Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's Tuesday Night...

...and only two more workdays until my day off! Yay!

Yep, I'm taking Friday off of work. Why? No specific reason... I'd just been feeling like I could use a day off with nothing planned to use my time. However, I am planning on mowingthe lawn if the weather holds... which means I'll have to fill the gas can! We've had these huge bare patches in the back yard for some time, and I need to get some grass seed before then, too. The plan is to mow, then before emptying the bag, I'll throw some grass seed down on the bare spots and cover it with the clippings.

Hopefully, it'll work, and the grass will start growing there!

Wednesday we'll be watching Jaeger again. His owner, Kathy, was here earlier tonight with him, to see if Krypto's new crate would be big enough for Jaeger and Krypto to stay in it while I'm at work. Since the crate is supposed to be big enough for a Great Dane, it's more than adequate for the task!

Last few nights, I've been working on some new auctions to put upon eBay, and I got the first group up tonight... mostly 70s comics in various lots, plussome mags aboutcomics,and the Top Cat and Tweety books I picked up lastweekend.

Apparently,Ireally need to get more Katy Keene comics...within an hour of putting upthelot of three books I had, they sold forthe Buy It Now price! Been awhile since I had a lot sell that fast! You can check out my auctions atthis link (assuming I've coded the HTML correctly there).

There will be a bunch of other auctions going up over the next week or two... tomorrow I'll photograph some additional lots, probably write the text up Thursday night, and post 'em Friday... maybe even Thursday, depending on how long it takes.

Let's see, what else is going on? My review at work should be happening any day now... I know this because last week I wrote up my self-evaluation (did I mention that already?). My boss says it's the most complete self-eval she's ever seen.

To be honest, I'm not entirely certain why I put so much time in it... word is that budgets are decided well in advance of reviews being written, so my raise had more or less been decided before I even started the self-eval. At least, that's what I'd been told by some of my co-workers. I am hoping for a very nice raise this time around... because frankly, I really need the money, which should be obvious from the whining I've done here in the past about not having enough of it, as well as all the eBay auctions I've held.

Oh, that reminds me... I have a few men's blazers to sell on eBay, but they don't have any size information on them. Does anyone reading this have a clue what measurements I should take, and how to take them, so I can put those up for sale?

That's all for now...


Sunday, February 05, 2006

Random Thought Catch-Up...

Sheesh... has it really been that long since I posted anything of substance here?

Well, let's see, what do I have to talk about?

The Superbowl

The Hawks lost. I can't say I'm entirely surprised... I would've been more surprised if they'd won. Understand, I think it's still a great accomplishment for them to even get to the Superbowl... but by the same token, I can't get too worked up over their loss.

To be honest, we barely even watched the game. Unlike the last two playoff games, Jessi and I were watching at home. We were trying to get some of our Weight Watchers friends over for a party, but nobody seemed interested... so instead of watching the game constantly, we used our DVR to record it, and simultaneously watched the Monk marathon on USA (which we also DVR'ed)... so we'd watch a bit of Monk, and then fast forward to highlights of the game.

To be completely fair to the Hawks, the refs were making a bunch of really, really bad calls in the Steelers' favor.

Really, I only have one regret about the Superbowl... and that's that I had gotten rid of all of Barbara's Steelers memorabilia years ago. I could've made much more selling them these days, I'll bet!

Weight Watchers

Jessi and I have been doing better than we were doing... we had gained some weight back, but it's starting to come off again, thanks to being more strict with our points and trying to get more exercise.


Three times a year, the Friends of the Timberland Library have a book sale... they had one this past weekend, so Jessi and I figured we'd hit the downtown libary as well as the local Lacey branch to see what we could find. Most of what we bought were children's books (when we have kids, they'll have all the books they could possibly use!). I also picked up a few items I'll be eBaying very soon.. a 1963 Whitman Top Cat book, and a 1970 Sylvester and Tweety book. We'll see how they do. I also picked up an Elfquest trade paperback.

Between Libary stops, we also stopped over at Orca Books, which is kind of like Half-Price Books, and this was my first visit there.

It's now my favorite bookstore. While wandering around in there, I spotted Jules Feiffer's "The Great Comic-Book Heroes" in paperback -- with the color comics reprints -- for six bucks! My copy had been lost long ago... that and All in Color for a Dime were my first two books about comics back when I was about 13 or 14!


I've been catching a lot of great stuff on TV lately, courtesy of our DVR... almost of all of it from BBC America -- shows like The Prisoner, Monty Python, the Avengers, Blackadder and My Hero. I've also been getting Red Dwarf from our local PBS station!

I was recording Spider-Man from Family Channel, but those were backing up too much, so I cancelled that.

Wedding Plans

Nothing much new to report here! And actually, I don't have much more to report at this time...