Sunday, July 02, 2006

Weekend Update & Preview of Upcoming Week...

First of all... Jessi and I haven't seen Superman Returns yet.

Secondly, the latest installment of my Cover Stories weekly column focuses on covers with Roller Coasters, and includes YouTube embedded video to start it off!

OK... now for stuff of more substance!

Been busy around here, doing last-minute preparations for the wedding (which is July 15th, in case you haven't noticed the references before). On Saturday, Jessi and I went out shopping for a number of wedding-related items, from stuff for her bouquet to a white collar for KO to wear (since we've decided we're going to have the dogs in the wedding again), to my pants and shoes... about five and a half hours of shopping!

Do I enjoy five hours of shopping? That would be a negative. Well, unless it's five hours of shopping at a comics show... which doesn't usually involve nearly as much driving around, parking, walking, or standing in place.


Today (Sunday) we met with Randy, our friend who's performing the ceremony, so we could go over it. We decided to treat him to lunch at a local restaurant, the Lonestar -- a barbeque place. Jessi had a burger, I had a BBQ pork sandwich. Her side was french fries, mine was baked beans.

Here's where it got a bit bizarre... the french fries (and even the sweet potato fries Randy ordered as his side) were a huge freakin' pile of fries... easily one-and-a-half times the size of a super-sized order of fries at McD's.

I think there was less than one cup of baked beans for my side. Does this sound like it's equal value? I mean... assuming they spend roughly the equivalent of what I would spend on some large potatoes and a can of Bush's Baked Beans (which these tasted similar to), I think they should've had a larger quantity of baked beans for that side.

The BBQ pork sandwich was... well, okay. The pork was a bit dry, the sauce wasn't especially tasty (it wasn't bad... just kind of plain, you know?), and the sandwich itself wasn't quite as hot as I'd prefer.

Next weekend -- just as an aside -- we're going to lunch at a place called the Clubside Cafe, in downtown Olympia. Why are we checking this place out? They've been bragging that they've got the area's best cheesesteak sandwiches.

Aside from all that... it's been very hot around here.

Upcoming this week? Well, Jessi's off work for the month, while I'm working Monday, have Tuesday (the 4th) off, and working Wednesday through Friday. Honestly, I have no idea how busy we'll be at work on Monday... it'll probably be busy until 5 or so, and then it'll be show. I'm guessing. I should definitely be home early enough Monday night that I'll be able to watch the South Sound Center's fireworks show from the backyard of our house Monday night.

We may see Superman Returns on the 4th. We'll probably conclude the day by watching our neighbors shoot off all their fireworks.