Saturday, September 10, 2005

Marvel March 1979 Ad #4!

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Here's another of those great Heroes World full-page ads, with a variety of merchandise presented therein!

I've talked previously in this blog about the Comic Book Savers, so I'll spare you this time.

The Mighty Marvel Stationery, on the other hand, I haven't mentioned before... and you know what? I used to have some of this stuff, and it was very cool. I picked it up when I had a sideline buying and selling comics and toys for a while, and I wish I'd hung onto it (or at least sold it on eBay instead of at a toy show).

Never had the felt tip pens!

The Superhero Catalog, however... I have had, at various times, two or three different copies of. And mark my word, if I come across any of these, I will scan it cover to cover and share it with you guys here!

So, what's left on this page? Oh, yeah, Battlestar Galatica toys! I never had any of these myself... well, when I was selling toys, I had a Cylon for a short time, I think... and even a plastic Daggit (missing its tail, but there ya go). So if you want to know about these toys, I suppose I can point you to this site, or even this site.

Of course, maybe you want to immerse yourself in more than just the BG toys... and I'd say you can start reading up here!


Marvel March 1979 Ad #3!

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Ah, the celebrities of the 1970s... we'll not see their like again, and maybe that's a good thing!

So... you want websites devoted to any of these people? Well, to be honest, I find it hard to care enough about them to look 'em up... so I'd say Google their names yourself!


Marvel March 1979 Ad #2!

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Here's a full-page house ad for Marvel's Shogun Warriors comic book, with art by Herb Trimpe (long associated in my mind as "my" Hulk artist). "Happy" Herb also did the art chores on Marvel's Godzilla comic.

You know, Marvel did an awful lot of licensed books in the 1970s... Of course, Conan the Barbarian was the first, followed by Star Wars, Star Trek (after Gold Key's license expired), Battlestar Galactica, The Man From Atlantis, Micronauts... heck, they even did the insert comic book for the Evil Knievel action figure and, I believe, Mattel's Big Jim!

I'm sure there were others I'm just not thinking about right now (Rom, GI Joe, Transformers, and Indiana Jones were 1980s books).

But anyway: The Shogun Warriors were probably the first successful Japanese toy line in the states. Mattel was behind the license, and produced first the giant-size (they must've been easily over two feet tall) Shoguns, including a Godzilla (which at one point, I had two of in my collection), and I think, even a Rodan! These Shoguns each had some kind of attack power... they could shoot off a fist, or fire missiles from their chests, and so forth. My brothers and I each had one, and we would all stage battles between them (we didn't get the comic, so we had no idea what the story was). Mine was the one who could shoot his fist, and by aiming carefully, I could knock over one of the other figures with it.

There were also smaller die-cast toys... but I never had them, as a child or as an adult.

But let's say you want to know more about the Shoguns, much more than I could tell you... where would you go? Well, for starters, you could click to Wildtoy's Shogun Warriors Page, which looks pretty good. You could also go to Alan DeLeon's page, which also looks pretty good to me! And if you're not Shogun'ed out by that point, you could also check out this site, which has a more "tech" look to it.


Four Days Since Last Post?????

Sheesh... you'd think I'd have been busy or something!

Well, I have been, over the past several nights... posting new eBay auctions of clothing that Jessi and I have lost too much weight to wear any more! Yep, all those 2XLT and 3XLT shirts that fit me like a tent are up for sale, as are some women's clothes, and a few other clothing items. If you want to check them out, you can find them under the seller name Jon8229.

I'm planning on putting a few comics-related items up for sale soon, too... I have some cloisonne pins of the Hulk, the Human Torch, and a few other characters that I'll be getting scanned in the next day or two, and put them up, as well.

In other news... the garden in back is doing great... we have pumpkins galore growing, and some of them are even orange already! Looks like we'll be doing a lot of jack o'lantern carving next month! Our corn is doing well, although not nearly as well as Jessi's friend Tifney's (her corn is way, way better!). Our tomatoes are looking real good, too.

Weight-loss wise, this week hasn't been the best for us... I gained back .4 pounds, and Jessi gained a pound back. But you know, we're still doing very well overall, and we're not getting discouraged! We'll keep plugging away, trust me!

In the area of transcription work, I have another He-Man tape coming my way, possibly as early as Tuesday, that I'll be trying to finish by the end of next weekend, but I'll try to do at least a post a day here. Don't want you guys thinking I've forgotten about ya!

Tomorrow (Sunday), I really need to work on more "Cover Stories" columns, so I'm more ahead of the game than I already am, and send some advance entries to webmaster Justin. Hopefully, I'll have the time to do that, and my internet connection and the GCD will both be up and running while I'm doing that!

More comics ads and related links are coming... perhaps as early as later tonight! But more likely on Sunday.

And that's about it for now! Posting again soon!


Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Comics Mini-Reviews

So, they were delayed, but better late than never, eh?

Doom Patrol #15: I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I really dig this book, and it's a shame that it's apparently headed for cancellation. John Byrne has been at his best here, and this issue is no exception. From the way it started out, I was expecting this issue's story to be the revised origin of General Immortus, but instead, it's a very creepy and cool done-in-one story (which we don't see nearly enough of these days, outside of the DC books based on animated series, or the Marvel Adventures line) that had me guessing all the way. Yes, the issue does end on a cliffhanger of sorts, leading into the next issue's storyline, but I have absolutely no problem with it.

