Friday, September 02, 2005

Marvel March 1979 Ad #1!

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OK, one last post, and I'm off to bed again... here's an ad for the 1979 remake of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers," which I remember seeing when it came out... and to be honest, it didn't make that much of an impact on me!

No website to direct you to, unless you want to go to the Internet Movie Database and look up the film... The IMDB is probably the best site ever to find information about movies, tv shows, actors, and so on... know you've seen a particular actor somewhere else, but can't place it? Search for their name on the IMDB and you'll figure it out!


Marvel February 1977 Ad #6!

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Well, thanks to a touch of insomnia, I'm posting a few items in advance of when I earlier said I would!

Here's a full-page ad for Star Trek merchandise placed by Lincoln Enterprises, also known as Star Trek Enterprises. For the longest time, this was about the only source for Star Trek merchandise, aside from the Bantam Books, Mego toys, and some of the various toys and stuff you could find at Kmart.

If you want to find the modern-day version of Lincoln Enterprises, it exists here... and for an interesting interview with Majel Barrett Roddenberry about how Lincoln Enterprises got started, click here!


Steve Scout & Super Joe

Way back on August 20, regular reader Glen Davis wrote me with the following, regarding my comments on the action figure lines of the 1970s:

I seem to recall a Steve Scout action figure, but not who made it. And was it Hasbro who made the Super Joe figure with the flashlight in his battle suit?

I'd imagine Glen gave up on hearing back from me concerning this... until now, that is!

A quick internet search reveals that Steve Scout was made by Kenner... you can check out this website for more info on him!

And Hasbro did indeed make the Super Joe! You can read about Super Joe at this website.


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Back to Posting Again!

Well, friends... if you've just about given up on checking this blog for new posts, your wait is over!

My current freelance assignment (transcribing interviews with Basil Golgos -- famed artist of Famous Monsters covers -- see his website at this link for more about Basil... the interviews are for a book to be published by Vanguard Publications, whom I've done work for in the past, most notably their Carmine Infantino book, among others). In the next few weeks, I'll be getting another tape to transcribe, but hopefully, I can get that done without taking too much time away from the blog!

Anyway... so what's coming up here? Well, Friday morning will be post-less, as I need to get in to work early (three-day weekend, you know... in case you don't recall, I'm a graphic designer for The Olympian, the newspaper here in Olympia, WA... and we've got two other designers out on vacation, and since we have to get all the ads built and okayed through Tuesday's newspaper, it should be busy! However, I know most of the sales people will be anxious to get out early, so we should probably finish things up fairly early... relatively speaking, anyway. And since today, I built all the ads that had been turned in for Wednesday's paper so far, I should be able to stay ahead of the game if we have any "slow time."

Friday night? Well, I'll try to at least post a few comics ads for ya... and then sometime this weekend, I'll get around to posting mini-reviews!

Oh! Almost forgot! Any of you readers who are into Japanese monster movies, you may want to head on over to your local Dollar Tree or other dollar stores... I scored a dollar DVD from them last Monday with two Gamera movies -- "Gamera Vs. Monster X" (also known as "Gappa: The Triphibian Monster") and War of the Monsters... which is the second Gamera movie, and I think was originally released as "Gamera Vs. Barugon." Now, to be honest, I haven't watched these yet... and I'd imagine that despite the "digitally remastered" claim on the cover, these probably weren't taken from the best prints available... but hey, it's two Gamera movies for a buck!

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah... Saturday may be the best bet for mini-reviews. Sunday I'll try to get a few more posts in, but we have our monthly Boxer Meet-Up on Sunday afternoon, followed immediately by a barbeque at my parents house (which means we'll likely be dealing with the crappy traffic we usually find heading northbound on I-5 from Olympia to Tacoma on Sunday afternoons, unless we get lucky).

Monday, of course, being Labor Day, I should be able to post some more... but then, i suspect most of my readers won't even check this blog again until Tuesday, so you'll already have read any posts about all that stuff... But the only other thing I have planned for Monday is hitting the Value Village half-price sale (need some clothes that fit, and VV fits the budget, y'know?).

Anyway, for those of you who are reading this Friday, have a great Labor Day Weekend!


Monday, August 29, 2005

The Rann-Thanagar War

Blog reader Glen Davis writes:

The trouble with the Rann/Thanagar War miniseries is that it tries to do too much with too many characters, and that way loses focus on what's really important.

Yeah, I'd have to agree there... I had higher hopes for this Countdown mini than the others, as so many of the characters (especially Adam Strange and Captain Comet) matter to me, personally... but overall, as I said in my review, I'm enjoying the Villains United mini much, much more... probably because it is more focused.

I don't seem to recall having the same problem I'm having with R/TW way back during Invasion!, for example... in fact, even re-reading the individual issues (which, to be honest, were double-sized, weren't they?) of that mini, it's still a more cohesive story.


More Mini-Reviews!

The Rann-Thanagar War #4: Maybe I'm just getting old or something, but I'm having a difficult time remembering from one issue to the next what's going on in this book... to the point where I almost feel like I need to get the next two issues, and then read all six parts in one sitting. It is great to see all the SF characters appearing... from the Omega Men to Captain Comet to Starman (the space one)... but I find myself losing interest in this series as it continues.

