Saturday, March 18, 2006

Live, from Lacey, Washington, it's Saturday Night!

OK, there's no reason for that title, other than it is Saturday night.

Been busy this week... transcribing like a madman for the next BCI/Eclipse DVD releases of TV animation. Today, I worked on stuff for She-Ra, Flash Gordon, and a few other shows... and tomorrow, I'll be finishing up the last of the priority jobs I have (at least, until four more tapes from Andy Mangels show up on Monday!). If I'm up to it, I'll get at least one of the non-priority jobs done Sunday, as well (I've got 10 minutes left of a Tom Tataranowicz interview left to do, then it's 18 minutes of Tom Sito, leaving 27 minutes of Pat Fraley -- non-priority -- to finish that tape off entirely, then there's one tape that's got all non-priority stuff that's mostly fairly short).

This, of course, is the reason I've not blogged since Tuesday.

At Weight Watchers today, I brought in the suit I was married in, and ye gods, I did not realize just how much weight I have lost until I put the jacket on -- to use my buddy Dan's reference, I looked like David Byrne in "Stop Making Sense" in it! And the pants -- I've lost 14 inches from my waistline! So, dear readers, if you've been thinking about losing weight, I can definitely recommend Weight Watchers.

If you check out this week's "Cover Stories" column at World Famous Comics, you'll see... well, my April Fool's column seems to be a few weeks early! Apparently, I didn't do that great a job of keeping tabs on the calendar when planning the columns out, did I? This means that in two weeks, when that column should've run, you'll get my Foreign Editions column instead... and webmaster Justin there has five more columns in the can for after that, which I guess means I timed it out right so I've got until after this transcription gig is done before I need to crack down and get more written!

Not much else to report from here... as I alluded to in an earlier post, there's stuff I want in the comics shop this week, but I've got to wait until next payday to pick it up!

And now, it's late, so I'm off to bed!


Monday, March 13, 2006

Tuesday Night Post!

Just short notes tonight... the first tape arrived for my latest BCI Eclipse transcription gig, and I've been at work on that for the last hour and a half. Good stuff so far!

Work is going just fine... although there's a bit of an upheaval, as Knight-Ridder (who just bought the newspaper six months ago) has itself been sold to a different company, which also owns the newspaper in nearby Tacoma. Apparently, the Justice Department has to okay them owning two papers in such close proximity, and it'll be three to five months before things are finalized (naturally, I'm getting married in the midst of that).

As I posted yesterday, there are relisted eBay auctions going... although one of them sold this morning with Buy It Now... one has a watcher, but none of the remaining eight have bids so far!

Good stuff coming out in the shops this week... Infinite Crisis Secret Files (which I probably won't review here until after this transcription gig is done), Showcase Presents Superman Family (which I believe is mostly early Jimmy Olsen issues, but that's cool, as I've read very few of those) and Essential Godzilla from Marvel, which was a surprise! I'll be getting all of those either this paycheck or (more likely) the next one.

Anyway... that's about it for tonight!


Test post!

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Weekend Update...

GOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLL! (to be read like a South American soccer announcer)

Saturday morning, at Weight Watchers, I simultaneously made my weight loss goal and earned Lifetime membership!

Actually, I made goal last November or so... you see, the printed weight guidelines at the meetings doesn't provide for people of my height (6 foot 6)... so we decided this last week to check online to see what they sat at the WW website... and found my goal weight should be a maximum of 216 lbs.

Well, at weigh-in, I was at 211... and I'd been there back in November, when I'd lost 100 lbs. Hence, the simultaneous accomplishment. So now, I don't have to pay for my meetings, and can not weigh more than 218 lbs or I'll have to pay. This doesn't mean I've stopped losing, though... I still believe I can lose more!

Transcription Update

No real update here... because I haven't received any tapes yet! Hopefully on Monday.

Wedding Plans

Today, my mom, my sister Debi, and her two girls, Alisha and Christi came down so we could go out to Oddfellows' Park so they could see where the wedding will be. Also, our friend Tifney and her husband Mark came along. They'll be doing the decorating, and we figured if they saw the layout, they'd get some ideas.

TV Watching

Along with the usual Law & Order episodes and Sunday night's Cold Case and Saturday's Justice League Unlimited, I caught Godzilla Vs. Megaguirus, which had been shown on Sci-Fi Channel. I hadn't seen this one yet, and it wasn't bad... not bad at all. Not as fun as some of the 1960s G-movies, but still enjoyable. This week, AMC is showing both Monster Zero and Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman, and the DVR is set for both of 'em! I'm also starting to tape the Family Guy episodes on Fox, so I don't have to wait for them to show on Adult Swim.


Haven't been reading too much... been kind of afraid to crack open the Star Hawks book, because the sooner I start reading it, the sooner I'll read it all.


The auctions closed with only two of them selling... although the one that had a bid closed with 4 bids, so I can't complain. I did relist the ones that didn't sell, with lower starting bids and buy it now options, and those will close on Friday. Maybe I'll do some new ones if I don't get any tapes on Monday.