March 1974 Ad #4

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Here's another tabloid edition... and it's one I've never been able to latch on to.

Anyone aside from me wish DC would reissue some of these?


DC March 1974 Ad #3

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Ah, Sea Monkeys... you know, they were a mainstay of comics advertising for so long... and even today, the fond memories people have for this stuff lives on...

And yes, they still sell them! In fact, they've gotten even more deluxe since the earliest days... and they're still just about the cheapest pets you can find!

Do a web search for Sea Monkeys... and see what you find!


DC March 1974 Ad #2

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OK, here's an ad I can sink my teeth into, metaphorically speaking... this was the only Famous First Edition that I bought off the newsstands... and man, I must've read that thing over and over and over again! This was my introduction to the first Superman story, and I remember how annoyed I was that it wasn't even a complete story (hmmm... guess that's not as recent a situation as I make it out to be when I'm doing mini-reviews, eh?)!

I'm sure my copy was one of those that lost the outer cardboard cover... and for all I know, it ended up in the hands of one of those unscrupulous people who passed this oversized reprint off as an original Action #1!


DC March 1974 Ad #1!

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Well, either I'm running out of stuff to put in this blog, or I'm getting tired of posting ads... or something else is up! I know it's been too long since I posted anything here!

Well, here's an ad for a twist on model airplanes... and that's about all I have to say about that!


Monday, August 08, 2005

Mini-Review Time!

OK, I should've done these last night... but better late than never!

JSA Classified #1: The TRUE origin of Power Girl... and believe me, it's not all explained in the first issue! We do get a recap of what had been presented before... but that last page really throws a monkey wrench in the works! I could throw out some ideas and theories as to what's going on... but for now, I'm completely content to just wait and see what happens! A definite thumbs-up!

Justice #1: Here it is... Alex Ross' maxi-series pitting the JLA vs. the Legion of Doom... and I have but one complaint... the first issue is just too darn short! Double-sized issues would've been better, IMHO.

Superman #220: The Eradicator is back, and Superman and Superboy have to deal with him! But the real story is the two wearers of the shield dealing with the fallout of the events from Teen Titans and the Outsiders... plus Superboy spills the beans to the Man of Steel as to who all provided DNA for him!

Marvel Adventures Spider-Man #6: I am still digging these Marvel Adventures books... good for us old-school comics fans like myself, and great for getting new readers into comics, too! Now if I only had a kid...

Son of Vulcan #3: Sometimes I wish that DC was still doing four-issue miniseries, instead of six-issue ones... because frankly, this is feeling way too padded out. In the old days, in the 1970s, the origin would be done completely in the first issue, and we could get on to other stuff by issue #2! Still, I am halfway through it, so I'll stick with it.

The Incredible Hulk: Destruction #1: It's Peter David writing the Hulk... naturally I'm loving it!

Fantastic Four #529: Straczynski is doing good stuff here... and throws out a most interesting idea... one that I'm looking forward to seeing how it plays out! If you're an FF fan, and you're not getting this book, try it out!

Blood of the Demon #6: Wow, things are definitely getting strange in this title... things aren't looking good for Jason Blood at the end of this issue, but we'll see what happens next!

DC Special: The Return of Donna Troy #3: Well, after last issue, I was hoping things would continue to get better and better... but to be honest, this issue felt like half a step back to me...

The Omac Project #4: Don't read this until after reading the current Wonder Woman... this issue takes off immediately after that issue... I'm not sure how things are going to be resolved by the end of this miniseries...

Justice League Unlimited #12: Another excellent issue here, and Jay Garrick guest-stars in it!

Batman: Dark Detective #6: The last issue of this mini means that I'm back to only getting Superman/Batman and All-Star Batman and Robin so far as Batman books... too bad, I was enjoying this!

JSA #76: An Omac Project tie-in... with the trial of Al (Nuklon) Rothstein, and the Omacs attack! Not quite as good as the last issue.... but I did like it.

Wonder Woman #219: This is probably going to be the most talked-about book of the month or more... Wonder Woman deals with Max Lord!

Superman/Batman #21: Wow, I'm completely lost here... what do these other-worldly Avengers clones and the Bizarro Batman have to do with what's going on????

Flash #224: I'm a sucker for the clasic Rogues... and I am enjoying this storyline!

JLA Classified #10: Batman may be featured on the cover... but this reads more like an issue of a Superman title than anything else... with great characterization of Lois & Clark.

Legion of Super-Heroes #8: I am digging this book bigtime!

Doom Patrol #14: Very cool stuff in this issue... I'm not sure when this series is ending, but I'll be sorry to see it gone!


DC February 1973 Ad #4

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Here's an anomaly of sorts... this is probably the first ad I've shared that I chose just because I think it was a graphic delight! I mean, just look at the artwork on this... it may not have sold many slot cars, but it's a very nice image!


DC February 1973 Ad #3

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House Ads time! This is a really neat pairing of house ads, too... the Batman 100 Page Super-Spectacular is one that I remember getting off the newsstands, and it was my introduction to Blackhawk, Doll Man, and Wildcat!

The other items below aren't too shabby, either... DC was trying to snap up the newsstand space from Marvel, and one of the ways they did that was through reprint titles... some of them were continuing the numbering of the original series (such as Challengers of the Unknown and Doom Patrol), while others were completely new (Johnny Thunder, for example, came from All-Star Western). I suspect part of this, too, was testing the waters for revivals of these characters in new stories. Both the Challs and the Metal Men ended up seeing new stories (although I think there was a gap between the reprint issues and the new stuff)... while the Legion of Super-Heroes had to "settle" for taking over Superboy's title!


DC February 1973 Ad #2!

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Here's an ad that one would expect to find in a Harvey or Gold Key comic, perhaps... but not a DC title... it's the Easy-Bake Oven!

Actually, Kenner ran quite a few ads in DC comics (I don't recall seeing many, if any, in the Marvel books)... and I suspect they kind of rotated through the various ads they prepared.


DC February 1973 Ad #1!

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Here's another BB gun ad... sure were a lot of 'em, weren't there?