The Omac Project #5: So, here we are, with the penultimate issue of this mini-series... and spoilers ahoy! The Giffen-DeMatis (OK, I know I spelled it wrong) JLA show up to battle the OMACs in Russia, and one of them sacrifices himself to destroy them. Meanwhile, it seems that Sasha Borderoux (or whatever her last name is) from the Batman comics has herself been infected by the OMAC nanos, but she seems to be a second-generation OMAC who has more control over what she does than most of the other OMACs. Does all this really matter? More likely than not, it will... in the pages of Infinite Crisis. This mini really doesn't live up to the original promise, though, if you ask me.

Flash #225: The Rogue War is over... finally... and Wally West is suddenly the father of twins as a result of making changes during time travel. Good for Wally, but you know, there is a trend in the DCU of making changes in the past having bad repercussions in the present (such as when Atom Smasher changed history so his mom wasn't killed). We'll have to wait and see what happens, though. A good wrap-up to the storyline, and of course, this means that, in theory, #226 would be a good jumping-on point for new readers (assuming that any DCU book is a good jumping-on point until after Infinite Crisis is done).

JLA Classified #11: Another good issue of this title... Warren Ellis' writing is top-notch! But to be honest, my accolades for this story aren't for the plot, they're for the characterization, particularly of Lois & Clark. Other reviewers have noticed this as well. If you want to see Lois & Clark written as they should be, pick up this book!

JSA Classified #2: The mystery surrounding Power Girl's origin continues! Her power levels keep changing from one moment to the next, and an encounter with the Legion of Super-Heroes and Jimmy Olsen don't help PG out at all... of course, the LSH and JO mmeetings aren't exactly kosher... because it appears that the Psycho Pirate is responsible for those "meetings"! There's again mention of the new Supergirl title. Can I just throw this out? I think that perhaps Power Girl's current origin may be closer to her original origin than we might think... originally, she was basically the Earth-Two Supergirl... but today's Earth-Two is not the earth of the JSA, it's the earth of the CSA, and their Superman isn't the same as our Superman, powers-wise... so why would their Supergirl be the same? Of course, there's also that yellow/gold ring that was found in her spaceship, which we're led to believe is a Legion Flight Ring, but could be something else (we're not allowed to see what emblem might be on it)... I mean, there are super-power-related gold rings out there, such as Sinestro's power ring from Qward, so there could be something there, too.

Green Lantern #4: A great issue here... okay, I may be biased, because I always like seeing old villains (such as Hector Hammond) brought back and used again. Here he's used to great effect, and we get an insight into him that we never would've expected to see before! Plus, the new Shark appears! Of course, if you're interested in Hal Jordan, you're either already buying this book, or you aren't... but if you aren't, give it a try!

Captain America #9: This book is rapidly making its way to my cancellation list... it's part 2 of "The Winter Soldier," in which we find out that Bucky is apparently still alive... but this issue barely advances the plot at all. Finding it really, really hard to care at this point, you know?

Incredible Hulk: Destruction #2: Peter David writing the Hulk. You should know the drill by now! Of course I loved it, even with the missing dialogue (which you can find on PAD's website at this link.

Adventures of Superman #643: Blah blah blah Sacrifice Aftermath blah blah blah... I'm ready to drop this book, as it's just boring.

Day of Vengeance #5: Very cool cover... and I liked the story too! This is my second-favorite of the pre-Infinite Crisis minis, and it definitely is picking up steam. I suppose there's no chance this team of characters will stick around as a team after all this is done, eh?

Teen Titans #27: The cover says, "Come On... ...You Know You Want It!" Well... it's written by Gail Simone, usually a good sign... but Rob Liefeld draws it... and frankly, that artwork really turns me off! Fortuantely, there's always...

Teen Titans Go! #22: Another great issue... if you like the cartoon, buy this comic!

Fantastic Four #530: More goodness here... with surprises and characterization! To say much more would spoil it, so you should read it for yuorself.

Legion of Super-Heroes #9: I still dig this book, and you should, too! Waid again moves the plot forward, and it's easy to see that things are building up to something big very, very soon.

Seven Soldiers: Shining Knight #4: Wow. There's a major surprise early on in this issue... but by the end, things just kind of... peter out, as we get the origin of Sir Justin at the end of this miniseries. It's kind of hard for me to sum up how I feel about this mini... it's had its ups and downs, and I guess I'd have to say that it's the least of the Seven Soldiers minis so far... I've enjoyed Klarion and Zatanna much more.


Monday, September 05, 2005

Long Weekend... Or Was It?

Just a quick posting here... for a long weekend, I certainly didn't seem to have as much free time as I'd hoped for!

Friday after work, Jessi and I got me a bike, which cost us nothing... our next door neighbor helped tune the bike up, but when we went out for a ride on Saturday, the back tire went completely flat on us just about two miles down the Chehalis Western Trail, and it had to be walked back home. We got the tire off, and took out the inner tube, and about two hours later, we got a new tube in, and then pumped it up -- twice -- because there was first one leak, and then another. We apparently need to get another inner tube... and look at the wheel to see if there's any protruding metal causing the leaks.

Oh, and on Saturday's Weight Watchers meeting, I learned my current weight loss is up to 86.3 lbs!

Not much else to report right now... but Tuesday morning, I'll try to get the comics mini-reviews posted!