Seven Soldiers: Zatanna #3: This mini-series, however, I'm still enjoying, even if I'm not sure exactly why. This issue starts to cross over with Shining Knight, and if you're enjoying Seven Soldiers, you'll enjoy this issue!

Seven Soldiers: Klarion #3: Also still enjoying this one! We definitely see that Klarion not only has a mind of his own in this issue, but that he knows how to use it, too!

Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four #3: Excellent issue! Probably the best Diablo story since John Byrne's run on FF... and it's done in one! Just get past that cover that makes the FF look like they're teenagers, and you'll enjoy the story.

JLA #117 It's the 1970s JLA members vs. the 1970s Secret Society of Super-Villains... and the Secret Society members remember everything! It's a kick-ass issue, and I enjoyed the hell out of it.

Hawkman #43: We have the True origin of Golden Eagle... or do we? There's still some stuff missing here... but I'm willing to wait and see what happens. Oh, yeah, Hawkman's still dead (But he does have a history of getting better, doesn't he?). Good stuff.

Action Comics #830: Superman vs. Shrapnel and Doctor Psycho. Simone and Byrne deliver a good, solid story, even with the continuity-challenged line about Shrapnel being used to the Doom Patrol.

Villains United #4: Still the best of the Countdown miniseries.

Lex Luthor: Man of Steel #5: Well, this miniseries is finally over... and you know what? I find it completely disappointing. A waste of time and money.

TwoMorrows: Thanks to my prior transcription work for TwoMorrows, I get comp copies of all their magazines... but even if I didn't, I'd highly recommend them all!


Better Late Than Never... Mini-Reviews!

OK, as the title says, better late than never... Yeah, I still have that freelance project under way (which, to be honest, I've not been putting as much time into as I should have been, and have to re-dedicate myself to tonight), but since I have the day off of work today, here's some mini-reviews!

Supergirl #1 You know, I think there've been more Supergirl #1's than any other member of the Superman Family of characters... of course, there was the original one in the 1970s, when Kara "graduated" from Adventure Comics, and then there was the Daring New Adventures of Supergirl in the 1980s, then the mini-series with the Matrix version, and then the first issue of Peter David's series. So, if there's a trend to be noted, one could easily claim that this current Supergirl is due a second #1 issue somewhere along the way.

Anyway... as a first issue, this one suffers from what I'm starting to think of more and more as "trade paperpaperback-itis," which is defined as the inability of a title to start off with a "done-in-one" issue, but instead is the first issue of a multiple-issue story arc to be contained in TPB form some day. Now, don't get me wrong... this isn't always a bad thing, so long as there's enough "meat" in the first issue to get me (or anyone else) interested in picking up the second issue... but I would like to see more first issues being complete stories in and of themselves.

So... the good: Ian Churchill's art was pretty good... although he does tend to draw his female characters in the scrawny side. The facial expressions are pretty good, and I could follow what was happening. The writing, by Jeph Loeb, was also pretty good... not up to, say, Peter David good, but still pretty good. There was a recapping of sorts of this Supergirl's origin, which is always good, and an appearance by the JSA, which is always welcomed.

The "eh": This issue ties in with the Power Girl storyline in JSA Classified, itself just coming out with its second issue. Do we really need any more titles crossing over with each other, especially titles that are just starting out?

The bad: OK, I said I liked Churchill's art... but the guy needs to pay a bit more attention to his capes. The capes looked good, and they were well-drawn, but since when did Supergirl and Power Girl sport capes as freakin' big as Batman's? Another bad is the coloring... like so much computer coloring these days, it's way, way too dark... and as a graphic designer, I can only attribute that to colorists who don't have their monitors properly calibrated (David Moran and Beth Stelo did the chores this time around).

Overall... despite it being the first issue of an arc, I did enjoy the book, and will be back for #2.

The Defenders #2: OK, short and sweet: If you liked the first issue of this miniseries, or Giffen/DeMatteis/Maguire on "I Can't Believe It's Not the JLA," you should like this. I greatly enjoyed it, and wish it was more than 5 issues long!

New Thunderbolts #11: Still in the House of M crossover... but I actually enjoyed it... Nicieza has a nice take on Captain Marvel here, and there's lots of goodness in there for minitia and trivia geeks like myself.

4 #21: Probably one of the more disappointing issues of this title since I started getting it... I don't care what her current status is, Emma Frost is not someone Sue Richards would spend a "girls night out" with! I was also dismayed a bit by the re-working of the first meeting between the FF and the Black Panther, with Sue having an interest in him. The redeeming quality of this issue comes at the end, however.

Green Lantern #3: Hal Jordan battles the new Manhunter robots, and they've got Power Batteries in their skulls... not a very smart move on whoever redesigned them, if you ask me... why not, say, steal some gold power batteries from Qward, so that when they go up against the GLC, the Manhunters won't be providing the thing that powers the GL's rings???

New Warriors #3: I'm still digging this miniseries, although to be honest, I don't think it would hold up as a regular series.

Incredible Hulk #85: The good: Peter David writing. The bad: House of M crossover. To be honest, you could skip this issue if you're tired of HoM stuff... but I liked it despite the HoM thing.

Captain America #8: So, now we're into The Winter Soldier story, in which we find out that Bucky, one of the two characters in the Marvel Universe who has always managed to stay dead (along with Uncle Ben), may actually have been alive all this time... Unless it turns out that this really isn't Bucky Barnes, but instead was the second Bucky.

More mini-reviews later!