Friday, March 24, 2006

Friday Morning Short Takes

Our Dogs are More Famous Than We Are

Last Saturday, during our walk, a photographer from the newspaper was there to take pictures to accompany an article or two about an off-leash dog park people want in the area.

I'm not sure how long it'll be up, but you can see the articles online and check put the pictures with KO and Krypto (and their boxer friends Jaeger and Claude) here and here. The second link is to the earlier story, and Jessi (as well as our friends Paul and Kathy) made it into the picture accompanying that article, too!

Current eBay Stuff

If you go to here you can check out all my current eBay listings. Some of it's stuff you've seen before (a few lots of comics), some of it is new (some trade paperbacks and issues of TwoMorrows magazines), but all of it is fixed-price stuff -- I believe all of it is half cover price or less. Hopefully, there'll continue to be good sales of that stuff (one guy bought 15 of my TwoMorrows mags yesterday, and that was when I'd only put up issues of Write Now!, Draw!, and Back Issue! -- I started putting up issues of Alter Ego last night -- those are all $3 each, by the way).

Transcription Madness

Still furiously working away on transcriptions for BCI/Eclipse. For the time being, I finished the priority interviews for the She-Ra and Flash Gordon DVDs, and next in priority are Legend of Prince Valiant, Dungeons and Dragons, and Defenders of the Earth -- there's still plenty left for me to do, so blogging here will continue to be a bit hit-or-miss... especially with a family birthday party to go to on Saturday.

I'm still enjoying these immensely... I've always been a fan of animation in general, and of Filmation in particular!


Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Tuesday Morning (No Relation to the Clearance Store)

Ah, it's Tuesday Morning... and boy are my arms tired!

I've been furiously working away on the latest transcripts for BCI/Eclipse, and it's been a productive couple of days! On Sunday, I finished the last of the priority stuff I'd received, and did one more transcript to finish off the tape those were on, and then yesterday, I got two more tapes via UPS, so when I got home from work last night, after having dinner, I left Jessi to her own devices, while I got to work, doing a transcript of a 79 minute interview with Larry DiTillio.

Now, have I mentioned before that it takes me approximately three times as long to do a video transcript as the length of the transcript? This means, of course, the actual work time on this last night was about four hours... and I started working on it about 7:00, finished about 11:30, which means that I either only took about a half hour of breaks altogether... or I was just more productive than usual (perhaps a bit of the latter... I did have an easier time keeping up with Larry, he doesn't talk as fast as, say, Joe Michael Stracyznski, or however his last name is spelled).

Tonight's work should be a treat... I'm beginning with Hal Sutherland, whose interview is rather short (about 25 minutes), and once that's done, I'm on to Gwen Wetzler, which will kind of feel like going full circle... when I first started doing these transcripts for BCI about a year ago, she was the first interviewee I did a transcript of! Those two combined are about 50 minutes, so it's possible I might be able to get them both done toninght... but it depends on how things go, both at work and at home.

It would be great if I did get those done tonight, because they're the last of the priority jobs on that tape (with a 24 minute non-priority segment left over), then the next tape after that has a 53 minute interview and a 34 minute interview. So if I can get Gwen and Hal done tonight, and Michael Swandsan (probably grossly misspelling his name there, but it's hard to read the tape label) done Wednesday night, that leaves Michael Reaves for Thursday, and I'd be able to take Friday night off entirely... maybe even all of Saturday (which is the day we're doing my dad's and my sister's birthday party, so I wouldn't have as much time anyway), and then on Sunday, I can start working on the non-priority stuff.

I have to say that one of the non-priority interviews I'm looking forward to most is on the last tape... Mark Evanier talking about the Dungeons and Dragons animated series, although that interview is only 16 minutes (at least I should be able to knock that one out in one single session). The longest of the non-priority jobs is 41 minutes, I believe... most are closer to half an hour in length or less.

Not much else in the way of news this morning, though!