Friday, February 03, 2006

No surprise here...

... especially considering what I wore on Halloween, and that my dog is named Krypto...

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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Wow, am I getting lax or what?

Been a while since my last update here, hasn't it? But if it makes you feel any better, it's been much longer since my last post to the DC History Yahoo Group.

Anyway... plans are proceeding apace for the wedding... things are beginning to come together, although I think we still need to get together with a few people and make sure we're thinking of everything we need to think about...

I did suggest to Jessi this weekend that we make a list of the tasks that need to get done, and then we could add names to the tasks as we get someone volunteered to take care of them.

Thanks to various factors, including my quitting smoking, I'd gained back way too much weight in the last 10 days or so... but I am starting to take it back off again. Part of our plan to get back on track is to expand the range of vegetables we're eating with our meals, as veggies are muy importante!

Most recently read: Essential Fantastic Four Volume 3 -- which I have to say is probably the best of the first three volumes... I mean, Jack and Stan were just pulling out all the stops with these tales! I love all the Lee-Kirby FF stories, from the earliest to the last... and it's amazing how many of the elements they got right from the very beginning (or at least in the first dozen issues or so)... but really, the stories in volume 3 are just pure comics magnificence!

Next on my reading list was going to be Essential Avengers -- except that I still need to replace my copy of Volume 1... and yeah, I know there's at least a 4th volume of Essential FF... but I haven't gotten that one yet, either.

Been eating a lot of Raisin Bran Crunch lately... it's definitely become my favorite cereal, and when Albertson's put it on sale, 10 boxes for $15, I had to stock up! What makes it even better is that all the boxes I got were part of Kellogg's latest DVD offer... tomorrow I'll be mailing off the certificates and order form for a free copy of "Jumping Jack Flash," and when I have five more certificates ready, I'll send off for "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes." IMHO, those are the only two movies being offered that are worth getting -- and I'd get "Gentlemen" first, but Jessi wanted "Jack" (I don't think she cares for Marilyn Monroe movies... I know she doesn't like Monty Python either... and yeah, this is one of the reasons I've got a TV, VCR and DVD player in my office).

Did I mention I have the entire first season of "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe" on DVD, and I have yet to watch any of them yet, even the documentaries that I helped work on?

Regarding recently "Smallville" developments -- while I'm a bit saddened at the death of Jonathan Kent, I have to say that I'm glad they didn't kill off Chloe -- who is my favorite character on the show.

Very soon... like probably this week... I should be offering up my own self-evaluation, as my second anniversary is coming up, and with it, my next evaluation. I am really, really hoping for a substantial raise this time around. Not only do I feel that I deserve it, but also I need it. Money keeps getting tight too often, and even with our projected wedding budget being as low as it is, it could still make the tight situations happen even more often.

And it would really suck if I ended up deciding I had to look for a job somewhere else just to make more money, because I do love my job.

Anyway... I guess that's about it for now... yeah, I know, pretty pathetic entry for my first entry in nearly a week, isn't it?