Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Really Late Night Blogging...

Been a few days, hasn't it? Especially if you disregard the previous short post.

Not a good weekend for Krypto and KO... Saturday moring, we took them for their walk, and were on our third lap, when one of our friends noticed Krypto's chest was bleeding... he had about an inch-long gash. We rushed him home, cleaned the wound and applied Neosporin to it. We also tried to bandage it... but the things wouldn't stick to his fur! Finally, we took one of Jessi's t-shirts and put it on him, so that at least he wouldn't get dirt in the wound.

Sunday, I was trying to trim the dog's nails, and was working on KO, when she moved, and I clipped one a bit short, and it started bleeding -- so I had to run to the store and get this gel to stop it.

Then today, when I came home for lunch, I found Krypto had chewed the front of the t-shirt open and had been licking at the wound... so Jessi and I took him to the vet, where they further cleaned it, shaved the fur off around it, and gave us some antibiotics to give him. They didn't figure it should be stitched, though. They also put one of those plastic cones on him to keep him from licking at the wound, which he really, really hated. In fact, while Jessi was taking him home, they weren't halfway there before he'd managed to get the thing off! After getting him home, she reattached the cone, and went for a very short bike ride.

When she got back, the cone was off again... and had been chewed beyond use. So he's in a different t-shirt now.

Still have eBay selling going on -- lots of great bargains, and that's all I'll say about that this post -- if you want to see what's available, the link is a few posts down.

I've started thinking about my comics buying, and whether or not I get my money's worth out of what I buy and read. I've decided to create a formula to base this on:

My pay per hour/time it takes to read the book should be more than price I paid.

So, for example, let's say I get paid $18 an hour (because it's easily divisible). If I buy a book for $4.50, I'd better take 15 minutes to read it! If I only take 10 minutes to read it, the cover price should be $3.00, and so on. This should also include any time reading letter columns (if the book has them).

Now, I don't get paid $18 an hour... but as you can see, there is some kind of basis here... If it takes me 15 minutes of work to pay for a book, I should enjoy it for at least that long, you know?

Unfortunately, many books seem to take only about 5 minutes to read... maybe that's why I end up getting so much enjoyment out of the quarter, fifty-cent and dollar boxes at comics shows. Or the Essentials or Showcase Presents volumes -- those are definitely a lot of bang for my buck!

Well, it's 1:48 am... almost two hours after my bedtime, so I'm going to try to get some sleep now... still got lots of transcribing to work on, and I need my rest!


Monday, March 27, 2006

Still Transcribing...

...and will likely continue to be working on it through the week and even into the weekend.

Meanwhile, I threw a few more books up on eBay yesterday, including two Thunder Agents Archives, all at half cover or less -- click the link further down this page for a complete list!